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"Americans" are Delusional - Part One

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With the US destroying much of the world and killing millions of people in their resource wars it is important to look at the roots and the foundations of that country. The US was founded on the theft and exploitation of resources and on the extermination of the native people. 

Just 200 years have passed and these policies and the genocide on the indigenous peoples of the Americas continues to this day. In the US people are not taught their true history and are therefore delusional when it comes to their beliefs that they are somehow exceptional and have a right to be on stolen land. Mark Maracle, an Elder with the Mohawk Nation spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and says that the native Americans need to form ab organization like the Jews did after World War II.

Hello this is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle, he is an Elder with the Mohawk nation and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Six Nations community. This is part one of a longer interview.


Robles: If you could tell us, please, starting out with some history of the first peoples, the native Americans and some of the correlations you see with those in power and how they are running their policies and how they founded what they call the United States?

Maracle: What I have to say is the things that I’ve been told, the things I’ve been taught by our elders growing up as a young boy into the manhood.

The Europeans when they came in to our country, they agreed to live by the law, our Great Law, that was given to the Iroquois Confederacy and they agreed to live by the Turo, which is an agreement. Those were the first two agreements, and they reneged on both of them.

After they had seen what was in this country to exploit, the order was given to totally exterminate the native people in this country, so that they could have a free reign on stealing everything, and that has happened all over the world, wherever they went. They go there and they try to befriend the people but only with the idea to exploit what they have.

Robles: What ways do you see where we can put an end to this because some day this has to stop?

Maracle: We see it as we look around, the government itself here is falling apart, they are crumbling. There is so much unemployment, there is so much distress with their own people, they are so dissatisfied, millions and millions upon millions of people are unemployed and there is no light at the end of the tunnel for them.

And they keep putting the propaganda out that things are going to change and they are going to make things better but it is not going to happen.

They’ve dug a hole so deep and they will not be able to get out of it.

Robles: I see. I’m sorry if I am pronouncing this incorrectly: the Kahen Nurakauwa, can you tell us what that is?

Maracle: We don’t view the US or Canada as governments. We view them as multi-corporations. They are controlled by the multi-corporations, by the banks, by the big banks. And the only reason they are here is to exploit whatever they can out of this country.

Exploitation goes on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in this country. They’ve stolen everything: timber, mineral rights…

The order to totally exterminate the native people in this country in north and south America has never been rescinded.

Robles: It is unarguably the greatest genocide in the history of human kind. Can you tell us a little bit about what happened from a historical perspective and how that is continued?

Maracle: Well itcontinues through mass murders of our people. There was over a 100 million exterminated up until a certain date and it is still ongoing yet.

Then they started the thing that they call residential schools but it wasn’t residential schools, it was death camps for children and the ones they couldn’t murder, they murdered their minds and they continue to do it in their educational systems in this country.

They don’t teach the truth, they lie to the people.

I was talking to an attorney in Canada yesterday and I was mentioning some things to him and he said that he was never taught any of the things I was telling him in the grade school, high school or college. He was very distressed over that. It is not only a lie, but the people in this country are delusional when it comes to their government.

Robles: Would you agree with me that denying the genocide of the native peoples and pretending that is their land has led to a complete psychosis in the population? I mean they believe that they are somehow the chosen people because they got away with this genocide and that has been being taught generation after generation.

Maracle: Yes, because they came into this country and they brought that black book, which they call the Bible and they use that for justification to murder the native people in this country because that’s God’s will, they said.

And they keep pumping it out to the people all the time that this land is their land, and they teach that in school that this land is their land but they don’t teach them how they acquired to reside here.

They can say all they want about this land as their land, this land will never be their land. They are here by lying, murdering and cheating the aboriginal people.

Robles: And I would say they’ve continued that policy in their foreign policy because it is exactly what they are doing to other countries. For example, I am here in Russia. These are the aboriginal people of Russia, and they were attempting the same thing with Russia, again the same thing – to take the resources, to take the wealth, to exploit whatever they can.

You mentioned a minute ago the educational system, I remember I was put through that system: every day, at the first lesson you stand up and pledge your allegiance to this flag, the brainwashing that goes on is incredible. How has that affected you and your work, and how is that a barrier for truth?

Maracle: Look, like I said, everything I’ve learnt I was taught was from the elders, and they were all traditional people.

As a matter of fact, when I was in the third or fourth grade, when I went to school in Buffalo, New York, and the kids all stood up and pledged allegiance to the flag, I wouldn’t stand up.

I didn’t stand up and then the teacher came and asked me later why I didn’t stand up and I told him, I said “what you are saying isn’t true!”

I said “you pledge allegiance to a flag, one nation under your God”.

I told him, there is more than one nation in this continent, “I come from the Mohawk nation. And I was told not to respect that flag for what your people had done to my people.”

He accepted that and he didn’t get angry or anything. I never stood up again for that flag. When you go to sporting events or wherever and they stand up to that flag the native people won’t stand up.

Robles: I stopped standing up when I realized that everything I was being taught was a lie. How did you suffer for that? Were you punished?

Maracle: No, I wasn’t punished.

Robles: Most people outside of the US don’t understand about the programming and the brainwashing. Can you tell us some of the things that you were taught? If you can tell the general public some of the truths that the elders passed down to you I think the world would be very interested in hearing.

Maracle: My dad used to tell us, he says: “If you want to know anything about the federal government, they are liars, thieves and cheaters”.

You look at the treaties, the treaties that they made, not wemade, we never made treaties, they made the treaties, they were the ones who when their backs were against the wall, they wanted to make these treaties and they never had any intention of keeping those treaties as they were being made. Any agreements that we held, they came in and they destroyed them.

Back in the early 30s, at Six Nations in Bradford Ontario, they went through every house and they took out every piece of paper and document they could find and they burned them. That was on the Six Nations Indian Reserve.

Robles: That was done so that nobody had evidence of their crimes, right?

Maracle: To hide their lying words. A lot of times in museums there was always an accidental fire where they were keeping these documents and they were destroyed.

There was a report that was made back in the early 1918 and 1921. It is called the Everett report, he’d done a report on what was owned by the Six Nations, by the Iroquois, and after he’s submitted the report, they hid it away on him.

We found it, he was a lawyer, he was an Assemblyman out of Albany New York and after that report was submitted, he was never elected back to office and he died a broken man because he wanted to tell the truth. There are over 80 million acres there that they could never account for.

They don’t have a legal deed for one acre of land in all of the US, and Canada. They do not have a legal deed to it.

Robles: It is stolen, I mean they are squatters basically, and one generation after the next generation trying to tell each other that they have some right to be there.

Maracle: That is exactly what they are and day after day they buy and sell stolen property, and they are supposed to have a law against buying and selling stolen property.

Robles: They pretend to have laws, they pretend to uphold laws, they pretend to be a nation of laws, they pretend to be just and speak of democracy and human rights but I think on the international arena we are seeing the truth.

What would you say about all those claims of democracy and human rights etc?

Maracle: They never knew what democracy was until they came here. They never knew what a union was till they came here.

I tell the people, you should look back more to where you come from, what kind of a lifestyle you had over there, there were only rich and poor, that is exactly what they are trying to do here. They are trying to make this country into rich and poor, they try to do away with all of the unions. A union is a concept of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Robles: As far as I know, democracy is a concept of Indian nations. There was never democracy in Europe. There were monarchies, that was it.

Maracle: An Elder was telling me one time, he is gone now, his name was “Mad Bear” Anderson, he was from Tuscarora Nation, he said that at the end of the Second World War, when they were going after Hitler, Hitler told the US, “don’t point your finger at me, look what you’ve done”. That is what he told the US.

Robles: Hitler said that?

Maracle: Hitler told the US that: “don’t point your finger at me”.

In no place in the world have there been murders committed so much that was done here, no genocide in any place.

I watch history, I watch the wars and everything, I give Russia a lot of credit for what they did. The US would have never won the Second World War if it wasn’t for Russia.

Robles: Russia lost more people than were lost in the Holocaust. Russia lost up to 40 million people. The US came in at the end, they landed in France, they called it a D-Day. But the war was actually won on the Eastern Front. And many people argue now that the number of Slavs killed which were the native peoples of Russia, were more than the Jewish people that Hitler eradicated.

So, people now are wondering what were the real intentions of that war.

Maracle: They like to put things in numbers. Take Washington for example. He wasn’t even a president yet, he was a general and he gave an order to Sullivan to go up into Iroquois Territory, he told them to relocate west of the Mississippi River, if they don’t relocate, to exterminate them.

The order was given for total extermination and it’s never been rescinded.

Robles: As I understand, the document that was issued by the Catholic Church, the Doctrine of Discovery I believe, it was called, that is still an active document, isn’t it, within the Roman Catholic Church as well?

Maracle: They were the first CIA people in this country – the Catholic Church, the Black Robes – that is the original CIA. Even the Louis and Clark expedition that they teach the kids in school, all that was to see what opposition they are going to come up against as they stole their way across our continent.

Robles: I always believe in karma, I always believe that evil will not prevail an that wrongs cannot go unanswered. Do you think their time is coming soon?

Maracle: Yes, the time is coming very soon, and we are getting a lot of help from nature, nature is battling back against these people, really bad here.

Robles: I was always fascinated by the weather and how in other parts of the world this doesn’t happen. I don’t think that is a coincidence.

Maracle: No it is not. The native people in this country firmly believe that the weather spirits are coming and battling and helping us.

Our people are gone but their spirits are still here. That is what drives the Mohawk people. We had a lot of great leaders in the past and they are still here. We don’t believe they are ever gone.

Robles: How can a people possibly justify what they’ve done and continue existing? I don’t understand it. Are they not human?

Maracle: Like I said they are delusional. They are not taught truth in schools, they are not taught the true history.

Robles: Kahandinetha said you said you could comment on men who were arrested for standing up for 825 missing and murdered women. Can you talk about that?

Maracle: I seriously believe that the government is behind the missing people. And to go to them and ask them for redress I don’t think that is the way to go.

I don’t believe in going and asking them. Why would you go and ask people that murdered your people to help you? You can’t stand before the enemy and expect justice. And that includes their courthouses and any other political organizations.

They are here to destroy you, so how are they going to help you?

The same thing goes on in Mexico. Hundreds and hundreds of Mexican women have disappeared.

I was talking to one of the guys back East today and I told him that we have to set up the organization like the Jews did after the Second World War, and go after these criminals. That is what we need to do as native people.

Robles: That is a wonderful idea. That must be done.

Maracle: That is what I am going to push for.


This is John Robles, you were listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle, he is an Elder with the Mohawk Nation and a member of the Wolf Clan of the Six Nations community. This is part one of a longer interview. Thanks for listening.

'Americans' Owe the Native People Over $700 Trillion, 'Americans': Two Faces, Two Tongues - Part Two

Download audio file  24 March, 21:25

The genocide of the indigenous peoples of North and South America continues to this day and the Indian Nations continue to fight for their very existence. The US Government has never rescinded standing orders for the complete extermination of the Indian People nor has it ever allowed the true owners of the lands that the "Americans" are squatting on to achieve any sort of redress. In monetary terms the "Americans" owe the native people over $700 trillion yet they continue to rape the land that is not theirs to begin with. Mark Maracle and Elder with the Mohawk Natition and an Iroquois spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and more. Mr. Maracle stated that the Great Law of Peace that was given to the Iroquois was given to the whole world and he invites people to come and listen and learn

Robles: It's almost impossible to redress something this monumentally horrific, but there must be some redress...

Maracle: That’s what the Great Law… The Great Law teaches us the power is in the people, by the people coming together. When he first came and he formed the Five Nations, he told them, he says: “You are a union and the power is within the people”.

All of the people that stood up in Russia against Germany that was the power in the people.

Robles: What about what is going on in Ukraine now? I'm sure you are following the events. These are not the people that have taken power.

Maracle: I know they don't put the truth out here in all of these news networks. I don't even bother watching a lot of these news stations because it is just, it’s all propaganda, it is all controlled by the government, it is all controlled by the FCC. Any time that they want to get out and tell the truth there, they can just shut them down, you know. I give Kahentinetha Horn so much credit for the stuff she puts out on the Mohawk Nation News.

Robles: Yes, she is not afraid to tell the truth and you have an elegant solution for dealing with it. I've been asked myself, I've been writing about media manipulation and everything else and some people have asked me: “What can we do”? And your solution is the most elegant I've heard – just turn it off, just don't watch it anymore. And if they don't have an audience they are going to be powerless.

Maracle: The news is mind numbing and it's just programming peoples' minds. They keep hammering away at you, every day and day out, after a while you are going to believe al of their propaganda. They are no different than what Hitler did.

Robles: Except they pretend to be just, they pretend to be fair, they pretend to be balanced, they pretend to be what they are definitely not. They have women doing this, they have a black president doing this and people are fooled.

Maracle: Like I said they are delusional. Our old chiefs a long time ago, they told us: “You are dealing with people with two faces and two tongues”.

Robles: What did they tell you, how to battle with them?

Maracle: We did battle. We battled hard, hundreds of years. The Mohawk people are still battling, a lot of the people down in Mexico, the native people down there are battling. It is ongoing. I told Kahentinetha: “We have the greatest weapon in the world and that they will never have, we have the truth. That is why she writes the things she does, she pumps out the truth.

Robles: I think we are seeing now especially in Ukraine that the truth is what they are afraid of.

Maracle: Oh, yes. That is the greatest weapon in the world, is the truth.

Robles: And it is something that they cannot defeat. And when the truth begins to come out and people accept it and wake up. I think people are beginning to wake up from what I've seen.

Maracle: Like I told her might is not right because we've stood up against their mighty armies and their police forces with no fear. There’s one thing about my people – we have no fear when it comes to confrontations against them.

Robles: What would your advice be to people, to the Ukrainian people right now who are facing an attack on their land and their people?

Maracle: They have to do the same thing we do. They have to stand up with no fear and just use the truth, just believe in the truth and you will win, and ally yourself with people that believe in the truth.

All over the world our message gets out. I've been in confrontations and I knew that if they came in and they started shooting all my people, the rest of this country would wake up and come around. I know they will, they have. They've shown that in the 90s in Canada. They shut down transportation all across Canada, from coast to coast. The native people did that.

It's like this pipeline they are putting through there. The native people can stop that and the nonnative people that know the difference between right and wrong can stand alongside, the original people in this country, to protect the environment, they can stop it.

Robles: How is that effort going? Can you give us some details?

Maracle: It is really a difficult.. it is a difficult fight because… the reason it is difficult is because they have created so much unemployment in this country. It is worse than the Great Depression for unemployment in this country right now. And the people have got to have jobs and they have got to feed their families and that is what they prey on. Like I said, they are trying to get it back to 'rich and poor'.

And another thing they owe the native people in this country so much, if you want to put it in a monetary sense, it is way over $700 trillion, if you want to put it into money. Like I said, they continue 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to rape this land.

Robles: Are there any things that your nation is doing now internationally before the United Nations for example?

Maracle: No, UN is going to do nothing because it all goes back to the total extermination of our people.

The federal government is not going to stand up and say: “We have never rescinded the order to totally exterminate the native people in North America”. They are not going to do that. Besides the whole concept of united nation came from the Iroquois Confederacy, that is where that idea comes from.

Robles: But it has to be created again because what exists now I think has been completely corrupted, would you agree?

Maracle: Of course it is. The only true united nations in this country is Iroquois Confederacy and the other nations that exist across this country.

Total nations in this country have been exterminated, total nations.

And now they got the children in the school and they are murdering minds, they are murdering their own children's minds.

Just a reminder you are listening to an interview with Mr. Mark Maracle.

Robles: Is there any way that people that are in that system in the US, is there any way that they can learn the truth and learn some of the great laws?

Maracle: It is spelled out in the great law, that they sit under the great tree of peace and learn and they can reside, that if they seek to come under the great tree of peace and learn and they can reside they can seek protection under the great law. If they had lived by the great law there wouldn't have been these wars all over. That is what the great law teaches – to live in peace.

Robles: How could average people, I mean practically speaking, how could they, where could they go to learn more, or to maybe write their wrongs?

Maracle: There is a prophecy: when things are going to get so bad that the people are going to come to the native people and they are going to ask them: “What do we have to do to survive?”

And that is exactly what I'm saying about the great law. They can come and they can meet with the Mohawk people and they can sit down and counsel and they can be told and taught and they can learn.

Robles: I know we have Mohawk Nation News. Is there another way for the international community, maybe a website or an organization or something that people could contact to learn more?

Maracle: On Kahentinetha's website she has the Great Law on there, they can go to her website there, it is on there. There is also a good video on there that shows some of the actions that has been against our people.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about those? And then any finishing point you'd like to make as we are out of time almost.

Maracle: In one of the fights they sent thousands and thousands of Canadian soldiers against was in Okansadaggi against 72 or 73 Mohawk people. But there wasn't just Mohawk, there was other nations that came in and supported. And then when that was going on different nations from around the country came there.

We've been battling in Okwasossni, we've been battling Tidenadega at Six Nations and different parts. Different Nations across the country are having their own fights, you know. But uniting together stops all that. Our own people have got to understand that by uniting together that is where the power is, that is where the strength is.


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