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May 11, 2019 


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June 06, 2021 CIA/Azov/USSD/Nazis and the Attempt to Overthrow Belarus

US-funded Belarusian regime-change activist arrested on plane joined neo-Nazis in Ukraine
Ben Norton·May 26, 2021

Source the GrayZone

Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich, whose arrest on a grounded plane caused a global scandal, fought in Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion and was cultivated by the US government’s media apparatus.

A high-profile Belarusian regime-change activist whose detention on a forcibly grounded airplane caused an international scandal has extensive links to neo-fascist groups, which his political sponsors in Western capitals have conveniently overlooked.


Far-right activist Roman Protasevich was traveling on the Irish airliner Ryanair on May 23 when the plane crossed into Belarusian airspace and was ordered to land by state authorities. Protasevich was subsequently taken off the aircraft and arrested.

The incident triggered a wave of denunciations by Western governments, and a new round of aggressive sanctions on Belarus. Many anti-interventionist critics pointed out the hypocrisy of the US government’s condemnations, recalling how, in 2013, it forcibly grounded the plane of Bolivian President Evo Morales in an egregious violation of international law because it wrongly suspected he was harboring NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Effortlessly ignoring Washington’s own precedent, Western governments and major corporate media outlets blasted the government of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko as a brutal dictatorship while lavishing praise on Protasevich, portraying the prominent opposition figure as a heroic human rights defender.

What they refused to acknowledge is Protasevich’s recent history serving with a neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine, and his extensive ties to other right-wing extremist organizations.
Belarus Roman Protasevich Azov Nazi Ukraine
Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

A leader of Ukraine’s notorious Azov Battalion, an explicitly neo-Nazi militia that uses white supremacist imagery, publicly acknowledged that Protasevich joined the fight inside Azov. A Ukrainian newspaper reported that Protasevich worked with the neo-Nazi militia’s press service.

Numerous photos discovered by another Ukrainian media outlet show Protasevich in the ranks of the Azov Battalion, clad in a military uniform and holding an assault rifle.

Protasevich was also photographed wearing a neo-Nazi t-shirt with swastikas on it.
Belarus Roman Protasevich Azov assault rifle
Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich armed with an assault rifle in a neo-Nazi Azov Battalion uniform in Ukraine

Protasevich personally admitted in an interview to traveling to Ukraine and spending a year battling pro-Russian forces in the eastern war zone of Donbas. He is even suspected of possibly posing with an assault rifle and a military uniform on the front of Azov’s propaganda magazine, which is emblazoned with a large neo-Nazi symbol.

The influence of Azov and similar ultra-nationalist groups in Ukraine has extended well outside of its borders, spilling over into neighboring countries in Eastern Europe, while also influencing politics in Canada and even Hong Kong, where Azov extremists joined a Western-backed “color revolution” operation targeting China.
Belarus Roman Protasevich Azov Ukraine
A cover of the propaganda magazine run by Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion features a man suspected by to Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich

Like Azov, Protasevich has benefited from direct support from Western governments. Just as the neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia received weapons and military training from the United States in order to fight in its proxy war against Russia, Protasevich’s media career was launched by a US government-backed outlet, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), which was created by the CIA as part of an information war against Moscow.

Washington’s RFE/RL even interviewed Protasevich back in 2015 for a puff piece promoting foreign far-right extremists who joined the neo-Nazi Avoz Battalion in Ukraine. Using a pseudonym, Protasevich spoke of his experience fighting and being wounded in the Pahonia Detachment, a group of Belarusian fascists who joined Azov.

The RFE/RL article clearly describes Protasevich as a “soldier,” not a journalist. And in his testimony the Belarusian extremist stated openly that he was fighting on the front line when he was hit by shrapnel. Protasevich also explained that the Pahonia Detachment was not separate, and that he and other Belarusian fighters were embedded in Azov units.
RFERL Belarus Nazi Azov Pahonia Roman Protasevich
Far-right regime-change activist Roman Protasevich interviewed by US-funded RFE/RL as a member of a detachment of Belarusians fighting in the neo-Nazi Avoz Battalion in Ukraine, auto-translated by Google Translate
Western government-backed color revolution seeks regime change in Belarus

Roman Protasevich is among the most high-profile Belarusian opposition figures to be cultivated by Western governments in a regime-change operation targeting their home country.

In 2020, a protest movement in Belarus quickly morphed into a Western-backed attempt at a so-called color revolution. It aimed at overthrowing the government of President Alexander Lukashenko, a former Soviet collective farm director who has ruled Belarus since 1994 and maintained some Soviet-style policies, while pursuing friendly relations with Russia and China.

To the chagrin of the US and its EU allies, Lukashenko has overseen a relatively state-led economy with greater public ownership and more robust social programs when compared to his post-Soviet neighbors, which imposed neoliberal shock therapy and integrated their political and economic systems into NATO and Western financial markets.

While imposing suffocating economic sanctions on Belarus, the US government and European Union member states have poured millions of dollars into anti-Lukashenko groups, particularly media outlets, while helping to establish a parallel government in exile, called the Coordination Council, led by NATO-backed opposition figure Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

A pair of Russian pranksters posing as Tsikhanouskaya tricked top officials from the US government’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a CIA front that funds opposition groups in countries targeted by Washington for regime change, into admitting that they had trained and funded the leaders of the attempted Belarusian color revolution.

“A lot of the the people who have been trained by these [NED] hubs, who have been in touch with them, and being educated, being involved in their work, have now taken the the flag and started to lead in community organizing,” stated NED Senior Europe Program Officer Nina Ognianova, who previously served as the Eurasia program coordinator at regime-change lobby group the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

“We don’t think that this movement that is so impressive and so inspiring now came out of nowhere, that it just happened overnight. But it has been developing, and we have our modest but significant contribution in that by empowering the local actors to do the important work,” Ognianova openly told the Russian pranksters, known as Vovan and Lexus.

Also on the prank call was Carl Gershman, the decades-long president of the NED, and a former activist on the American anti-communist, social-democratic left who later became a Reagan-era neoconservative and has led the CIA front since 1984.

Thinking he was speaking with Tsikhanouskaya – the Belarusian version of Venezuelan coup leader Juan Guaidó – Gershman outlined the extensive support the US government’s regime-change arm has provided to the Belarusian opposition, and particularly its media apparatus:

We have four institutes, and I think all of them are active in Belarus. Two of them I think you know well, because they work very, very closely with you and your team and the Coordination Council, and that’s NDI [National Democratic Institute] and IRI [International Republican Institute], our two party institutes.

And they’re under the NED umbrella, and we fund their work, you know, that works on strengthening parties and their messaging, their public outreach, their communications. And I know that they’re working with you [Tsikhanouskaya] and your team very, very closely.

And we also have a business institute that’s associated with our Chamber of Commerce in the United States, the Center for International Private Enterprise, that we have funded to work with the private sector in Belarus, to set a vision and a framework for a post-Lukashenko private economic recovery of the country.

And we have a labor institute, a trade union institute association … and in addition to these four institutes, and our labor institute, which supports the independent unions in Belarus, we also make grants directly to organizations in Belarus, and have done so for a very, very long time.

And the critical area here, first of all, is free media. We support the journalists … We support people if they have to flee the country, we support their temporary stay in other countries, and all the needs that they have.

We have been working around the country, in the eastern part of the country … on civic participation, and we’ve made grants to groups. We also have worked in the western part of the country on free media … where we’ve supported citizen journalism.

US government-funded Belarusian infowarrior fights alongside Ukrainian neo-Nazis

Roman Protasevich is one of the main Belarusian infowarriors whose career has been cultivated by the US government.

Following his arrest, Franak Viačorka, a top Tsikhanouskaya advisor who has also long been funded by Washington and its soft-power arms, tweeted that he and Protasevich had worked as “Havel fellows” at the US government’s propaganda arm Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL).

RFE/RL, which was originally called Radio Liberation from Bolshevism, was founded by the CIA to function as an information warfare weapon against the former Soviet Union, and continues playing the same role against the Russian Federation today.

Besides his stint at Washington’s RFE/RL, Protasevich also worked at European Radio for Belarus, a right-wing outlet funded by the governments of the United States, Poland, Netherlands, and Lithuania.

Viacorka noted that his friend had run a popular opposition propaganda channel on the messaging app Telegram, called Belamova, which was created by another US government-funded Havel fellow, Ihar Losik.

Operating from Poland, Protasevich also operated a Belarusian opposition Telegram channel called Nexta. Protasevich used these large platforms from abroad to organize protests and destabilization operations against the Belarusian government.

Protasevich fits the precise profile of the foreign-based Belarusian infowarriors funded by the US government, as NED President Carl Gershman had admitted: “We support the journalists … We support people if they have to flee the country, we support their temporary stay in other countries, and all the needs that they have.”

Through the attempted color revolution, Protasevich has collaborated closely with Tsikhanouskaya, coordinating messaging for her regime-in-exile.

Immediately before his detention, Protasevich was in fact with Tsikhanouskaya in Greece for an opposition conference. He served as her photographer, taking photos of the Belarusian opposition leader as she met with top Greek officials, including President Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

Protasevich subsequently flew from Athens to Vilnius, Lithuana, the base of Tsikhanouskaya’s parallel government, when his plane, Ryanair flight 4978, crossed into Belarusian airspace and was ordered to land, and he was arrested.

The European Union forcefully condemned the arrest. Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the EU Commission, called on Belarus to release Protasevich, while publicly offering the opposition a €3 billion ($3.67 billion USD) “investment package” if they overthrew Lukashenko – essentially bribe money to grease the gears of regime change.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called the grounding of the airliner a “brazen and shocking act.” The State Department released a statement lionizing Roman Protasevich as a brave “journalist” representative of “independent media,” and former CIA agent-turned-State Department spokesman Ned Price demanded the “Lukashenka regime” release him.

While Western governments and corporate media outlets have vigorously marketed a Hollywood-esque portrait of Protasevich as a plucky grassroots reporter challenging a thuggish dictator, there is more to the story than the simplistic Western narrative has allowed.

The Ukrainian newspaper Mirror Weekly published a report on May 24 acknowledging that Protasevich had served in the press service of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

Ivan Katchanovski, a political scientist at the University of Ottawa and expert on Ukraine, noted that Western media outlets have totally ignored Protasevich’s work with the notorious neo-Nazi militia.

Following the reports, Andriy Biletsky, a Ukrainian neo-fascist politician and former commander of Azov, confirmed in a Telegram post that Protasevich had indeed fought alongside the neo-Nazi militia.

Biletsky said Protasevich was wounded in the fighting with pro-Russian forces, although the former Azov commander insisted that Protasevich was engaged primarily in information warfare and not combat.

Biletsky lavished Protasevich with praise and, warning of the possibility of Belarus unifying with Russia, called on fellow far-right Ukrainians to join Belarusians in overthrowing the Lukashenko government.

While the former Azov leader claimed Protasevich was not involved in combat, photos that were subsequently published by the Ukrainian news website Strada directly contradicted his denial. The outlet found numerous images showing Protasevich holding an assault rifle while wearing Azov’s uniform, standing next to fellow neo-Nazi soldiers.
Roman Protasevich Azov assault rifle Ukraine
Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich armed with an assault rifle with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

These photos were posted on the Russian social media website VKontakte, or VK, by the girlfriend of an Azov fighter, Irina Khalanskaya.
Belarus Roman Protasevich Azov Ukraine VK
A screenshot of a VK post showing Belarusian regime-change operative Roman Protasevich with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

The stills clearly show Protasevich, who claimed to be a “journalist,” armed and in formation with the neo-Nazi militia.
Belarus Roman Protasevich Azov VK
A screenshot of a VK post showing Belarusian regime-change operative Roman Protasevich with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine

Another photo uploaded in the same PK publication shows an Azov officer doing a fascist-style salute.
Belarus Roman Protasevich Azov VK fascist salute
A screenshot of a VK post showing an Azov Battalion officer doing a fascist-style salute

Researchers on Twitter also found photos of Protasevich wearing Swastika t-shirts from an explicitly neo-Nazi clothing line.

Researchers likewise uncovered a 2015 edition of Azov’s newsletter, Black Sun, which depicts a man on its cover that some suspect may be Protasevich.

Azov published the issue on its official page on VK. It is not confirmed if the soldier in the photo was Protasevich, although facial recognition software suggests he may be.

But the name of the publication, Black Sun, says a lot about Azov’s political agenda. Known as the Sonnenrad, the symbol is a notorious white supremacist emblem first appropriated by Nazi Germany that has since been adopted by neo-Nazi groups around the globe. The image is especially popular as a tattoo, and many fighters in Azov and other neo-fascist gangs in Eastern Europe can be seen with it on their elbows.
Azov VK Black Sun Protasevich Belarus
Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Battalion sharing the 2015 magazine on its official VK page

The independent website FOIA Research investigated Protasevich’s social media accounts and found photos linking him to an array of far-right groups.

Protasevich got his start as a militant in the right-wing Young Front, a conservative Belarusian nationalist group that trained youths in how to shoot guns, co-sponsored rallies honoring World War II-era Eastern European Nazi collaborators, and organized violent protests against the Lukashenko government.

FOIA Research came across a Facebook post showing Protasevich participating in the Western-backed “Euromaidan” coup in Ukrainian capital Kiev in 2013 or 2014, where he helped destroy a statue of Vladimir Lenin. The website also uncovered numerous photos of Protasevich supporting neo-Nazi black bloc forces in Belarus.

On his Facebook page, Protasevich liked the Pahonia Detachment, a neo-fascist Belarusian militia that battled pro-Russian forces alongside Ukraine’s Azov Battalion. (Some researchers say that Protasevich served in Pahonia when he was in Ukraine.)

Tracking his Facebook posts, FOIA Research documented how Protasevich flew from Brussels to Washington DC in April 2018 for a series of meeting with US government officials.

Protasevich described his junket to Washington writing, “The most important week in my life begins.” He then posted a photo in the US State Department, commenting, “Never had so many important and interesting encounters in my life.”
Protasevich US State Department 2018
Belarusian regime-change activist Roman Protasevich in the US State Department in April 2018

When Protasevich later became an editor of the popular Belarusian opposition Telegram channel Nexta, he was working alongside another regime-change activist named Stepan Putilo, known more commonly as Stepan Svetlov.

The New York Times heroized Svetlov in a puff piece titled “The 22-Year-Old Coordinating Protests in Belarus, From a Small Office in Poland.” What the US newspaper of record did not mention is that Svetlov also worked for Belsat, a Polish media channel funded by the governments of Poland, the United States, Britain, and numerous Western European nations.

Belsat has broadcasted constant propaganda against Belarus, seeking to destabilize the country and ultimately overthrow its government. To do so, FOIA Research noted that Belsat “regularly give[s] a platform to Belarusian nationalists and neo-Nazis,” and even published an open call for volunteers to go to Ukraine to fight against pro-Russian forces, accompanied by an email address and phone number for recruits.

Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal reported on leaked documents from the UK Foreign Office that named Belsat as a key weapon in a Western government information war operation targeting Moscow, its allies, and Russian speakers in Belarus and Ukraine.

The more complete portrait of Belarusian activist Roman Protasevich shows he is a prototypical example of a Western government-cultivated regime-change operative, with origins in neo-fascist groups and a comfortable career as an infowarrior cultivated by Washington and the European Union.

Protasevich constitutes another example of how NATO member states hypocritically pose as enlightened defenders of freedom and democracy, when in reality they support the most reactionary, far-right groups imaginable, in a cynical bid to advance their economic and political interests.

Since Protasevich’s arrest, the corporate media outlets that have celebrated him as a courageous dissident conveniently overlooked his entire political record, nervously shielding their eyes from the right-wing extremist recruited and trained by Western governments.

Editor’s note: This article was updated on May 28 to include the newly discovered photos of Roman Protasevich with weapons with the Azov Battalion and the 2015 RFE/RL interview with him.

2020 Attempted Overthrow of the Republic of Belarus


The current Color Revolution attempt in the Republic of Belarus by the same 5th Column forces that were staging protestors here in Russia last summer is so simplistic and obvious that it defies belief that people are still buying into the Western tactics and fake propaganda. The same actors, the same tired old slogans and technology, the same old Social Media and mass media manipulations for the same old puppet masters and CIA/NATO country destroyers, all make one wonder if anyone is actually even paying attention to anything anymore. I have written about this time and again and there is nothing real to add, the same template and same crap over and over and over Only this time Lukashenko was correct in turning off the Internet. However that must be done again and we pray to God that he does not decide to go the route of Yanukovich, which we doubt, and not give an order to use force. The continuity of the state is under threat and force is the proper option here. I am stunned by the Russian media which continues to parrot the statements of Western leaders and the CIA/MOCKINGBIRD talking points against Lukashenko. Every media outlet which is currently taking part in stoking the flames must be shut down and gutted. Does anyone have the guts and the courage to do what must be done? It is seriously doubtful, when people like Ksenya Sobchak are allowed to call the Russian People genetic filth and make statements in front of the US Congress they will overthrow the Russian Government  and are allowed not only to remain free and unpunished but maintain their platforms, there is little hope that someone will actually make the hard choices that have to be made to preserve the Russian State and the Russian World. Putin has tried but as you see the 5th Column is still operating freely. - John Robles  

CIA Color Revolution Attempt in Belarus


5th Column in Belarus Running Like Rats

Руководство и ряд сотрудников белорусского издания покинули страну

В Белоруссии возбудили дела о давлении на депутатов из-за рубежа

Журналистов "Радио Свобода" задержали на женской акции в Минске

Belarus Bans 5th Column Fake News Western Propaganda Outlets

Including: BBC, Reuters, AP, AFP, Deutsche Welle, RFE/VOA, et al

В Белоруссии начали массово лишать аккредитации журналистов иностранных СМИ

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В Белоруссии арестовали соучредителя The Village

Путин назвал выборы в Белоруссии состоявшимися

В Белоруссии лишили аккредитации четырех российских журналистов

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В Минске начались задержания на акции оппозиции

В МИД РФ расценили действия Литвы как вмешательство в дела Белорусси

КС Белоруссии признал совет оппозиции неконституционным

FVEY Yandex Employees Evacuate Country/Minsk After Search

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Лукашенко пообещал "разобраться" с протестующими

08-19-2020 Belarus (See Below for more Belarus news and files realted to CR)

Лукашенко переназначил премьера и правительство Белоруссии

Лукашенко поручил КГБ выявить организаторов беспорядков

Самолет Лукашенко полетел к границе с Россией и на полпути развернулся обратно

Poland and Lithuania Are Escalating Events in Belarus as They Did with Maidan

Белорусские пограничники не пустили в страну 17 журналистов без аккредитации

Лукашенко назвал координационный совет "черной сотней"

Лукашенко обвинил Запад в финансировании белорусских протестов

В Кремле заявили о вмешательстве извне в дела Белоруссии

Lukashenko says events in Belarus are not yet at their peak

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Belarus buys 2nd batch of U.S. oil

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Лукашенко переназначил премьера и правительство Белоруссии

Лукашенко поручил КГБ выявить организаторов беспорядков

Самолет Лукашенко полетел к границе с Россией и на полпути развернулся обратно

Poland and Lithuania Are Escalating Events in Belarus as They Did with Maidan

Белорусские пограничники не пустили в страну 17 журналистов без аккредитации

Лукашенко назвал координационный совет "черной сотней"

Лукашенко обвинил Запад в финансировании белорусских протестов

В Кремле заявили о вмешательстве извне в дела Белоруссии

Lukashenko says events in Belarus are not yet at their peak

Belarus’s Lukashenko says creation of opposition’s Coordination Council ‘coup attempt’

Lukashenko coordinates with Putin his actions within Union State, CSTO

Putin expresses concern to European Council over attempts to put pressure on Belarus

08-18-2020 Belaurs Opposition Playing Ukraine Template in Belarus

Лукашенко обвинил оппозицию в намерении запретить русский язык

Russian envoy to Belarus states that he won’t meet with opposition representatives

Belarus puts troops along Western border on full combat alert

Премьер Белоруссии пригрозил ответственностью бастующим рабочим

FMRF Reverse Calls on WA to Not Interfere in Elections

В МИД РФ сочли, что США думают о вмешательстве в дела Белоруссии


Western Puppet Who Was NOT Elected Says She's Ready to "Lead"

Lukashenko challenger Tikhanouskaya calls for new vote, says ready to lead Belarus

YouTube Covers for Globalist Deep State Criminal Cabal

Discussion of Wikileaks or any “Hacked Information” Banned Under New YouTube Rules

Lukashenko Addresses the People

Лукашенко обратился к народу

"Russian" Dozhd Stoking the Color Revolution Flames for the CIA


Thousands Come Out to SUPPORT Lukashenko

На акцию в поддержку Лукашенко уже приехали около двух тысяч человек

Blatant Open Western Election Meddling Rages on Against Belarus

В Нью-Йорке устроили митинг в поддержку протестов в Белоруссии

Telegram Commits Open Sedition and Carries Out Own Vote

Telegram устроил «выборы» для белорусов

Russia's 5th Column Illegally Stoking Hysteria Over Legitimate Vote

Двенадцатичасовая акция протеста у посольства Белоруссии в Москве завершилась

Military Security Forces Deployed to Grodno

Президент Белоруссии поручил перебросить десантников в Гродно

Президент Белоруссии потребовал не допускать незаконных акций

Лукашенко поручил правительству выполнять полномочия до формирования нового

Actions in Support of Lukashenko Planned to Counter 5th Column

Провластная "Белая Русь" собралась провести митинг за Лукашенко

Novaya Gazzeta Joins Dozhd in Stoking Flames

Российское издание решило называть Лукашенко самопровозглашенным президентом

OMON Arrives at State Television Channel

В редакцию государственных белорусских телеканалов пришел ОМОН

CIA-Backed "Open Russia" Operating in Belarus - Arrested and Freed

Координатор "Открытой России" Важенков освобожден в Минске

Russian Will Help Defend Belarus if it is Attacked

Президент Белоруссии заявил о готовности РФ помочь при военной угрозе

Президент Белоруссии заявил об угрозах в адрес военнослужащих и ОМОНа

CIA Backed Protestors Arrive at State Television Offices

В Минске протестующие пришли к зданиям государственных телеканалов

Валерия Цепкало объявили в розыск в России

Lukashenko Refuses Dialogue Through Western Controllers

Лукашенко отказался от диалога с оппозицией через зарубежных посредников

В Кремле рассказали о разговоре Путина и Лукашенко


"Protester" Tries to Bomb Police and Self-Liquidates in Belarus

One protester killed in Minsk after explosive device blows up - Interior Ministry

Захарова Зеленскому: Не советуйте Белорусии, как ей жить

На улицы Бреста вместо ОМОНа вышли военные

How to Stop a Color Revolution Dead in its Tracks: Simple

Lukashenko says protests were orchestrated from Poland, UK, Czech Republic

Belarussia Shut Down All 5th Column Coms/SM. It Worked


Дуров сообщил о проблемах с доступом к Telegram из-за отключений интернета в Белоруссии

Durov Attempts to Assist CIA Color Revolution in Belarus

Telegram запустил инструменты против цензуры в Белоруссии


Гендиректора Viber обеспокоила блокировка приложения в Белоруссии

YouTube, Skype, E-Mail

День выборов: В Белоруссии отключили Youtube, Skype, почту

Daily Storm

Daily Storm сообщило о задержании своих журналистов в Минске


Задержанные в Минске репортеры "Дождя" не имели аккредитации на выборы


Корреспондент RT сообщил о своем задержании в Минске


Internet in Belarus cut off ‘from abroad’ rather than by authorities — president


Лукашенко рассказал о письме Путина на пяти страницах

Государственные экзит-полы показали победу Лукашенко с 79,7% голосов

В Минске задержаны двое стрингеров видеоагентства Ruptly

Exit poll: Lukashenko winning 79.7% of votes at Belarus’ presidential election

Явка на выборах президента Белоруссии на 18:00 составила 79%

ЦИК Белоруссии признал выборы президента в стране состоявшимися

Задержанные в Минске репортеры "Дождя" не имели аккредитации на выборы

The 'Russian Coup’ Plot In Belarus Was Faked By Ukraine

The 'Russian Coup’ Plot In Belarus Was Faked By Ukraine

08-16-2020 Some Extremely Definitive LULZ - Coming Soon from JAR2

08-17-2020 The CIA Color Revolution in Belarus Files

NED, The Legal Window of the CIA - By Thierry Meyssan and the Voltaire Network


IMPACT Investing Field: Destroying Countries, Destabilization, War, Genocide and Death for Dollars

Global Impact Investing Network Collaboration with Omidyar Network USAID and Rockefeller Foundation

Template Revolutions U.S. Regime Change in Eastern Europe: University of Westminster Press

Files/Belarus/Template_Revolutions_ Marketing_USA_Regime_Change_in_Eastern_Europe.pdf

IMPAKT - NED Jobs in Belarus


NED/Press Club of Belarus: "Independent" Press and Media Grants



"Russian" Dozhd and YouTube Stoking the Color Revolution Flames for the CIA


State Department/NED/Soros/CIA Links to Regime Change in Belarus



NED Grants to Subvert Belarus 2019


NED Grants to Subvert Belarus 2018


UTS e Press Foreign Funded NGOs in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine


Hubert Humphrey Fellowships/Fulbright (HH Now is a name of a leader of the common people??!!) LULZ


Impact of Economic Sanctions on Belarus


NED Around the World and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex: Wrong Kind of Green


Fulbright Foundation Belarus Meddling - English Language Programs Related to MKACCESS


Thanks to the Free Thought Project (34 NED Projects in Belarus)


Ex-CIA Director as Secretary of State Endlessy Shooting Off His Mouth on Belarus

Ex-CIA Director as Secretary of State Promises to Deliver Freedom by Enslaving Belarus

Insane Neo-Con Rothschild/Bradely Foundation 9/11 Nut Job John Bolton Also Shoots Off His Mouth 

And Finally Let's Not Forget the Butcher of Donbass, Jewish/Iranian Billionaire Long-Term CIA Asset and a New Find: The Santa Fe Institute))) You have to hand it to Pierre Omidyar, he has tried hard to hide his presence in Belarus, but....


Private CIA Statfor Openly Voices the Real Reason to Destroy Belarus: NATO


NED Grants and Programs in Hong Kong and China

Iran Neutralizes 17 CIA Case Officers

Mole hunt: Story of busting CIA's 'house of cards'

Iran dealt heavy blow to US spy agency, says analyst

Iran dismantles CIA spy network: Ministry

7.22.2019 First Videos



Sent by Jeff Brown, originally published here: CHINA RISING

Pictured above: a sign posted in a Macanese taxi driver’s car. It says, “Solo Hongkongers supporting dogs are not allowed to ride”, with the obvious suggestion that they are in fact dogs. “Solo” in this case means the rioters, who do not represent the moral majority, thus they are isolated. At the top of the Chinese people’s list? Social harmony and economic stability reign supreme. The West is overplaying its color revolution in Hong Kong, everybody there and on  the Mainland understands it is being manipulated by foreign enemies, and it is making China’s communist-socialist way of life look like paradise.

Since my last article about the troubled events taking place in Hong Kong (, which I highly recommend reading/watching to really understand the Chinese concept of ren, the more the West’s color revolution keeps trying to terrorize the place and tear it up, the more it is driving the locals to Baba Beijing and China’s communist-socialist way of life.

After HK Governor Carrie Lam and her government decided to pull the extradition bill that was the purported reason for the all the protests (, the CIA again took all of these Confucian-Daoist-Buddhist concessions as a sign of weakness and is upping the violence and terror. Now, the protesters are demanding her resignation. Even if she did step down, the CIA would just keep amping the violence and chaos meter. Imperial, global capitalists have reptile brains and only know how to respond like Komodo lizards. In spite of this, she continued her campaign of Chinese ren, by showing contrition to government leaders, with it all being splashed in the local media ( Definitely very un-Trump-man-like. The protests continue to turn more violent and are even taking place in shopping malls, for maximum terrorizing effect ( Just like during the earlier failed 2014 color “Umbrella Revolution”, the Western backed protest puppets put up “Lennon Walls”, after John Lennon, with statements against the government and police plastered on them.

Even the colonial newspaper, South China Morning Post was obliged to splash headlines like this one (, Hong Kong border town of Sheung Shui rocked by protest violence and chaos before police finally clear streets at night – Police describe the mostly young protesters as ‘highly organised’ and well prepared to attack them with iron poles and other weapons

Notice iron poles and other weapons, above, as well as highly organized, which takes money and logistics. That’s where the CIA orchestrates the chaos. Policemen are getting badly injured and one was attacked by a hoodlum, who cut off his finger. These kinds of acts of terror are of course meant to cause the police to take revenge, to up the cycle of violence, to create more chaos and fear in Hong Kong. That’s what you learn in the West’s Color Revolution class 101. This attack was caught on camera, with the terrorist flying down a mall escalator, running over people to escape, clearly holding a knife. It was so shocking and bloody that the article I had was pulled from Chinese media, but I found the footage on Reddit ( That article also pointed out the similarities between Hong Kong’s Western color revolution and the one that has destroyed Ukraine. Chinese citizens are much, much more plugged in than 95% of Euranglolanders.

The vast moral HK majority, who is not being paid by the CIA to attack police and property are fed up and fighting back. They are providing the police with reconnaissance about protesters and their movements (, to mitigate the destruction and chaos. They are especially indignant about the poor policemen and -women, who are really getting the ugly, short end of the stick here. These pro-Hong Kong protesters went through all the Lennon Walls and removed the messages that criticized the police, but left the ones critical of the government. Freedom of expression? Fine. Insulting their besieged police force? No way (

Everyday Hongkongers, like most Chinese, are a socially conservative bunch and are incensed that the protesters are openly denigrating the police. They do this by turning their backs to the cops and cupping one hand over where their anuses are. It mean suck shit. Here is a typical expression of outrage by working class locals, in a society where symbols of authority should be respected,


(Thugs are “cupping their assholes”, meaning telling the cops to suck shit)

If the West thinks they are fooling the Chinese in both the Mainland and Hong Kong, click on this article to see the images ( LINK ). Even without knowing Chinese, you can see the West’s color revolution horror show is all spelled out: NGOs, the CIA, George Soros, National Endowment for Democracy (NED); the main HK riot leader, Joshua Huang Zhifeng, who is on the West’s payroll; and a photo of Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, who laments the same problems in Europe. The translated title says it all, Cultivating “Hong Kong independence” elements, conduct anti-china events… pulling back the skin of American NGOs. Another article (translated) talks about interviewing students, who were approached by a teacher from a prominent local secondary school. This Western agent was flush with cash to pay them to protest and riot. He was offering them cash,

* For showing up — HK$ 1,000 (US$ 130)

* Showing bruises — HK$ 1,200 (US$ 150)

* Being quoted by media — HK$ 1,500 (US$ 190)

A popular China journalist, Guo Wengui had a 30-minute program about how the US is, from top to bottom, organizing, paying for and controlling the HK riots, including providing travel and visas for the puppet terrorists. He says it is being done to put maximum pressure on China for Trump’s trade war. This title is translated as, Guo Wengui connected with Liang Songheng to expose the truth of Hong Kong’s anti-China campaign: the US government and CIA are colluding with Hong Kong spies to foment Hong Kong’s anti-China campaign to put pressure on the trade war ( Guo gets hundreds of thousands of page views in the West on YouTube. In China, he gets millions.

Turncoat Jimmy Lai, a wealthy HK publisher, just met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and VP Mike Pence in WDC, to “discuss the protests” ( Joshua Huang Zhifeng, the riot leader has already been in jail twice for his treasonous acts. He gets feted and given bogus awards from the US Department of State and the CIA-front NGO, National Endowment for Democracy. Traitors like these are despised by the vast majority of Hongkongers.

A Hong Kong contact reported that the protesters blocked a subway from moving for 45 minutes, pissing off thousands of regular working folk, who just want to get on with their lives, go to work and spend peaceful time with family and friends.

Articles and visual media exposing all this are all over China. Here is a collection of photos that hundreds of millions of Chinese on the Mainland and in Hong Kong have watched in disgust,

Hong Kong CIA-backed color revolution



CIA everywhere in HK riots

Take a look at this 1.5 minute video and click on “full screen”. You don’t need to understand Chinese to see that the West’s “peaceful demonstrators” are nothing but violent rioters and hoodlums, that have tons of CIA money to buy weapons and protection. The poor HK police force. They are tolerating this shit day after day. If rioters destroyed property and attacked police the way they are in Hong Kong, they’d end up permanently injured, tasered and shot at, with thousands in jail, like in France and the US today. Related videos on YouTube do not show this HK reality. There, it’s all goody-goody-two-shoes propaganda.

HK rioters attacking police with bricks, steel rods

All of this chaos, destruction and violence are getting the exact opposite effect that the West wants. This failed color revolution, which has been ongoing since 2014, is showing people just how good life is in communist-socialist China (, and how well governed and democratic the Mainland government and its system really is (

I feel sorry for Hongkongers, but it is hard not to smile at the irony of the West doing such a wonderful job of exposing its phony version of “freedom and democracy” for what it is: global capitalism only serving the 1% elites, at the expense of the suffering 99%. I have a feeling it is going to get much worse, before it hits bottom. The CIA has unlimited drug-arms black money to keep pushing it to the hilt (

Lots of hyperlinks included here . Time to get smart!

US Orchestrated Color Revolution Coming Soon to a Country Near You

John Robles and Stephen Karganovic  

US Color Revolution coming soon to a country near you

1 May, 2014 23:54

The United States of America has been engaged in overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders (including through outright assassination), organizing revolutions, financially manipulating and subjugating nations and destabilizing countries and regions for decades. For those in Washington and at the CIA in Langley, Virginia their actions are completely justified because they are "protecting and advancing US interests". The United States of America has been engaged in overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders (including through outright assassination), organizing revolutions, financially manipulating and subjugating nations and destabilizing countries and regions for decades. For those in Washington and at the CIA in Langley, Virginia their actions are completely justified because they are "protecting and advancing US interests". 

They are not concerned with the millions of people that they kill, nor with the suffering their actions bring to the world. Their goal of global hegemony knows no conscience and any means are justifiable to attain their ends. It is a remorseless godless machine bent on global domination and must be stopped.

One of the most damaging ways that the CIA and their front company USAID destabilize countries is the organization of what has become known as the "Color Revolution". By manipulating societies through media and civil society non-governmental organizations (NGOs), carefully funding groups and powerful members of society who will do their bidding, the US is able to cause civil unrest, revolutions and even civil war, all for the sole purpose of installing leaders and governments who will do the US' bidding.

Currently the results of US manipulation are visible in Ukraine and several other countries are dealing with the same type of manipulation. The best way for the people of the world to be prepared to defend their countries and themselves from these types of attacks on sovereignty is to know what to look out for and to be educated on the sometimes extremely subtle ways that the US has of subverting sovereignty and manipulating public opinion.

One brave group of scholars and people studying the tactic recently met to discuss the issue and formulate strategies to deal with the practice. The following is the result of their meeting.

An introduction from Stephen Karganovic

The international scholarly symposium on "Coloured revolutions as an instrument of geopolitical transformation" was held at the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the Republic of Srpska on April 26, 2014. The symposium was under the auspices of the "Strategic Culture Foundation" in Moscow and "Srebrenica Historical Project" from Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Taking part in the proceedings were: Ana Filimonova, editor-in-chief of the "Strategic Culture Foundation" and scholar at the Centre for the study of the Balkan crisis of the Slavic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Sergey Belous, M.A. in history and political analyst, Harkov, Manuel Ochsenreiter, politologist and editor of political monthly "Zuerst!", Berlin, Predrag Ceranic, professor of legal and security sciences, Banja Luka, Aleksandar Pavic, politologist, analyst at the "Strategic Culture Foundation," and director of the SCF office in Belgrade, Danijel Simic, writer and journalist, Banja Luka, Neven Djenadija, M.A. in international relations and diplomacy, University of Banja Luka, Dia Nader de al-Andari, ambassador of Venezuela in Belgrade, Serbia, Stephen Karganovic, president, "Srebrenica Historical Project," Dzevad Galijasevic, sociologist and expert on security and terrorism, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Srdja Trifkovic, professor of politics and international relations, University of Banja Luka.

Symposium participants considered the experience of other countries [e.g. the Ukraine and Venezuela] which have faced the process of "coloured revolutions" as a form of clandestine political warfare waged by foreign centres and the most efficient ways of proactively neutralizing their effects.

The summary conclusions and recommendations of symposium participants are set forth in the final document entitled "Banja Luka Declaration: A Safety Plan for the Republic of Srpska" [attached]. The final document was forwarded to the Government of the Republic of Srpska and made available to the general public.

Stephen Karganovic

Executive secretary of the symposium

Strategic Culture Fund, Moscow

Den Haag


The technology for the overthrow of noncompliant political leaders in order to replace them with subservient ones, better known as a "color revolution," has been conspicuously deployed in the Republic of Srpska over the last couple of months. Although in the Republic of Srpska this process has not reached a point where it constitutes an imminent threat to the stability of the constitutional order and sustainability of the democratic system, participants in the conference "Colored revolutions as an instrument of geopolitical transformation" consider that a proactive response is among the most efficient ways to neutralize this particular form of clandestine warfare waged by power centers from abroad.

The basic mechanism used in the implementation of this technique is exacerbation, across the broad social spectrum, of existing and often justified causes for discontentment, whereupon mass negative energy is directed toward political objectives in line with the agenda of foreign instigators. The real goals are of an entirely different nature from the proclaimed ones, for which local partisans have been led to believe that they are struggling. In that process, key roles are played by false "NGOs" specifically formed for the purpose, controlled media, and local political figures subject to blackmail, prosecution and other forms of external pressure.

"Colored revolutions" follow a standard pattern which may, to a certain extent, be adapted to local conditions. Essentially, these phenomena are manipulative and anti-democratic because they simulate popular rebellion while, in fact, they are carefully staged intelligence operations, conducted under a false flag and executed by trained cadres under the leadership of professionals. Currently, in addition to the Republic of Srpska, revolutions of this type are in progress or have been partially enacted in Venezuela and the Ukraine.

The basic measures that the leadership of the Republic of Srpska ought to implement in order to reinforce government institutions and impede the successful execution of foreign-inspired "regime change" may be divided in two general categories: social consolidation and an effective policy of social self-defense.

I Social consolidation

Some fundamental steps must be taken to restore and strengthen mutual trust between citizens and their state because only by reducing mutual estrangement in this sphere will the appearance of non-institutional movements, whose ultimate objective is the destabilization of the Republic of Srpska, be thwarted:

- At least one nation-wide television, radio and internet facility should be dedicated to the service of the Republic of Srpska, without the slightest admixture of foreign influence.

- Media should ensure that organizations which advocate solutions for problems by means other than democratic procedures prescribed by the law shall publicly and clearly be perceived as such, especially if they happen to champion any variety of "street action" and non-institutional resistance.

- All participants in public and political life should be obligated, or at least encouraged, to take a clear stand on the political status of the Republic of Srpska and, most importantly, to publicly declare whether he/she supports the inviolability of the Republic of Srpska as a distinct political entity, within or outside the framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- State media should always be open to representatives of the parliamentary political opposition and they should facilitate quality debate, including voices from a wide political spectrum.

- Quality public debate, with the participation of government and opposition on an equal footing, should be encouraged in particular with respect to such key issues as the future of the Republic of Srpska within Bosnia and Herzegovina, NATO integration, EU integration, ties with Serbia and ties with Russia.

- Following the example of Vladimir Putin's dialogues with the nation, government representatives should organize similar forums with citizens using the electronic media.

- Visible and legally effective steps should be taken to suppress corruption within the government in order to restore and strengthen citizen trust in state institutions.

- Initially at least one sector of the economy should be visibly opened to market competition under terms of equality in order to demonstrate that economic progress is possible outside the structure of corrupt political networks.

- Following the U. S. model, steps should be taken to create propitious conditions for institutionalized collaboration between science and the economy, selecting in the initial phase at least one area where fairly quick and visible results can be achieved.

- In the field of foreign policy, political, cultural, economic, and media ties should be strengthened with the Russian Federation as the only leading power whose objective is not to abolish the Republic of Srpska or subsume it within a centralized Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those ties should, as a minimum, be symmetrical to those maintained with EU states.

II Policy of social self-defense

ZERO TOLERANCE FOR LAWLESS CONDUCT – From the very beginning of any hypothetical "protests" it is necessary to strictly enforce all applicable laws (noting whether a permit for the assembly was granted, at what location, and for what length of time) and there ought to be zero tolerance for the violation of legal norms, excluding any type of violence, disrespect for instructions to disperse given over loudspeakers, infliction of physical damage to buildings or vehicles, or assaults on law enforcement personnel. "Protest" organizers regularly count on the hesitation of law enforcement to act decisively from the very start. Indecisiveness in the of response enables them to establish physical control over some symbolically significant point which subsequently becomes the focus of further activities.

EQUIPPING AND TRAINING LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL – Retaining control over public space is key to the survival of legal authorities when under attack by "regime change" organizers. That task requires superbly equipped, professionally trained and highly motivated policemen specialized in crowd control, i.e. police professionals prepared to prevent large-scale violations of public peace and order.

Regular RS Interior Ministry units are inadequately equipped and trained, tactically and psychologically, for this exceptionally complex task. That is not surprising: the challenge of crowd control in the "colored revolution" context is such that regular police are not up to the task. It is one thing to control soccer fans, and quite another to control a carefully choreographed street coup. The Special Police Unit (SJP) is primarily tasked with conducting anti-terrorist operations and combating organized crime. It has in its ranks sharpshooters, divers, an SMB team, a canine unit, etc. but it lacks crowd control specialists. The unavailability of a specialized police unit for crowd control carries a double peril, as has already been noted elsewhere on "colored revolution" battlegrounds: if the police fail to successfully place unlawful conduct under control from the beginning, the violence, accompanied by the use of weapons, may later escalate and that is precisely what the orchestrators of the protest are aiming for.

For the foregoing reasons, a specialized Intervention Unit of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Srpska should be formed and tasked with maintaining law and order along the same lines as similar specialized units which have proved efficient in other countries. Personnel for this unit should be selected according to the highest criteria from within the existing police ranks. Adequate equipment (armored transport vehicles, water guns with colored liquid, helmets and invulnerable body armor, transparent shields, gas masks, tear gas, rubber bullet sidearms, tasers, pepper spray, police dogs, horses, etc.) is indispensable for intense and continued tactical training to commence. In the area of theoretical preparation, it is of particular importance to teach members of the Intervention Unit about the technique of street revolutions, i.e. the methodology of the orchestrators and executors of "regime change." This important aspect was missing in the training given to the Ukrainian Berkut. If members of the future Intervention Unit are comprehensively instructed in the difference between appearances and the genuine nature of the "protest," they will be enabled to remain calm and firm in the performance of their tasks.

LAW ON NGO FINANCING AND ACTIVITIES. A law regulating the activities of "non-government organizations" should be adopted in the Republic of Srpska. There are a number of institutions in Banja Luka whose goals, ideological inspiration, and methods are closely analogous to Belgrade branches of the same central organization (e.g. the Helsinki Human Rights Committee, Humanitarian Law Fund, etc.) and which constitute the key logistical foundation of the "regime change" process. Those NGOs are merely local subsidiaries of Western power centers. The more important among them have been financed for years by U.S. quasi-independent outfits such as the National Endowment for Democracy and the National Democratic Institute, which receive their funding entirely or for the most part from the U.S. Treasury.

The law regulating the activities of the "NGOs" should be no more than a copy of the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, which in the U.S. governs the activities of associations and private individuals that are financed by foreign governments. That law prescribes total transparency within the U.S. for activities that elsewhere in the world are generously financed by the U. S. State Department. In the United States, the Federal Election Campaign Act explicitly prohibits any and all foreign interference in the domestic electoral process in the U.S. However, such interference is considered legitimate and desirable when it is practiced by Washington's minions in the former SFRY (or in the successor states of the former USSR), under the pretext of "spreading democracy."

It is high time for the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska to consider passing a law based on the American model to regulate foreign financing of the so-called non-government sector. This law need not be any stricter or more confining than its U.S. counterpart: whoever is at the receiving end of foreign funding should simply register as a "foreign agent". Thenceforward it shall be business as usual for them, but in the media and in public statements by government officials of the Republic of Srpska it will be perfectly legitimate to characterise such outfits as "foreign agencies". The rejoinder to inevitable objections about "democracy suppression" is that, on the contrary, democracy in the Republic of Srpska is strengthened and broadened through such legislation by the assimilation of the practice and experience of, purportedly, the most democratic country in the world.

Bearing in mind the experience of other countries which have been targeted by this subversive process, participants in the conference "Colored revolutions as an instrument of geopolitical transformation" believe that, in the initial phase, measures proposed to the public and the Government of the Republic of Srpska in this document should be sufficient to anticipate and counter undemocratic varieties of political change. Such attempts are quite often marked by violence, and wherever seen, without exception, have served not their falsely proclaimed goals but as an instrument for the imposition of foreign domination.

Ana Filimonova, editor-in-chief of the "Strategic Culture Foundation," M.A. in history, scholar at the Centre for the study of the contemporary Balkan crisis of the Slavic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Aleksandar Pavić, political analyst, "Strategic Culture Foundation" and director of the SCF office in Belgrade.

Dr. Srdja Trifković, professor of politics and international relations, University of Banja Luka.

Dr. Predrag Ćeranić, professor of legal and national security sciences.

Manuel Ochsenreiter, political analyst, editor of the newsmagazine

"Zuerst!", Berlin

Stephen Karganović, president, "Srebrenica Historical Project."

Banja Luka, April 26, 2014

The Types of Revolution Most Feared by the Elites and Police by Joseph Zrnchik

Hands Up Militarized Police

The US government, as it continues to attempt to quell the disorder in Ferguson, Missouri, is providing Americans an opportunity to look into the eyes of the bi-partisan militarized police state as it engages in the type of behavior reminiscent of Third World dictatorships.  Never did an American think he or she would be facing tanks while having a infantry squad-sized element of a para-military force with fully-loaded assault rifles be trained center-mass at a single harmless youthful protester.   As heavily-armed para-military groups huddle together in what looks to be abject fear, they threaten the lives of Americans attempting to peacefully assemble as protesters face police leveling and aiming military-grade firepower upon the unarmed.  It is as if there is terror in the hearts of law enforcement as its officers are clad in full battle dress uniform with all the latest protective combat equipment.  Americans must be made to understand that this is a psychological operation to discourage and intimidate with the hopes of creating the public perception of rendering impotent and futile any future attempt to challenge or resist the police state.  This they make us pay for.  This they tell us is providing Americans protection..

The Governor of Missouri has made a decision to not only escalate but also exasperate the current state of affairs by deploying the National Guard, but Americans have grown weary of the common tactic used by law enforcement of feigning fear as they brutalize and then falsely charge with crimes citizens who erroneously and naively believe they will be protected by the rule of law and the US Constitution not only from police brutality, but also from the false charges that are routinely and especially leveled against those who demand that police, prosecutors and judges be bound the law.  It has become apparent that the law no longer provides justice, but instead is used to hold the average citizen under boot while excusing all types of crimes by the power elite from fraud, attacks on computer and information systems, false arrest, perjury, malicious prosecution, wrongful imprisonment, torture and even extra-judicial murder.  If you think I overstate my premise, look to see about the torture and murder by the FBI of Kenneth Trentadue and the cover-up that ensued as agents realized they assassinated the wrong person in a case of mistaken identity.  This is a cover-up that has resulted in the destruction of all tape recordings of Timothy McVeigh and John Doe #2 delivering the OKC bomb to its Murrah Federal Building destination.  And while many will claim this is just a conspiracy theory, go ahead and try to get the IRS filings of one Lee Harvey Oswald to see who he had been working for the year prior to President Kennedy’s assassination.The Governor of Missouri has made a decision to not only escalate but also exasperate the current state of affairs by deploying the National Guard, but Americans have grown weary of the common tactic used by law enforcement of feigning fear as they brutalize and then falsely charge with crimes citizens who erroneously and naively believe they will be protected by the rule of law and the US Constitution not only from police brutality, but also from the false charges that are routinely and especially leveled against those who demand that police, prosecutors and judges be bound the law.  It has become apparent that the law no longer provides justice, but instead is used to hold the average citizen under boot while excusing all types of crimes by the power elite from fraud, attacks on computer and information systems, false arrest, perjury, malicious prosecution, wrongful imprisonment, torture and even extra-judicial murder.  If you think I overstate my premise, look to see about the torture and murder by the FBI of Kenneth Trentadue and the cover-up that ensued as agents realized they assassinated the wrong person in a case of mistaken identity.  This is a cover-up that has resulted in the destruction of all tape recordings of Timothy McVeigh and John Doe #2 delivering the OKC bomb to its Murrah Federal Building destination.  And while many will claim this is just a conspiracy theory, go ahead and try to get the IRS filings of one Lee Harvey Oswald to see who he had been working for the year prior to President Kennedy’s assassination.

Americans have come to such a tyrannized state of affairs that we continue allow our elite to even hide the murder of a president in broad daylight in front of thousands of citizens and the tens of millions who have since viewed the recordings.  While this fact should rightly scare Americans, what seems to pass under the radar of the mainstream media is the millions of people who are subject to a corrupt criminal justice system that despises jury trials and fully-informed jurors who understand all the ways Americans are made victims of the police state as tyrannical police level false charges and cover and justify their aggressive and incendiary behavior with feigned fear.  Even worse than this façade is the ridiculous justifications the courts accept to provide the police state with a thin veneer of legitimacy that serves to fool 99% of Americans.   What is being made clear to Americans is the increasingly aggravated ways in which injustice is being perpetrated under the color of law to the point that logic is twisted, law is perverted and truth is destroyed..

While the US has not yet reached the point where FEMA Camps will begin operating, our political elites have advanced the agenda for such an eventuality to the point that it is now a turn-key operation able to be implemented at a moment’s notice.  Americans now understand the type of violence they will face if civil disobedience begins to take root across the US as more and more Americans are beginning to object to and oppose through protest the type of tyranny that had so unceremoniously crushed what was the Occupy Movement. It seems the power the elite now wield will only be pried from their cold dead hands.  But this death will not be the result of justice, it will the the result of a body politic so diseased that caused imperial hubris to  drip like diseased pus from infected sores caused by the virus of neo-conservativism.

While the Occupy Movement was incoherent in its message and objectives, it did provide Americans with a platform from which many hoped would grow a political movement that would eventually refine itself and educate Americans not only about corrupt Wall Street practices,  but also about the Federal Reserve, the police/prison state, the surveillance/national security state, the warfare/welfare state, the corrupt political processes used to marginalize candidates with anti-war and non-interventionist foreign policies messages which oppose neo-imperialist attacks on other nations’ sovereignty.

The crushing of the Occupy Movement was done as brutally as it was done quietly.  There was no media opposition or any mainstream news indignation except for a few minor incidents that seemed more to serve to threaten and intimidate the masses than to expose brutality, act as a brake on tyranny or garner the type of further mass support that would allow the movement to bloom into a viable and enduring movement with leadership that would also grow in the ability to make challenges to and changes in the status quo.  In fact, the media hid from the general public the massive demonstrations that occurred in Oakland, California, as police guided citizens to a bridge only so they could block off the route to begin mass arrests and beatings that were also hidden by the media not only from the view of Americans eyes, but also from their consciousness.

Americans need to realize that they cannot defeat the police state without spilling the type of blood that the corporate media would then use to discredit Americans’ resistance to tyranny.  By now it should be clear to all that the media is not going to provide a platform to anyone seeking to organize and peacefully oppose what has become a government that seeks constant war and domination abroad and servile total obedience domestically.  Imagine the human interest stories the press would generate and put forth to garner sympathy for the enforcers of the police state.  Yet, most honest police from small towns across the nation will admit their number-one priority has become the generation of revenue not only for police departments, but also for the profit of the entire criminal justice system from probations officers, parole officers, correctional officers, corporate for-profit prisons, defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges and politicians who promote laws that seek to garnish yet higher levels of public revenue to be allocated for what has become a powerful voting block with its own lobbyists promoting an agenda of increased authoritarianism and self-interest.  We are of no more importance to the  corporate state than are the Iraqi women and children JSOC operatives literally cut bullets out of to hide their guilt in the slaughter of innocent and defenseless souls and complicty in one of the most heinous war crimes of the Iraq War..

I would argue that even while Michael Brown may not have been the perfect victim, he was a victim nonetheless.  Yet the media, after having provided unmitigated sympathy and outrage, will now revel in digging up any information that will serve to divide people along racial lines, attempt to mitigate revulsion, justify past outrageous police behavior and finally divorce this incident from what the public ought to recognize as a long trail of abuses, usurpations of the US Constitution and dereliction by prosecutors, judges and politicians to protect and promote not just individual liberty, but also the economic liberty and justice of the people without which individual liberty is meaningless.  It will also be used as a means of drawing attention from the fact that police, even when caught on video lying while attacking and falsely charging innocents, never end up being effectively prosecuted.  This is usually done by attempting to pursue a completely unwarranted prosecution the government knows will never lead to a conviction so as to give the false appearance it is enthusiastically guarding the peoples’ liberty as it excuses even greater incidents of atrocities it keeps from ever making their way into the media.

There are still three ways Americans can defeat the police state.  The first way is to refuse to believe police lies and so not convict any citizens of all the crimes police usually lie about and use as the basis for false criminal prosecutions.  This includes minor drug offensives and traffic offenses that the system uses to steal money from the masses.  The second way is to quit falling for the Republican/Democrat paradigm and vote libertarian as a matter of principle.  The third way is to begin educating your children and fellow Americans as to the sad state of affair that has led the American people to the threshold of tyranny and disaster.  The charges police usually use to bring wrongful prosecution include resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, interfering with law enforcement, battery on law enforcement, inciting a riot, obstruction and disobeying police orders.  How do I know this?  I was arrested four times for disorderly conduct and once for intimidating a judge.  I was found innocent each time.  One time they took my recording device so I could not prove my case but witnesses testified and I was 100% exonerated.  On another occasion a judge, Dan Dumezich, of Schererville Indiana, secretly recorded me and actually helped proved my innocence after bringing false charges.  On each occasion I expected the law to protect me, yet all four times not only was I falsely arrested for disorderly conduct as the initial charge, but when I gathered witnesses each time to prove my case I was then falsely charged with resisting arrest, interfering with law enforcement, felony intimidation and battery.  In all four cases not only did I cooperate 100%, but I did not get loud nor even curse once.  On four occasions I had thought it would be an open and shut case, but after reading the police report I was shocked, sickened and disgusted.  After being subject to such aggressive behaviors and outright perjury, I now have the type of hatred for law enforcement that only an innocent and law-abiding man that has been intentionally, maliciously and perjuriously prosecuted can have.

What bothers me the most and has woken me to the criminality of the US government is the fact that after spending a lifetime of service and retiring from the military as a commissioned officer who also became a teacher, I now see the lies and tyranny upon which the entire system is predicated.  While there is a trickle-down befit for playing along with the criminal racket, I can assure you from personal experience that the benefit gained nowhere nears in approximation the price paid in lost liberty and wealth by all who cooperate with such a corrupt system.  Not only did I learn this, but I also learned that out of 6 officers present not a single one would stand up and tell the truth as perjury has now become not only a perk for egotistical officers, but has also become the preferred method by which to cause harm.  If I were to tell you the entire story and truth, you simply would not be able to believe me because the behavior by police was so criminal and outrageous.  On each time police tripped over their lies and made fools of themselves without showing a bit of shame.  It is a fact that they have gotten so used to lying that they do not even worry about being good at lying anymore as judges will side with police every time and excuse police perjury.  The only thing that will save you is if you are lucky enough to live in a state that still allows jury trials for misdemeanor prosecutions.  However, this provides no relief to those who police habitually beat and kill as corrupt judges and prosecutors seek to protect a system that has given them the unaccountable power to lie, obstruct justice and engage in tyranny.

When Americans finally wake up and realize that those controlling the system have little legitimacy and are merely engaging in criminal rackets domestically and internationally, only then will Americans have the revolutionary change they so desire.  Until then, I will be happy to see those who enforce, condone, legitimize or accept  such tyranny to die needless and tragic deaths or otherwise suffer at the hands of or the result of government fiat be they citizens or minions of the police state.  Let the rot stick to high heaven until it becomes so insufferable that it leads to murderous mayhem.  Then, at least it will not be a one-way slaughter of innocents by government.  When police have to go to work each day wondering if they will come home or not, then maybe they will begin to accept the limits the law places upon their actions and those responsible for protecting liberty will cease in their derelictions.  While my prescriptions may seem harsh, they are less harsh and less unjust than the current state of affairs under which Americans now languish.  Retribution often serves to bring about justice.  So, I say let the retribution begin! The definition of the word retribution is: “Punishment that is considered morally right and justly deserved.”  Legality in this case has absolutely nothing to do with justice, for if it did the innocent would not need retribution.  Yet, how could any true American be against retribution if it is morally right and justly deserved?   It seems the one group of people who have the most intense fear of retribution are those belonging to the group that is committing the greatest crimes.  While the political elite claim the right to carry out assassinations, they use the media to demonize and marginalize those of the masses who advocate the exact same treatment be visited upon those who so strenuously support extra-judicial killings.  Why would Americans give politicians, a group of people who have proved to be the most power-hungry, lying, and corrupt among them, the power of life and death over the masses?  This usurpation is clearly a criminal act and treason against the American people and the US Constitution.    

If you want to see the type of justice the government dispenses, go talk to Lyndee England as she sat in a jail as a torturer for piling up naked prisoners.  Then go listen to Dick Cheney in his mansion talk about how he and the CIA obstructed justice as torture tapes were destroyed that documented dozens of the most repulsive and heinous torture deaths of military prisoners, to include scores of Iraqi army officers at included even generals. Where is international law now?   These are the types of crimes Americans now have the justice system visit upon them as they plead merely for simple justice, a commodity so costless yet as valuable as it is rare in the US justice system.  And as politicians all cover for each other, how many of these politicians provided support to SPC England.  Not only did they not provide support, but the Army even barred her from calling them as witnesses.  Why anyone would want to serve in such a corrupt military that it sacrifices is own  as it covers for criminals of the highest order.  It shows the military justice system and command structure to be infested with cowards and opportunists at the most highest ranks.

If you want to know more about my experiences with law enforcement, please feel free to contact me as much of what I would like to say is beyond belief, but I give you my word as an officer and gentleman that what I say is exactly and 100% the truth.  It is not my interpretation of events, but the reality of the events.  Then decide if patriots who kill police should be charged.

Joseph can be reached at ZRNCHIK

Freedom House: Subversion Operations by the CIA

Freedom House crackdown

25 February, 22:34  

Bringing the problem to center stage again is a U.S. taxpayer funded NGO called Freedom House, which has gathered an all star cast of U.S. backed and funded Russian “opposition” members, U.S. Congressmen, NGO representatives from the United States and Russia as well as European Officials for an upcoming forum titled: “New Approach or Business As Usual? US-EU-Russia Relations After Putin's Crackdown.”

The United States of America does not even try to hide the fact anymore that it is actively attempting to subvert the Russian Government and funding and supporting those within the Russian Federation who would attempt to do so for their own selfish gains.

American backed Russian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and their American colleagues continue to push for “tougher measures” against the Russian Federation, many even calling for the U.S. and the West to implement a policy of “containment,” something Washington did during Soviet times to “stop the spread of Communism.”

One has to wonder as to the real motivations of these organizations and individuals as they are on the U.S. payroll and are funded by U.S. taxpayer monies routed to them by hawkish mainly right-wing organizations and individuals who seek to propagate out-dated cold war clichés and Russo-phobic hysteria. Their reasoning is also to question: contain what? Some sort of undefined “evil” ideology or some non-existent military expansionism? Utterly ludicrous.

The continuing activities of most of these bodies, many of whom only exist for the sole reason of subverting (in this case) the Russian Government, weakening the Russian Federation internationally on all fronts and giving reason and justification to U.S. expansionism, military buildup, meddling and interference in the internal and external affairs of the Russian Federation have proven the wisdom and the necessity for the recently passed Russian legislation requiring all members of foreign funded NGOs to register with the government as foreign agents.

Bringing the problem to center stage again is a U.S. taxpayer funded NGO called Freedom House, which has gathered an all star cast of U.S. backed and funded Russian “opposition” members, U.S. Congressmen, NGO representatives from the United States and Russia as well as European Officials for an upcoming forum titled: “New Approach or Business As Usual? US-EU-Russia Relations After Putin's Crackdown."

I am still wondering what “crackdown” they are talking about, but I would suppose they are referring to the recent law mentioned above and perhaps to the recently adopted Dima Yakovlev law which protects Russian children, or perhaps the expulsion of USAID for their questionable activities throughout the country. The real reason I believe is that Russia is strengthening ties and increasing trade with Europe, especially in the energy sector, and this has not pleased Washington who sees Europe as their subordinate.

The adeptness with which the U.S. continues to demonize Russia is daunting due to the level and the massive scale it has attained, as well as increasingly more obvious, this time the more so, especially in light of the fact that the two above mentioned laws were enacted because there were and continue to be clear and present threats against the sovereignty of Russia and against the Russia people.

We know the following is true for the United States: Russia must be kept weak politically, militarily, economically and socially. This is for the sole reason that Russia must be brought under the control of the United States of America and that control must permanent and complete.

A strong Democracy and civil society are bad for the U.S. because a well off and satisfied citizenry are not as pliable and less subject to go against the state. Hence the funding of NGOs and the Russian opposition to sow discontent and strife with false flag arguments, straw man evils and phantom wrongs and injustices.

Just ask any member of the so called “opposition:” what would you change, give me an example of what is wrong with Russia? Like brainwashed hypnotized people just waking from a sleep they will probably answer something to the effect: “Putin bad. America good!” I oversimplify but that is basically what it boils down too. America does not want a strong leader in Russia, they need someone they can manipulate. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, unfortunately for the U.S., is not that man.

Keeping a country economically weak is also good for the U.S. as a country that is weak economically is easy to manipulate, its markets are easier to access for the dumping of goods and for exploitation, its workforce is easier to exploit, its citizens are easier to manipulate and direct against the state, and its officials are easier to bribe and buy.

Any country, such as Russia, which has an assertive and independent foreign policy is also bad for the obvious reason that it is not under the control of the U.S. This is particularly bad when such countries form alliances, groupings, organizations, treaties and cooperate independently and without the control of the U.S. or the cow-towing to Washington.
The script being used by the NGO mentioned above is old as are most of Washington’s attempts at forming color revolutions, usurping power, overthrowing governments, getting rid of leaders and giving justification to their own expansionist policies. We have seen the script in use over and over again, and in fact, quite frankly, it has gotten old. Demonize, repeat key words over and over until the world accepts them as truth and then move in with “humanitarian” sanctions or missiles. In this case the key words “Putin and crackdown.”

What we are seeing with Freedom House is a clue as to where things are going, especially after the banning of USAID and their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation. The US Government will now attempt to use those inside Russia more and more to usurp the Russian State. This will include politicians, the “opposition,” members of NGOs, academics and even the man in the street. Not to mention the members of the U.S. Diplomatic Corps who are now increasingly being tasked with what could be called subversive activities. Anyone who can spread discontent and destabilize the country will be fair game.

In a recent analysis for the Voice of Russia Edward Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow gave some insights into Freedom House. According to Mr. Lozansky Freedom House is damaging the national interests of the United States while being paid for by taxpayers. He said: “This organization has already wasted enormous amounts of taxpayers' money on supporting the color revolutions in the post-Soviet space, which ended in total fiascoes… Now they want America not only to "stand in solidarity with Russian activists… but also to "challenge the various authoritarian groupings in which Russia plays a prominent role, such as the Eurasian Union, the Collective Security Treaty Organization, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)."

Calling these groups “authoritarian” I am sure was a tongue-in-cheek stab at the ridiculousness of the classification.

He continued: “one item on that agenda is particularly laughable: the call to challenge the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, where China plays a key role. In other words, Freedom House expects China, a top foreign U.S. lender, to provide more funds to the U.S. Treasury to finance the challenge against itself.”

As for the Russian division of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, he says: “… one of its senior associates, (a U.S. paid Russian) finds the Freedom House challenge approach too modest; she calls for a "new way to contain Russia," no more and no less.”

Of course we are all used to U.S. hypocrisy but they are growing bolder and bolder with every passing day. If the shoe were on the other foot, as I love to point out, things would be entirely different.

Were a group of American politicians and civic “leaders” to appear before the Federation Council or the Federal Duma and plea to the Russian Government to expand sanctions, implement harsher measures against the elected government of the U.S. and continue to isolate and “contain” the United States of America, those involved would surely be charged with treason and put in front of a firing squad. But when it comes to Russia, this is supposed to be okay and any move against these individuals, whose sole aim is to assist an increasingly hostile foreign power to harm their own country, should be called a “crackdown.”

As for the shoe being on the other foot, Russia would have far more justifiable and legitimate reasons to take such actions as I detailed above. Russia would have the moral high ground in areas such as droning, the unbelievable numbers of civilians killed in the war on terror, the meddling into the affairs of countries worldwide, the expansion of NATO and the U.S. military presence all over the planet and even in the deaths of so many Russian orphans. Yet as always it is the kettle calling…

The Failure of the Arab Spring

25 July 2012, 18:48

What has happened in many of the countries that have been hit by the Arab Spring, and this was recently painfully obvious in Egypt, is the coming to power of radical and extremist Islamic elements that had less power or existed only on the fringes before the uprisings in their respective countries.

Expert after expert, time and time again, have stated that the results of the Arab Spring are going to be widespread long-lasting and difficult if not impossible to undo. The U.S. was warned many times that what they were unleashing was not going to go the way of their pie-in-the-sky scenarios but nevertheless they continue to push for regime changes which we have seen have only caused more bloodshed and suffering and not the quick implementation of reforms and the appearance of democratic governments.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the largest Muslim organization in the world, is an example of one such group which had been banned in Egypt, and whose original goal was to bring about Sharia Law and Islamize society. Although their extremist and violent nature have been toned down many experts are worried that their claims and actions which appear to adhere to democratic principles are merely tactical and a way for them to obtain real power.

The Muslim Brotherhood had promised not to front a presidential candidate in Egypt but we have seen that was a lie. What other lies they have presented to garner the trust of the people are yet to be seen but if they went back on one promise they are sure to go back on others.

The Muslim Brotherhood has a long and violent history including bombings, assassinations and attempts at overthrowing governments. It was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sayyid Qutb, who laid down the intellectual and theological justifications for the use of jihad, that inspired the leaders and founders of many of the modern day radical, militant and terrorist Islamic groups, such as Al Qaeda.

Tunisia, where Mohamed Bouazizi, the poor street grocer set himself on fire, the event that sparked the Arab Spring, appears may be another failure for the West, even though they claim success there. Laws prohibiting alcohol consumption and forcing women to wear traditional Muslim dress which did not exist before the Arab Spring are beginning to appear in the country.

According to Alon Ben Meir, a New York University based Middle East expert, in an interview with the Voice of Russia: “…without solid economic and other reforms, there is no chance that these countries will be able to develop democratic systems and as long as there is poverty and lack of freedom the radical Islamist elements will be able to recruit more and more of the population and gain power.”

Libya is another complete failure as the country has deteriorated into one where militias fight one another for control of cities and regions and there is still no real rule of law. Many international organizations have complained about the proliferation of weapons in the country and announcements by Islamists that they will be taking part in elections. These are just a couple of reasons for concern.

The opinion of Ben Meir was echoed by Claude Moniquet an expert in the field of regional conflicts and terrorism and the director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, in a recently published book the Arab Spring, an Unhealthy Spring: “… democracy must include respect for the rights of women, youth, labor, and the right to freedom of expression. When that is all there, you can proceed to the election process. To do the opposite - it's like to start building a house from the roof down.”

In other words, you can not just overthrow a regime and have nothing to replace it with and you can not build democracy without a foundation, this is clear in all of the Arab Spring countries and elsewhere such as Iraq.

Bahrain is another complete failure for the West, as they support and supported the regime. It was an unpleasant surprise for Washington that the uprisings spread to Bahrain. How can they claim to support Democracy and human rights and all of the other talking points and catch phrases when they are in support of a brutal regime because it supports the U.S. military complex?

Then we have Syria, which some experts say became the battleground for Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and where it appears the days of Bashar Assad are numbered. With questions as to his whereabouts, high-level defections, the continued arming of rebel groups by the West and a security apparatus that is growing more and more difficult to control, the political elite and those in power are beginning to question their own survival, and when they go, the country goes.

What awaits Syria after Assad? A fair and just society? A Western style democracy? Safety and security for the citizens? Not likely.

Will there ever be real “democracy” in the region without a basis on which it is to be built? It looks seriously doubtful.


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