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McFaul 2.0: Ukraine "Color" Revolution Architect John Tefft Sitting Fat in Russia

Published June 30, 2014 at 21:34 on the Voice of Russia


The choice by US President Barack Obama and the neo-conservative Cold War hawks running the US foreign policy establishment of John F. Tefft as the new US Ambassador to Russia should be setting off warning bells all over the Kremlin and in fact in all of the countries currently undergoing or targeted for US regime change/destabilization operations including Venezuela, Brazil, Syria and all other countries pursuing an independent foreign policy.

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With the current humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine and the rise of violent fascist forces, the fact that the chief architect of Operation Ukraine is now being sent to Russia is at once chilling and at the same time predictable.

After the spectacular failure of US Ambassador Michael McFaul to pull off a color revolution in Russia leading to his demise as the US top color revolution/destabilization specialist, the US as usual, rather than admitting it is wrong and pursuing a path of peace and promoting mutual cooperation, has decided to stubbornly snub its nose at the Kremlin and continue down a road of confrontation.

With the leadership of the US State Department prone to statements such as Victoria Nuland’s famous "F-the-EU", the body responsible for diplomacy on a continuous confrontational war footing and organizations like USAID co-opted to the CIA and involved in destabilization operations all of the world every country that has not been already "annexed" by Washington should take a very close look at who they are allowing to operate in their country.

This past April I summed up the choice as follows"John F. Tefft, a Russia hater who served as US Ambassador to Ukraine, Georgia and Lithuania and promoted the invasion of South Ossetia while in Georgia, the current crisis and the resurgence of fascist forces in Ukraine and the rabid Russophobia and demonization of Russia in Lithuania, has been chosen to be the next US Ambassador to Russia. Tefft was extremely active and involved and one might say instrumental in bringing about the aforementioned anti-Russian events. As McFaul failed to organize the destabilization of Russia and the ouster of President Putin, apparently Obama is seeking more experienced hands."

With Tefft’s history in organizing the destabilization in Ukraine and his role as a key architect of the previous color revolution(s) there, his role in assisting to whatever degree the rise of anti-Russian neo-nazis and Russophobes in other former Soviet Eastern Bloc countries and most stunningly his role in the Georgian attack and the ensuing short war in South Ossetia it would be extremely justified for President Putin, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Security Services to simply say no to the appointment.

The US is bent on destroying Russia and preventing Russia from being a competitive global power. That fact is documented, all but openly stated and is no longer a secret. Ukraine has made it more than obvious even for the staunchest Washington apologists and the idea of some "reset" or peaceful cooperation from the US side has become nothing but a fantasy. By its own confrontational policies, aggressive military expansion, unilateral sanctions and most importantly the almost completely transparent support of neo-nazis in Ukraine who are waging a war by proxy against Russia for the US and killing Russian journalists, ethnic Russians and anyone who is pro-Russian, the US has proven it is nothing but an unapologetic global aggressor bent on spreading its own hegemony by force at any cost (a fact laid out by the PNAC).

Regarding the appointment of Tefft there are two ways the scenario may play out, he may be turned down which is probably unlikely, or he may be accepted under the philosophy of "keeping my enemies as close as possible." As we saw with McFaul whose color-revolution attempts were neutralized almost from the day he arrived and whose tenure saw the expulsion of USAID, the Voice of America and the entire host of US subversive organizations, plans and individuals, Tefft will have an even harder time if he is allowed to set foot on the territory of Russia.

Given the fact that Tefft is already a known enemy of Russia unlike the smiling McFaul who played on the Trojan Horse of the reset, it would be interesting to watch if Tefft can get anything done at all, but with the stakes being the very integrity of the Russian State, there is a doubt that such a cat and mouse game is worth it. However, given the caliber of State’s "F-the-EU" employees, that risk might be overstated and Tefft is given more credit than he deserves.

Expose25A McFaul and His Agents Attempting to Destroy My Reputation "CRAZY STUFF"

Fact: While Snowden in Russia CIA McFaul is more concerned about destroying my reputation.

New Agent Alexey Kovalev

July 13, 2014 I exposed CIA COLOR REVOLUTION PLANS FOR RUSSIA! AND INSTEAD OF A MEDAL I AM CALLED NON-CREDIBLE AND MY WORK IS DELETED! WHO DOES THE RUSSIAN MEDIA REALLY WORK FOR? McFaul is a CIA Officer therefore his media supporters are in fact CIA Agents. Here is another example. This work also deleted from Sputnik. Sputnik therefore serves the CIA as well.

Another McFaul Agent in Moscow. Meet Alexey Kovalev. Promoting Bellingcat and Meduza, both CIA Information Ops. Apparently is okay for this son of a bitch traitor to publicly slander me and my reputation while promoting American propaganda and working for a CIA news outlet as he helps a CIA officer attack the only American with asylum in Russia and a pro-Russian journalist. If it were a time of war Mr. Kova would be shot! This is how open and bold the traitors to Russia are. They think if they work for the CIA that no one will touch them. Perhaps they are right. This son of a bitch is guilty of public slander and attempting to discredit my work while stating no facts or reasons why my journalistic work is not "real" the real reason is that they are racists and I am exposing their crimes and illegality.

Ukraine: A US Geopolitical Failure of Historic Proportions


April 8, 2014 07:44

The situation in Ukraine continues to develop in ways that the US architects of the coup, the CIA, neoconservatives like Victoria Nuland, Geoffrey Pyatt, Michael McFaul, Barrack Obama, George Soros and the Zbignew Brezhinsky acolytes running the US foreign policy establishment, obviously had not planned. 

Once again the United States Government through USAID, the CIA and the State Department, has spent billions of US taxpayer's dollars illegally overthrowing yet another government in the latest attempt to make hundreds of billions more for their billionaire corporate masters and expand US hegemony and once again they are on the road to failure.

The latest geopolitical adventure by the US in Ukraine is failing for the same reason they failed in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Russia, Iran and elsewhere, namely because the isolated Washington elites living in the fantasy world they apparently live in, know absolutely nothing about the people in the countries they want to takeover.

As neo conservative icon Paul Wolfowitz told US General Wesley Clark soon after 9-11 the Pentagon and NATO are in the business of destroying countries, something they have proven they can do very well since Yugoslavia 15 years ago. Yes the US has proven they can destabilize countries, invade, occupy and bomb into oblivion on the flimsiest of false pretexts and carry out regime change almost at will, but what the idiots in Washington can not do is make their changes stick, win the hearts of the people, establish real lasting hegemony or truly profit in the long term from their meddling. This is not to mention maintaining or even pretending to stand on any moral high ground or actually bringing about a regime change that produces a peaceful, productive, thriving and healthy society. Although of course causing regime change is illegal but international has never stopped the United States of "exceptional" America.

Yes you read that right, I said the Untied States of America is failing in Ukraine. The coup is not sticking and the events will soon take an unexpected turn that should once and for all convince the American populace that they should finally put their neocon geopolitical global "chess players" in padded cells before they kill any more of the world's citizens and drag further generations of American taxpayers into the poor house. I do not want to say too much because I do not want to assist the criminals in Washington, warn them off or give them any ideas, not that I seriously believe arrogant American globalists and geopolitical architects would listen to anyone else other than their own self-aggrandizing echo chambers and I almost hate to say I told you so dear reader, but the truth is I did.

Destabilization, spreading violence, lawlessness, civil war and anarchy

The continued meddling by the CIA and its agents and co-conspirators in Ukraine will only lead to further damage and bloodshed to the people of Ukraine. If this is by design then on this account the US is succeeding in a temporary way. Of course if all-out-war is what the US is really interested in in Ukraine, if they keep pushing their agenda they just may get their wish and the military industrial complex will make billions profiting off war and off the blood sweat and tears of the taxpayers and the citizens of Ukraine, but we won't go there just yet will we?

The initial destabilization, carried out with outdated color revolution tactics obviously designed in the 1990s, was to a large part successful. It did result in a change of regime. However it was probably the most ham handed amateur operation ever carried out by the CIA, State and all of their little sycophantic agents. Sure it cost billions and the US' best regime change minds were all on board, but that does not change the fact that their greedy little psuedo intellectual Russia hating geopolitical chess "masters", at the end of the day, know nothing about the people they are dealing with.

The first failure of the US in Ukraine was their choice of neo-nazis to carry out the coup in order to place their little puppets in power. What idiot in the CIA or the White House came up with that idea? Here was a country devastated by World War II, the real nazis and even worse by the nazi collaborators led by Stepan Bandera, whom the real nazi SS called too brutal, and someone in the George Soros alternative universe actually thought these animals could lead a popular uprising. Unbelievable lack of vision, to say nothing of the fact that these xenophobic, Russian-Jew-everyone-hating nazis were manipulated in order to place puppets of the Jewish persuasion in power.

Of course like the psychopathic-murderous-blood-thirsty-fanatics hiding behind the religion of Islam that the US uses all over the Middle East, the brainless-easily-manipulated Right Sector fanatics were the only filth the US could dig up to do their dirty work in Ukraine. Like Al-Nusra and the so-called "Free Syria Army", the Right Sector and Dmitro Yarosh are simply murderous butchers doing a "job" requiring a scalpel while operating with sledgehammers. But that is the American way, brute force and bashing everything in site with a sledgehammer, which is why these criminals keep robbing US taxpayers of billions and doing nothing but causing bloodshed. "People" like John McCain, who pick these violent lunatics obviously have a love for the most violent of the violent and have no concern who is getting US taxpayer dollars. Nazis, Al-Qaeda, and fanatical paramilitaries of every sort, it does not matter, as long as the job is completed.

As I said I do not want to help the US but the choice of wanted terrorist and murderer Dmitro Yarosh and his bandera nazis was a mistake, now let's look at why.

US Puppets will now liquidate the Right Sector

The illegitimate-US-puppet-president of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov, a traitor to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and whose rise to power was bought and paid for by Washington and made possible by Right Sector forces and their successful coup, has today announced that he will crack down on the very neo-nazis that put him in power. Just to note Ukraine has no provision in any Constitution for a temporary president and there is no legal basis for his being "president" the only legal president of Ukraine right now continues to be Yanukovich, but that is another story.

We know it was the Right Sector which carried out the coup. We also know the entire Verhovnaya Rada and the new "government" of Ukraine was chosen by the US and the Right Sector and its associates and in no way can any of them be called legitimate (including the US) when it comes to holding office or serving the Ukrainian people. This makes the following statement by Turchynov just another laughable part of the farce that is the US/NATO/EU power grab in Ukraine: "Some citizens tried to stage a provocation near the Verkhovna Rada, either knowingly or unknowingly, and I’m thankful to the MPs who thwarted that provocative act.” Turchynov was speaking of last week's attempted storming of the Parliament by the Right Sector nazis in protest of the junta's killing of one of their co-conspirators. The MPs in question if you recall ran out of an emergency exit in fear.

Turchynov must have the same speech writers be using the same PR firm as Barrack (I-will-sell-Europe-gas-we-don't-have) Obama, because their complete twisting of reality is so obvious and so patently self-serving as to defy all belief that they would even dare say these things.

Ignoring the fact that Arseny Yatsenuk, Vitaly Klitchko (who was egged recently when he attempted to start a still-born campaign to run for president) and himself were all placed in power by the Right Sector and that the entire current Ukrainian Government is a complete farce and was selected by the junta's mob on Maidan Square, Turchynov said the following: “There’s only way to replace parliament, and it’s to vote in an election. There is no other way that might involve forcible pressure because it would push the country into a disaster,"and what is truly amazing he said it with a straight face, proving he must have hired the same Orwellian Ministry of Truth lie trainers that train Obama "we got gas" and Kerry "we just know" .

According to television reports, Turchynov stated that he will now crack down violently on the Right Sector, proving what I have been saying from the beginning, namely: the Right Sector was just a tool and will be thrown away.

Right Sector calling for recruits

According to television reports and televised footage of neo-nazi leader Yarosh, the nazi group is calling for recruits. In his address Yarosh said the Right Sector would take anyone. Of course anyone does not mean Russians, Jews or blacks.

Fascist radical leader Yarosh running for president

Despite claiming he is unemployed and has no reportable income and therefore paid no taxes (CIA black money doesn't count of course) Yarosh the nazi terrorist came up with the $225 thousand dollars to register as a candidate for president. He is running. The first internationally wanted radical neo-nazi psychopath to run for president anywhere in the world.

FSB captures Right Sector terrorists in Russia

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) reports that it captured 4 groups of Right Sector neo-nazi terrorists in Russia. 25 Ukrainian citizens were arrested and gave detailed televised admissions that they were planning terrorist attacks and provocations all over Russia.

Right Sector indignant over not receiving Russian financial aid

The farce that the US backed Right Sector nazis and the criminals in Kiev are making of Ukraine went up to another level when the illegitimate Minister of Energy of Ukraine, Yury Prodan, selected by the junta on Maidan Square stated that Russia should pay the illegitimate junta government 15 billion dollars  in aid promised to President Yanukovich, who had to flee for his life to Russia after Prodan's Right Sector threatened to kill him.

Rights Sector selling their services

According to a Ukrainian website the Right Sector's  services are for sale and anyone who needs a rent-a-mob, no matter what the purpose can get them for cheap or in exchange for weapons.

Greystone (Blackwater/XE) and Right Sector nazis activated

Kiev has sent American mercenaries from Greystone and armed Right Sector  thugs to the east of Ukraine to deal with growing protests from the civilian population against the junta in Kiev.The Russian Foreign Ministry issued statements on the issue.  Apparently the Right Sector did not have enough forces and the CIA was forced to bring in their own people. They will be tasked with fighting a covert war of intimidation against the pro-Russian civilian population.

The fact that 300 US/CIA mercenaries are even in Ukraine is an act of war. If they begin to attack Russian civilians this will be an international war crime which will force Russia to respond. Russia will not allow its citizens to be killed by US mercenaries and nazis, and there is no doubt operations are underway to liquidate the threat.

The US cannot place military forces in Ukraine so it has done what it does best. It pays fringe elements and radicals and imports mercenaries. Russia has been extremely restrained in its protests but this is an unarguable act of war and an attempt to change the political will of the civilian population through fear and force. This is a perfect example of what terrorism is and the US has now become not only a supporter of terrorism but a state sponsor of terrorism.

The US is upset by developments in the east of Ukraine

For the hypocrites in Washington the neo-nazis killing over 85 police officers in Kiev was normal and did not cause a single statement of concern, yet pro-Russian rallies in eastern Ukraine are a problem for the US  planners of the nazi coup in Kiev.

The Independent People's Republic of Donetsk

Donetsk has declared independence from Ukraine and has called for a referendum on joining the Russian Federation.

Deputies of the Donetsk regional council on Monday proclaimed state sovereignty of the People’s Republic of Donetsk.

Donetsk has also requested Russian peacekeepers .

The People's Republic of Harkov

Activists in Harkov have declared the creation of the People's Republic of Harkov  and are also calling for a referendum on joining Russia.

Right Sector thugs were beaten  in clashes and chased out of Harkov.

Lugansk calling for Federal Republic

Lugansk is calling for a referendum making Russia an official language again, making Ukraine unaligned (again) and citizens are calling for an end to the fascist repression of the junta in Kiev and the banderavites.

Odessa calling for end to repression by junta in Kiev

Odessa is also rising up against the US stooges in Kiev.


The US planners, in their irrational anti-Russian campaign are beginning to cross very dangerous lines. They continue to meddle in an area of the world where they are not welcome and are unwanted. They continue to cause a threat to Russian security and threaten the lives and well being of Russian nationals and Ukrainian citizens. The US' continued support of the junta and the armed fascist groups in Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia, Ukrainians and all Slavic people.

The people of Ukraine (not the US puppets and the neo-nazis) do not want the EU or the US. The majority view Russians as brothers and there is no way the US/NATO/EU will ever succeed in dividing the Slavic world and occupying the mother of great Rus that is Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine beat the nazis once and there is no way that in 2014 the US and their nazis will ever win in Ukraine. So far Russia and the Ukrainian people have been patient and tolerating the incursion on their sovereignty by the planners in Washington, this is not a sign a weakness, and when patience runs out the response will be merciless and unstoppable.

Washington has already entered the bear's den and the hibernating bear is beginning to wake up, now by introducing its "secret" army into the East the fool that is Washington has raised its hand to strike the bear in the face. Will they foolishly do so or will the junta puppets now strike out at the Right Sector? Yarosh says he has "work" in the south east of Ukraine and if recent history is any indication the answer is, yes. Would you strike an angry wakening bear in the face deep inside its own den? Of course you wouldn't. Which is why the US geopolitical "chess" players need to be attired in white jackets with long sleeves that tie in the back and placed in nice white little cells with generous padding on the walls.

Every move they make in Ukraine is known, documented, watched and has been exposed. The no covert takeover of Ukraine by the CIA is no longer covert. They have been exposed and the lights are shining in all of their dark corners, yet they continue irrationally on, truly a sign of the lights being on in Washington, but nobody being home.


The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Colorado, Congo, Cuba, Detroit, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Dakota, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list and as the genocide of the indigenous peoples is the foundation of endemic “American” racism and “exceptionalism” must also be mentioned.

Time for the world to wake up and sanction the real criminals

Expose25A McFaul and His Agents Attempting to Destroy My Reputation "AMAZING STUFF"



April 8, 2014 07:44 It is amazing that the people at SPutnik then tried to say I was not popular and nobody read my material or liked it. When almost everything I wrote went viral all the time. The Internet Department had a habit of reconfiguring the site in order to erase my Facebook reposts and tweets and comments. They did that about 5 times while I was at the Voice of Russia so it is even more stunning and obvious that they now have deleted all of my work. They are working for the United States not Russia.

Orwellian US Propaganda Tool VOA Finished in Russia

April 10, 2014 The US Broadcast Board of Governors, the organization which runs the US Government's media and internet operations, recently received a letter from Dmitry Kiselyov, the head of Rossiya Segodnya, in which he stated that the Voice of America and Radio Liberty would not be allowed to broadcast in Russia any longer after their contract with Russia ran out.

The move is yet another indicator of the fact that the Russian Government, which has so far been patient as the US/NATO attempt to continue to surround it with missiles and continue to demonize everything Russian, is beginning to take serious measures to protect itself, its people and its allies.

In another example of Russia following the rule of law and honoring its agreements and contracts with all its partners and at a detriment to itself, the US Government's propaganda tool the Voice of America was allowed to continue its subversive sanctimonious self-serving propaganda disguised as democracy and freedom (as long as you are with them) broadcasting into the territory of the Russian Federation until the expiration of its contract. The grudging cooperation of the Russian Government with the main instrument of American subversion has come to an end with one simple sentence from Rossiya Segodnya's outspoken head Dmitry Kiselyov who the US recently added to its useless sanctions list because he dared to tell the truth about Ukraine.

"We are not going to cooperate anymore," said Mr. Kiselyov in a letter dated March 21, 2014 to the US Government's Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and to be honest nothing more needed to be said.

With headlines from the Orwellian alternate universe that the United States exists in like "Experts Liken Ukraine Crisis to Soviet's Afghanistan Invasion" it can be no wonder that the Russian Government and in fact any truth loving country or citizen of the world might want to ban the voice of the aging recidivist Cold War propaganda machine seeking to stay relevant by creating its own bogeymen and brainwashing the masses to promote knuckle dragging caveman policies of force and subservience.

Russia's refusal to continue to allow the US its beloved platform for incessantly attempting to subvert its government and brainwash its people is a move that must be applauded and one that any country in the world which does not want to face its own EuroMaidan when the Brzezinski brigades in Washington become concerned about their "democracy" must emulate.

It is understandable why the US and its subservient "West" continue to demonize Russia and its leader President Putin (who enjoys an over 92% approval rating something I believe no American president has ever attained) and continuously take issue with the fact that our president worked for the KGB, namely because they keep losing and for some strange reason every single attempt at subverting Russia keeps failing. You see dear reader, having a patriotic incorruptible member of the security services as a president (which is how I would describe President Putin), rather than a corrupt career politician or a "Euro" Maidan-style-bonehead-puppet like Vitali Klitschko or Arseny Yatsenyuk, is Washington's worst nightmare, other than a patriotic socialist of course.

President Putin, as a former KGB intelligence officer, understands perfectly well and perhaps better than any other leader in the world (with all due respect to Fidel Castro who the CIA tried to assassinate over 638 times and the Chinese State who even their staunchest allies know little about) the tools and methods that the United States in particular uses to subvert countries, dispose of leaders, bring about regime change and advance its own hegemony and "interests".

Presidents and leaders of the world please take note: if you value your country's sovereignty and want to advance the interests of it and your people pay attention to what President Putin has been doing and doing well. During his first terms he brought about a complete turnaround to the neocon/Brzezinski plan to divide Russia into 68 autonomous regions, he put an end to the rampant US promoted corruption (Washington's favorite type of country and official is a corrupt one), he stopped the nose-diving population numbers, he stopped the brain drain and the massive runaway escape of capital from Russia and he ended to 1990s near anarchy that was tearing Russia apart after the collapse of the Soviet Union. That was internally.

President Putin's plans for Russia are more in keeping with American Indian thought than anything the West has come up with. The Americans Indians believe we must regulate our moves and actions with the well-being of 7 generations ahead in mind, and from what I have seen (and I may be wrong here perhaps it is more), President Putin's vision is somewhere about 400 years ahead. This is why he is running circles around leaders like Obama who has sold the current and next several dozen generations down river and is ready to completely frack the entire North American continent into an uninhabitable wasteland so that he and his oil company buddies can get a quick fix. President Putin is like a chess player who is playing 250 moves ahead while the rest are struggling with 3 (not even close to the grandmaster level of 12).

Now, closer to the matter at hand lest I digress, with regard to the architects of the collapse of the single greatest power in world history, namely the US Government and all of its instruments of international subversion, who sought to colonize Russia and gain control of it and its resources, President Putin has acted equally effectively and in each and every case followed the rule of law, the Constitution of the Russian Federation and his oath of office. Something so called "constitutional scholars in chief" might make a note of in seeking to emulate conditions for attaining a 92% approval rating by their populaces.

His moves for securing Russia from the out of control imperial hegemon included the law on NGOs (which Ukraine, Egypt, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Yugoslavia and other US regime change targets should have done) and foreign agents, the expulsion of CIA front company USAID which since the 90s had infected everything from pre-natal centers (eugenics?) to the banking sector, the very professional and subtle neutralization of McFaul and his color revolution brigades of church defilers rent-a-mobs and his principled and uncompromising insistence on pursuing international relations based on mutual respect and rule of law.

Of course the American exceptional hegemon is upset by all of these moves, and they should be I suppose, given that they keep failing in their "Democracy is: a McDonald's, free resources for big oil, "open" markets and a US puppet government" drive to rule the world, but things look like they will get worse for the US corporate controlled government and its CIA/NATO "destroying countries are us" over ambitious desperately faltering geopolitical imperial architects. They keep messing with a waking bear and that bear is defending itself.

Now I do not want to help Washington in anyway, but they should take heed. They keep pushing and Russia will push back. There is now talk of changing Russia's oil and energy trade to the ruble (something I think should have been done decades ago), establishing a Russian based international credit card system (goodbye to the Visa/MasterCard global monopoly) and other projects in the works in the fields of stock exchanges, organizations like the BRICS and the Customs Union and more Eurasian integration and cooperation. Russia and the world want to do business and advance their countries and peoples; this is bad for the empire of death.

So the big loser, when the world begins trading its oil in something other than the dollar and the whole worthless paper currency house of cards comes crashing down will be the United States of America, which really produces nothing to offer the world except weapons, some clever computer stuff that they use to spy on you and death and destruction.

The US is failing, in Russia, Ukraine, Syria and worldwide. And the world is beginning to wake up to the fact that the US is a rogue superpower, trampling on international law worldwide, engaged in an attempt at global domination through force and subversion and has only its own quick-fix-interests in mind.

No matter the current alternative universe Orwellian Ministry of Truth operations of the subservient corporate controlled media, which have attempted to paint the US billion dollar regime change/resource grab/NATO expansion/destruction of a state as somehow being Russia's fault. The US will fail because there is one weapon that there is no way they can win against and at the end of the day that weapon will win. That weapon is the truth.

Another reason that the US and its regime change subversion operation failed in Russia is that Russians are too smart to fall for rent-a-mobs running in the streets screaming for regime change while offering no reasonable alternative. Russians are too smart to fall for infantile American propaganda, which is the main reason US elites and the government make sure their educational system continues to be one of the worst in the world and higher education is only available to their own kind.

Unfortunately the average American is kept dumbed-down focused on non-issues like abortion and two men engaged in grotesque relations as marriage and terrorized and perplexed by never ending laws and ever more oppression by their own security state which has enslaved them. So with that in mind it is logical and natural that the US should support the illegitimate government in Ukraine which has shut down the media, freedom of expression and is ruling by brute force and fear. Yes dear reader, if you are hearing this for the first time the US/NATO/EU funded, trained and employed violent neo-Nazi criminal thugs, killers, insurrectionists and terrorists to overthrow the democratically elected government of Ukraine so they can expand their territory and take what they want. That is the truth.

Again I have digressed from the matter at hand but the background is necessary. With all of that the Voice of America broadcasts ridiculous propaganda like the previous Ukraine/Afghanistan "Russia is to blame" comparison piece I mentioned.

On second thought it is pretty good comparison and as a journalist for the Voice of Russia I would love to hand the comparison back to the Voice of America. You might even say it is an "excellent" comparison because: as in Afghanistan where the US "created" Al-Qaeda and backed murderous Islamic lunatics to overthrow the socialist government, the US "created" the Right Sector and backed murderous Nazi lunatics to overthrow the democratic government; also Russia was asked to intervene in Afghanistan and helped the Afghan people just as Russia was asked to intervene (no invasion) in Crimea and helped the Crimean people; another similarity is that the fact that the war against the socialist government in Afghanistan was a CIA operation just as in Ukraine, for which Russia is being demonized by a concerted media effort, is also a CIA "op".

Back to the Spam of America, Dmitry Kiselyov who was added to what I call "the honorary sanctions list" said the issue with Voice of America and Radio Liberty has nothing to do with freedom of speech but is due to the fact that the US propaganda tools have nothing original to say and they sound like they broadcast from another world, or at least from a world that doesn't exist anymore.

He is absolutely right and once again the US has stepped on the same rake for the umpteenth time. They tried to influence and pressure Russia with "alternative universe propaganda" and sanctions and began trying to rewrite history to a well-informed people they know nothing about, as they always do, and they have had their lunch handed right back to them. Banning the Broadcast Board of Governors (BBG) and their fake news outlets from Russia was something that should have been done ages ago in my opinion.

The BBG should not worry though, last July they were allowed to broadcast their Ministry of Truth vitriol disguised as "democracy radio" into the United States after being previously banned. Useful tool I imagine for Obama's brainwashing of the American populace as they are being trampled upon and oppressed.

I can say what I want about the BBG and their "product" and will not, unlike the Voice of America, try to convince you I am "fair and balanced", I work for the Voice of Russia and love Russia and President Putin, so I have a certain pro Russia bias. The difference is I am not hiding that fact and you dear reader can therefore adjust appropriately. I will say that we at the Voice of Russia are not trying to change reality unlike the Voice of America, and as for myself I am always trying to inform my readers of the truth.

Perhaps it is better if I quote an American who had the Voice of America banned in America. In the 1970s James William Fulbright moved to restrict the Voice of America saying they "should be given the opportunity to take their rightful place in the graveyard of Cold War relics."

Fulbright's amendment was bolstered in 1985 by Nebraska Senator Edward Zorinsky, who argued that such "propaganda" should be kept out of America as to distinguish the U.S. "from the Soviet Union where domestic propaganda is a principal government activity."

So dear reader, I thank you if you have stayed with me this far, if the US itself banned the Voice of America from being broadcast in America and upon reinstatement was protesting, why should Russia and your country allow and assist its most recalcitrant "partner" from attempting to poison the minds of its people.

And one more little final note and then you can go back to your regularly scheduled surfing. I would like to leave you with these facts for thought: someone in collusion with the United States neocon/coup government of George Bush killed 2,999 civilians and 9-11-01 and no believable explanation has yet to be given; the US continues to maintain the illegal torture prison at Guantanamo where it is holding hundreds of innocent men in violation of every conceivable international law and convention; in the last 15 years the US/NATO illegally invaded and committed acts of aggressive war against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya (these are crimes against humanity and peace); the US/NSA/FVEY is spying on the entire planet and all governments and even allied officials; every Tuesday the president of the United States decides on a list of people to extra-judicially murder without trial or charges; the US is engaged in a war against journalists and whistleblowers; the US was completely responsible for the violent coup in Ukraine (a democratic European country) and the US/NATO are admittedly expanding worldwide and in the business of destroying countries. Do you really want such "people" who pretend to be fair, balanced, friendly and "democratic" manipulating your mind? I would think not.

Neocon CFR/CIA Plant McFaul Op-Ed: Ignorance and Rabid Russophobia

McFaul op-ed shows ignorance and rabid Russophobia


March 25, 2014 17:37

Immediately after his arrival in Moscow and before even unpacking his bags, the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, met with members of the George Soros/USAID funded "opposition" and gave his agents their marching orders. Of course sugar coating the relationship between the US and the Russian opposition with words like "democracy" and "human rights" played well to the audience in the US and the West, however it did not go over as well as McFaul had hoped for here in Russia. Despite not being a diplomat neocon Michael McFaul was chosen as the US Ambassador to Russia because he was a specialist on color revolutions and was sent to organize just such a revolution here in Moscow, unfortunately Russians were to wise to fall for it, and immediately upon leaving he made his true colors known.

Color revolution architect as ambassador   http://www.jar2.com/Files/Leaks/mcfaul_cv_0809161.pdf

Perhaps it is thanks to the fact that McFaul was not a diplomat and lacked real formal training for the job of ambassador that all of his actions in attempting to organize a color revolution in Russia were so easy to spot and so easy to expose and stop. It can also be said that like the color revolution and coup organizers in Ukraine and the geo-political architects in Washington, McFaul knew nothing about the people of Russia or what makes them tick. This is a repeated error in US regime change planning but like most errors made by the US they are repeated again and again.

Even while Obama hailed him as a Russia "expert" and he was okay by Zbignew Brezhinsky it was clear from day one that McFaul was clearly way out of his element in Moscow and while he thought his "oh gee see what a nice normal smiling guy I am" meme was an effective masquerade, his little act did little to convince anyone that he had come to Moscow to improve Russia-US relations, his actions made it clear he had come to very actively meddle. From the outset he stated he had come to educate Russians on America. Unfortunately Russians are very well aware who and what America is.

From payouts to the opposition, involvement in Bolotnaya, stories of a $460 million reward for bringing about an armed insurrection, spy scandals and attempts to manipulate and sway civil society, McFaul’s time in Moscow was marked by continuous attempts to subvert or manipulate the Russian Government and the Russian people, and endless attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of Russia’s media and its citizens.

Perhaps his only diplomatic success was convincing certain officials that the US Brezhinsky formed foreign policy establishment did in fact wish to carry out some sort of "reset" in relations. This "reset" was a ruse to convince Russia to allow for NATO to place more military elements along Russian borders, to gain Russian assistance on the illegal US war in Afghanistan and distract Russia from continued attempts to weaken and divide the country and undermine its leaders.

Like the opposition he paid and instructed he had one main job: to get rid of President Vladimir Putin and to do everything to weaken Russia and prevent it from challenging the US. Removing President Putin from power was the only goal of the Bolotnaya "Pussy Riot" opposition and this was clear to all Russians, because the opposition did not offer an alternative, they did not have a platform of their own, all of them had one agenda: get rid of Putin. Thankfully they failed.

For the most part thanks must be given to the robust and effective Russian intelligence and security services, in particular the efforts of the Federal Security Service (FSB), since all of McFaul’s plans were cut off at the pass. Through the expelling of USAID and the law on foreign agents, all of his instruments of subversion were taken away.

While he was in Russia he failed win the hearts and minds of Russians and failed to find common ground and a diplomatic position on issues such as Syria, Jackson Vannick, the Magnitsky list and even Edward Snowden. Under his watch the CIA continuously attempted to recruit members of the security services and police but even that was for the most part a complete failure, and like his academic work before his "diplomatic" work, his legacy was lackluster, one completely devoid of any accomplishments and overall a complete failure. Obviously he failed to fulfill his mission in Russia.

When McFaul arrived in Moscow he said he came to educate the Russian people on America, when he left he was sorry he could not convince anyone he had not come to organize a revolution. Such statements make it clear that Russia "expert" McFaul had little respect for the intelligence of Russians and a complete lack of understanding about Russia in general.

Yet he continues to be presented in the western media as a Russia expert when it is clear he knows almost nothing about Russia, how to deal with the Russian people and how to work with the Russian Government.

How someone who: does not speak the language, never really interfaced with the Russian people and spent his entire time in Moscow hiding in the embassy or going places where the people only spoke English, can pretend to be a Russia expert is beyond me, but just as he was so transparently trying to organize a color revolution in Russia he is now just as transparently continuing to demonize Russia and repeating lie after lie in what can only be described as propaganda for idiots.

His calls for more NATO troops on Russian borders, isolating Russia and ridding Europe of any influence or dependence on Russia are not calls from an expert on Russia or a diplomat but from any neoconservative right wing chicken hawk whack job in the US.

While the western media continues to say McFaul left Moscow of his own volition it is clear that there were many times that he was on the verge of being declared persona non grata for his abrasiveness and lack of diplomacy in dealing with the Russian Government and for his outrageous statements and behavior and there are those who say he was asked to leave at a Kremlin meeting in December. Therefore it was no surprise to see him now demonizing Russia every chance he gets in the western media no sooner had he left.

McFaul came to Russia to organize a color revolution and to destroy Russia and President Putin from within and when he was found out struck out at everyone who criticized him and his subversive tactics and polices, including attempting to discredit and have arrested members of the Russia press, media and bloggers who he demonized to no end when they did not print or report favorable stories about him and his deeds. He accused media outlets of being KGB operatives and following him around endlessly and criticized and threatened any media or its representatives that did not publish exactly what he wanted them to publish. I personally faced the wrath of McFaul for outing his color revolution plans the day after he arrived a fact I will not forget and one which you can find out about by Googleing.

Out of touch op-ed

In an op-ed for the New York Times McFaul obfuscates, lies and pretends to know the Russian soul but this could be no farther from the truth. He starts his op-ed by saying "The decision by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to annex Crimea ended the post-Cold War era in Europe." This statement is wrong on so many levels that it boggles the mind how anyone who knows anything about Russia or what happened in Crimea could possibly be expected to believe it. But then again it is designed for the American public who know nothing about what really happened.

McFaul wants you to believe it was first a decision by President Putin and then that it was in some way an annexation. First to annex means to take territory by force, this in no way happened in Crimea. Second the decision was not one made by President Putin but was one forced on the Crimean people by the destabilizations efforts of the US, the US support for neo-nazis and the US backed coup in Kiev.

While Yulia Tymoshenko and others in Ukraine are calling for what can be described as genocide against the Russian population of Ukraine and with open calls by the Right Sector and nazis to kill Russians, Crimeans held democratic referendum and voted to become part of the Russian Federation. As for Russian forces in Crimea. I will repeat again, what I have been saying for months, they have been there for decades under legal agreements.

For McFaul to say: "We did not seek this confrontation." Shows the complete and utter disregard he has for the truth and the obvious stupidity he thinks his audience possesses. We know by scores of revelations, none more damning than the conversation that was released between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, that the entire coup in Ukraine was organized and funded by the US. Nuland was even kind enough to give us the price tag, $5 billion, yet McFaul wants to play innocent and demonize President Putin and distract the world’s public to the truth. Perhaps McFaul did not seek this confrontation. Perhaps the planners in Washington actually thought they could just subvert the government in Ukraine and no one would notice or protest and they would be allowed to subjugate the population and get their hands on all the resources. Perhaps they thought their neo-nazi proxies would take all of the heat and after helping to install a puppet government which just go away. Wrong.

McFaul then says: "This new era crept up on us, because we did not fully win the Cold War" and goes on to say what that means which of course we already know. Russia was supposed to open up its markets and become another client state for the West and the US while implementing neo-liberal western policies.

He then says Russians resented the terms of the Cold War’s end, as if this is something bad. Of course Russians resented becoming just another US source for wealth and this was not allowed to stand. Which is why the West so dislikes President Putin. Unlike previous leaders who were willing to give away Russia or sell it off cheap President Putin said Nyet and for this he is demonized.

McFaul again is delusional when he tries to separate Russia and President Putin as if he knows what the people want and can somehow say they do not want President Putin who enjoys an over 86% approval rating. He also again fails to blame his own emperor in chief Obama for pushing for the coup in Ukraine and the predecessor for invading South Ossetia.

Once again McFaul proves what we all know, with his cleverly constructed argument attempting to separate beloved President Putin from the will of the Russians, he shows he has no idea or understanding whatsoever of the Russian people. In his op-ed he attempts to demonize President Putin while saying the Russian people have nothing to do with the current state of affairs.

McFaul: "A revisionist autocratic leader instigated this new confrontation. We did not. Nor did "Russia" start this new era. Mr. Putin did. It is no coincidence that he vastly weakened Russia’s democratic institutions over the last two years before invading Crimea, and has subsequently moved to close down independent media outlets during his Ukrainian land grab."

Given that the entire situation in Ukraine was a US/NATO/EU organized coup and territory/resource/military grab orchestrated by a dictatorial imperial president (Obama) blaming President Putin is ridiculous. Calling Russia’s democratic institutions weakened, McFaul is clearly referring to those that the US could no longer manipulate, for we know that for the West "democracy" means exploitable. It was these "democratic institutions that USAID, McFaul and the US’ NGO brigade attempted to subvert control and exploit.

To characterize anything that has occurred in Crimea as an invasion is clearly beyond the pale. The real act of aggression with regard to the situation in Ukraine lies with the US pulling off a violent coup in Kiev.

Again we must recall that Russia had the right, for almost 2 decades to station up to 25,000 troops in Crimea. You can not invade a country where you are already located, yet McFaul and the western media ignore this fact. As for the media outlets, it has only been the US and the Ukrainian Bandera Nazis that have closed down media outlets, forbidden foreign journalists from entering Ukraine and who have censored and published false reports regarding the real situation in Crimea. Recent coverage of Svoboda operatives beating the director of Ukrainian channel one and forcing him to resign under duress are further proof of US media manipulation.

McFaul: "Ukraine must succeed as a democracy, a market economy and a state. High on its reform list must be energy efficiency and diversification, as well as military and corruption reforms."

Again the hypocrisy of McFaul is mind numbing. They brought neo-nazis to power and speak of democracy? The CIA/NATO/US/EU have done everything possible to make Ukraine fail as a state. As for a "market economy" this obviously means easily exploitable by the West because Ukraine’s real economy depended on trade with Russia and that is what the West wants to stop. If the US and the West wanted Ukraine to prosper and grow they would have encouraged Ukraine to join the Russian led Customs Union which would have seen the country gaining $100 billion in 7 years, as opposed to a measly $1 billion from the US with IMF sovereignty ridding and enslaving conditions attached. But we know the US does no want other countries to prosper, on the contrary the US is in the business of destroying and subverting nations and this fact is documented.

With regard to energy, we know that part of the EU agreement entails giving the entire Russian gas pipeline to Exxon oil, yes %100. Diversification means not counting on Russia for gas but allowing for the import of extremely expensive American gas, hence one condition of EU association is raising gas prices to European levels, very profitable for Exxon oil but coupled with other austerity measures devastating for the Ukrainian people. Just another example of how the West intends to enslave Ukraine and its people.

As for the military reforms McFaul spoke about in his op-ed, he means allowing NATO into the country and then going through the expensive and massive "NATO" interoperability upgrades. Again requiring huge amounts of the countries GDP to be directed to the military for the obtainment of US sold hardware, training and equipment. Again profitable only for huge American corporations and devasting for the Ukrainian population. As for corruption this is laughable and anyone reading McFaul’s words should be rolling on the floor with laughter. Klitschko, Tugyabok and Yatsenyuk, are all bought and paid for and the current western installed puppet regime in Kiev is probably one of the most corrupt to have ever existed in Europe in modern times.Ukrainians were already upset about corruption and the Bandera nazis have only move corruption up to the level of outright lawlessness.

McFaul: "Also, as during the 20th century, those states firmly on our side must be assured and protected. NATO has moved quickly already, but these efforts must be sustained through greater placement of military hardware in the front-line states, more training and integration of forces, and new efforts to reduce NATO countries’ dependence on Russian energy."

While some in Russia believed the West wanted a reset rhetoric like this proves that the US/NATO has done nothing but continue expanding and viewing Russia as an enemy. Another fact lacking in McFaul’s rant is the fact the Ukraine is NOT a NATO member.

We already know that US/NATO want to surround Russia and install missile "defense" elements that are part of a first nuclear strike capability that will allow for any of Russia’s retaliatory missiles to be liquidated, but Russia has advanced past their technology and this will never work. McFaul calling for more NATO forces and troops on Russia’s borders is nothing but military brinkmanship and saber rattling from a chicken hawk too foolish to understand the subtleties of diplomacy.

In this single statement McFaul admits once and for all that Russia is still viewed as enemy number one in the US and that it is NATO that has been tasked with taking over and surrounding Russia at the expense of NATO member countries. Do NATO countries know they are merely vassals and slaves carrying out Washington’s geopolitical ambitions? Obviously if they did they might protest.

McFaul: "And, as before, the current regime must be isolated. The strategy of seeking to change Kremlin behavior through engagement, integration and rhetoric is over for now. No more membership in the Group of 8, accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or missile defense talks. Instead there must be sanctions, including against those people and entities — propagandists, state-owned enterprises, Kremlin-tied bankers — that act as instruments of Mr. Putin’s coercive power. Conversely, individuals and companies not connected to the government must be supported, including those seeking to take assets out of Russia or emigrate."

Oh how they love to use the word regime to demonize. If we want to talk about regimes that must be isolated let’s talk about the Obama regime, a regime guilty for more death and destruction than any other in modern history including the current destabilization in Ukraine.

Why must Russia be isolated? Because the US says so? Because it is not a client state? Because it is amassing wealth and geopolitical clout while calling for the rule of law, respect for sovereignty and an end to lawlessness? Because it is providing Europe with goods and services decreasing the US hold on Europe?

Changing Kremlin behavior? Coming from a regime guilty of more international crimes than any since Hitler the hypocrisy is stunning.

As for sanctions against "propagandists" (that means me and I ask once again include me on your sanctions list) and the like and exclusion from the G-8, etc.. This is truly laughable. Europe needs Russia, the G-8 countries need Russia. It was the only country in the group with a positive overall economic dynamic. And as we have seen Russian officials openly laugh at the US sanctions list and call it an attempt at political blackmail. When enough Russian officials feel the need to visit Disneyland or the like, I am sure Russia will build its own.

Calling everything an instrument of President Putin’s power is also ludicrous and finally calling for those who want to take the wealth out of the country to be supported is so ridiculously self-serving as to also be laughable. Has Russia ever called for those wishing to steal from the US and bring the money overseas to be supported? No. Unbelieveable.

McFaul: "One obvious difference is that the Internet did not exist during the last standoff. Recent Kremlin moves to cut off citizens from independent information are disturbing, but the communications revolution ensures that Russians today will not be as isolated as their grandparents."

Against the hypocrisy is breathtaking. Russia has more independent media than any other country in the world and has not attempted to censor it. Nor has it attempted to control or censor the internet unlike the US and the West. One thing McFaul forgot is that the Internet has also allowed for common Russians to understand the truly nefarious and black nature of US foreign policy and NATO expansion.

McFaul: "Greater exposure to the world gives Russians a comparative analysis to judge their situation at home."

It is a shame Americans do not have the same exposure.

McFaul: "But there are two important differences that weaken our hand. First, the United States does not have the same moral authority as it did in the last century. As ambassador, I found it difficult to defend our commitment to sovereignty and international law when asked by Russians, "What about Iraq?" Some current practices of American democracy also do not inspire observers abroad. To win this new conflict, we must restore the United States as a model."

Commitment to sovereignty and international law? Did he really say that? Yes he did. Sovereignty like in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Serbia, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

As for some current practices, there is the overthrowing of governments and the destabilizing of countries such as Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Egypt and others. The continuing operation of an illegal extra-territorial torture prison and the almost daily extra-judicial executions by the imperial killer in chief in Obama, the only leader in the world who kills anyone anywhere in the world at will. There is also the massive global spying, the police surveillance security state, the ongoing practice of aggressive war, institutionalized racism, police brutality, the war on journalists and whistleblowers and the list goes on.

The United States will never be a model again. The support of neo-nazis in Ukraine and the overthrowing of a democratically elected European Government guarantee that. Finally the insane US drive to force the world to accept two men committing sodomy as a marriage, serves as the final nail on the coffin of US moral superiority. Americans need to understand one fact. They are exceptional and "chosen" only in their own minds.

The US’ Ukrainian puppets call for genocide

Further underlining the nature of, and who in fact are, the criminals that the US and McFaul support another conversation was leaked on the internet. As with Nuland/Pyatt and the choosing of puppets and Ashton/Paet regarding the Madian snipers being hired by the western backed nazis, a new conversation between former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the former Deputy Secretary of National Security and Defense Nestor Shufrych during which it was said that Ukrainians must take up arms against Russians so that not even scorched earth will be left where Russia stands and that the 8 million Russians in Ukraine must be killed, has caused quite a stir.

Of course calls for genocide against Russians is not being squawked about in the West. Like the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Russians are views as (according to Yulia Tymoshenko) superfluous and a pest that has to be eradicated. Dear world, please wake up. It will only take one little trade agreement, or one non-US-sanctioned choice by your leaders, and your country may be next. As for McFaul, he should keep his day job and stay out of geopolitics and regime change operations, we can see where that has gotten the US so far. Zilch. And several tens of billions of dollars just thrown away. 

Expose25A McFaul "Leaves" Russia on February 26th, 2014

Expose25A Greenberg/Snowden Arrives in Moscow June 23, 2013 - August 1, 2013 in Airport


Expose25A McFaul Goes Quiet and Basically is Silent Until He Leaves for Entire 2013

Expose25A Michael McFaul Constantly Popping Up and Countering Whatever I Say




December 16, 2012

I have my own column on the Voice of Russia, which you can find here: http://english.ruvr.ru/by_author/62493347/  and which the spooks at the embassy follow, I don't care but every now and again McFaul pops up on the Voice of Russia to make statements counter to things I write. Like today http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_12_17/Magnitsky-law-not-anti-Russian-Ambassador-McFaul/  he comes up claiming the Magnitsky act is not Anti-Russian (after I wrote the article below), the whole world is clear on the fact that it is but McFaul, living in his detached reality thinks he can pop and change reality for the rest of the world. Not going to happen.

The S.O.B. tried to have me thrown in prison here. I am not going to forget that.


My conflict with McFaul started right after he arrived, if you can called a one sided-harassment a conflict. He arrived in Moscow met with "opposition" and made pay-outs according to media reports, this was all before he unpacked his bags. I wrote that his days in Moscow would be numbered if he continued behaving in such a provocative manner. The next day the police came to my flat and said the US Embassy had filed a diplomatic complaint that I had threatened the son of a bitch. They said the US Embassy has not provided evidence but they claimed I made a physical threat against McFaul. Since I have never seen the worm in person that would be impossible. Now the US can throw me in prison for life for threatening a US Official. Bullshit America and bullshit fascists.

Later I was called in again after the embassy filed another formal complaint (an official diplomatic complaint) saying I continued to harass the asshole because I posted on his Facebook page that he was a coward. Well he is. He thinks because he has diplomatic immunity he can do whatever he wants including making false statements to Russian officials and persecuting someone who already has political asylum. I am not going to be scared here and be censored by the corrupt spy boy.

The US Embassy told me to close this site and left me and my family stateless in an attempt to get me to shut up. I will not be shut up.

I denounce the United States of America and the US Government and renounce any ties I may have with such, including citizenship or any future claims to such. It is an illegitimate "power" that is occupying my homeland and which is responsible for the genocide of my people. This declaration is directed at the current US Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, who has repeatedly attempted to have me arrested by making false claims that I was "threatening him", for writing articles like the one below; I denounce him and his mission to subvert the government of the Russian Federation. This is an official public renunciation of citizenship in the United States of America, to go along with previous renunciations before US officials. (This renunciation comes after the US already stripped me of any rights I had a citizen in said country on May 7th 2007 when they stripped me of my citizenship and left me and my family stateless.) John Anthony Robles II

Answer to Magnitsky Act: “War on Terror List”

November 20, 2012, 

While the US continues to demonize the Russian Federation, this time with a draconian bill called the Magnitsky Act, a list compiled of people they claim were responsible for the tragic death of Sergei Magnitsky, official Moscow has stated that they will not let the provocative attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Russia go unanswered. Many see this as a thinly veiled attempt to continue anti-Russian discrimination that was supposed to be gotten rid of with the abolition of the Jackson Vanik Amendment. I propose the following list as a good place to start in formulating a proper answer. Most of the people on my list are in one way or another responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

The US has decided to attempt to punish the Russian Federation and again obtain some sort of political and propaganda victory over Russia by enacting the Magnitsky Bill.

We know the US cares nothing about human rights or rule of law. They only do so for their own interests. So I have compiled a list of people I think should be sanctioned for crimes that have gone unpunished but that have caused untold death and suffering.

I propose the following list, as a start, in response to the “Magnitsky List”. Let’s call it the “War on Terror List”. Remember this is only a start. This list details people guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, crimes much more serious than not improperly diagnosing a patient leading to death. As a member of humanity I think they should be prosecuted.

Thank you to CodePink for helping with this.

Barrack Hussein Obama US President makes the list for continuing Bush’s war crimes and for his extra-judicial drone executions and his daily kill list. Other people on the list could include the following.

For war crimes and crimes against humanity:

George Walker Bush former president, Richard Cheney former US VP, John D. Ashcroft former US Attorney General, Colin Powell former US Secretary of State, Tommy Franks former US Army General, Donald Rumsfeld former US Secretary of Defense, Doug Feith former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Stanley McChrystal former ISAF Commander, Erik Prince former CEO/Chairman of Prince Group/Blackwater Worldwide, Condoleeza Rice former US National Security Adviser and Secretary of State, George Tenet former Director of Central Intelligence, John Negroponte former US Deputy Secretary of State/Ambassador to UN, John Bolton former US Ambassador to the UN, Paul Wolfowitz former President of World Bank and Michael Chertoff former Secretary of Homeland Security, Stephen Hadley former US National Security Advisor.

For formulating, carrying out and otherwise taking part in or enabling illegal torture programs, as well as crimes against humanity:

Col. Louie Banks, chief of the Psychological Applications Directorate at the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command, Dr. James Mitchell torture architect, Dr. John Jessen from Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape program (SERE), Jonathan Fredman CIA Lawyer, Judge Jay Bybee US Federal Judge, Timothy Flanigan former deputy to Alberto Gonzales, Elliot Abrams former Assistant Sec of State for Human Rights, William J. Haynes former General Counsel of US Department of Defense, Kyle D. "Dusty" Foggos former US Intelligence Officer, Lynndie England and all the staff at Abu Ghraib including the command structure, Paul Burney torture program architect, John Leso torture program designer and Robert Delahunty - war crimes and crimes against humanity.

For profiteering and promoting aggressive wars and war crimes:

Rex Tillerson CEO/Chairman, Exxon Mobil Corporation, David Lesar CEO/Chairman, Halliburton Company, David O’Reilly CEO/Chairman, Chevron Corporation, Robert J. Stevens Lockheed Martin CEO, Nicholas E. Calio former Citigroup Executive Vice President, Paul Bremer former Director of Reconstruction/Humanitarian Assistance,

For seeking and formulating ways to circumvent international laws conventions and standards with regards to aggressive wars, the Geneva Conventions, torture, assassinations, indefinite detention and other crimes:

I. Lewis Libby former Assistant to GW Bush and Chief of Staff to Cheney, John Bellinger former Legal Adviser to US Secretary of State, Steven Bradbury former head of Office of Legal Council, Andrew Card former White House Chief of Staff, David Addington former legal counsel and chief of staff to Dick Cheney, Mary Matalin former assistant to GW Bush and counselor to Cheney, John Rizzo former General Counsel for CIA, Jonathan Fredman CIA lawyer, Michael Mukasey former US Attorney General, Joe Lieberman Senator from Connecticut, John Yoo Office of Legal Counsel - war crimes and crimes against humanity (OLC).

Special mention to Karl Rove former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and one of the architects of the War on Terror, guilty of all of the above as well as treason to the US for “outing” a CIA agent.

Eric Holder Former Attorney General for whitewashing for Bush and ensuring no one would ever be held accountable.

Many of these people are internationally wanted and may not travel outside of the US for “their own safety” but many carry on as if nothing has happened and have been responsible for, what could be in the final count, millions of deaths, acts of aggressive war, torture, illegal detention, kidnapping across international lines, war profiteering, and countless violations of the Geneva Conventions and international as well as US law.

The following are officials and people who have been involved in the execution of innocent people when there was a preponderance of evidence pointing to innocence and who allowed innocent people to be executed. Why not? We could do an unjust execution list.

Corpus Christi Texas Judge Jack Blackmon, prosecutors involved in the case and all detectives who knew Carlos DeLuna was innocent yet did nothing to stop his execution, Antonin Gregory Scalia an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States for his rulings on death penalty issues.

Cameron Todd Willingham was also an innocent man executed in George Bush’s state of Texas by the justice system Justice Scalia insists works properly, in this case we could also add everyone involved in sending an innocent man to death such as Douglas Fogg and Manuel Vasquez incompetent investigators whose claims sent Cameron to die. James P. Grigson (Dr. Death), a forensic psychiatrist who helped send many people to the electric chair in Texas, including Willingham. Governor Rick Perry (250 executions) who ignored evidence of innocence, prosecutor John Jackson, Judge Charlie Baird and the presiding judge in the case .

Other innocent people executed for whom lists could be made include, Johnny Frank Garret, Wayne Felker (Georgia), Ruben Cantu (Texas), Larry Griffin (Missouri), Joseph O'Dell (Virginia), David Spence (Texas), Gary Graham (Texas), Claude Jones (Texas), Troy Davis (Georgia), Jesse Tafero (Florida), Lionel Herrera (Texas, evidenced to clear him dismissed by court before execution), Timothy Cole (Texas) innocent man who died in prison and the list goes on and on.

A list might also be compiled of everyone involved in the Victor Bout case, an innocent Russian man who was kidnapped, taken to the US and sentenced for crimes he had never committed.

Why not a list regarding everyone involved in persecuting Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Jeremy Hammond, the NATO 5 or Constantin Yaroshenko? Most people outside the US, and with very good reason, believe they are innocent too.

So you see it is completely ludicrous, pompous, sanctimonious, hypocritical, and self-righteous for the US to come up with something like the Magnitsky List and Act. They have one case they harp on and on about, while refusing to look at themselves in the mirror.

If Russia begins making lists in response, the names on them will not number approximately 60, but will climb into the hundreds of thousands. On a daily basis people are dying all over the US and the world due to the illegal actions of corrupt US officials, a corrupt racist system and an arbitrary, corrupt, racist and archaic judiciary.

Self-righteous indignation, vilification of Russia and any country the US does not like, pompous rhetoric, hollow grandstanding, aggressive threats and the perpetual need to kill and control are things that may impress the voters back home, but in reality the world has had enough of the most criminal, racist country in the world attempting to dictate to it how to behave, especially when their own home is in such an obviously pathetic and disgraceful state, beneath the contempt of even a mere list, or lists, as the case may be.

The Magnitsky Act is an attempt at manipulating the inner workings of a sovereign nation. It is ridiculous to believe that a country with the most abysmal human rights record in the world, a country that commits extra-judicial executions and crimes against humanity whenever it pleases, a country that tortures and murders at will with the most cowardly and despicable weapon (drones), a country which is so criminally negligent and morally bankrupt that it rewards and protects killers and thugs and torturers and scoffs at any criticism, actually cares about a poor Russian lawyer who died of complications in custody.

Every day in the US miscarriages of justice and crimes by officials occur on a scale far outweighing anything that may have occurred to poor Mr. Magnitsky so the US is no position whatsoever to dictate to anyone how to conduct their own affairs.

Let them prosecute even one person on the above list, for committing crimes that cost millions of people unspeakable pain and misery or their very lives because until they do they have no right to even speak the words “human-rights” or "rule-of-law".

The official version of the events of 9-11 were a lie which the US government hides and every war crime and crime against humanity that has happened since then has completely stripped the US of any right to dictate anything to anyone. It is a criminal regime where criminals protect and cover for each other, a criminal regime which is completely delusional in its idea of its own splendor and righteousness and which is rotten through to the very core with black cancerous evil.

The US government and the demons running it make a mockery of the motto on their very currency (In God We Trust), not only the high-crimes do so but the aggressive wars, the bloodshed and terror they spread throughout the world and the fact that any country that institutionalizes and promotes sex between men as a sign of moral superiority while at the same time attempting to control women's bodies and ignoring: institutionalized racism, police brutality, economic inequality, lack of healthcare, the problem of homelessness, an education system that is only accesible to the elites, rampant gun violence, an inordinate number of the population in prison, a government controlled by corporations, an archaic an undemocratic election system, unification of church and state, the continued reliance on fossil fuels and the ensuing destruction of the planet and crimes against children has long ago lost sight of any god, unless God for them, is the Devil.

"I am angry at Russian media" says Michael McFaul (By John Bowers)


November 13, 2012,

The US Ambassador to the Russian Federation Michael McFaul, whose days in Moscow are rumored to be numbered after a meeting in the Kremlin, has been making some very loud statements in the Russian media in the last 24 hours, namely that he is “angry” at Russian media for reporting on his support of the Russian “opposition” and repeating that the US will act without the UN Security Council.

Regarding a scandal that broke out within hours of his arrival in the Russian Federation when he met and reportedly paid leaders, organizers and members of the Russian opposition, he has stated that he is “angry with Russian mass media reports on U.S. sponsoring opposition in Russia. Which is a very bold and revealing statement in itself but carries further cause for concern due to the fact that this has never been denied nor even taken up.

This one statement is very troubling for many reasons. For one it is unheard of for a foreign diplomat to criticize the press in the country where he or she is stationed. Especially when that media is carrying out the true function of the fourth estate and reporting on nefarious activities and the illegality of the actions of officials, and in this case actions that until that point were unheard of anywhere in the world being carried out so openly and brazenly.

The reports by the media at that time had McFaul paying off, giving orders to and synchronizing with the Russian “Opposition”, in fact making them US funded and backed opposition. This was almost completely transparent attempt at staging and organizing the overthrowing of the government of President Putin which included an offer of $40 million to organize a military revolt in the country according to reports in Russian media.

These facts must not be forgotten and the bravery of the journalists and Russian media outlets who had the courage to report on these events must be applauded and remembered. Their efforts helped to stop such events from happening which would have sunk the country in chaos. So of course the US was not happy, in the same way those pushing for were not happy about that the US was stopped from invading Syria.

Yes McFaul is angry, he was sent to Moscow to organize a color revolution, that is his true specialty and that was his mission, and the Russian media got in his way. Yes he is still angry and was angry then, and many journalists have no doubt felt the backlash, such as I did when McFaul attempted to say I physically threatened him and have me thrown into a Russian prison because I was very vocal about these attempts to subvert Russia. Due to the backlash that his own actions caused the owner of this wrote that “his days were numbered in Moscow if he continued to behave in such a manner” and as the US loves to do they took the words out of context and used the ones that suited their purpose and filed a formal diplomatic complaint saying the owner of this site John Robles “physically threatened” McFaul by saying “His days are numbered.”

This personal attack on Mr. Robles was an unheard of event and the accusations that Mr. Robles threatened McFaul were false and stated without a shred of evidence. The US Government long ago labeled Mr. Robles an enemy of the state for his outspoken criticism and publication of material showing US Government illegality, much of which is still on this site, and went so far as to revoke his citizenship and leave him stateless in Russia in an effort to shut down this site and to stop Mr. Robles from speaking out.

The egregious treatment of Mr. Robles by the US Government and such officials as McFaul who made an overt attempt to have Mr. Robles sent back to the United States or imprisoned by saying there was some false physical threat warrant an outcry but the media and human rights groups have been silent. Nancy Pelosi told Mr. Robles, an American Indian, that he “… did not deserve US citizenship because he had chosen to become a part of Russian society”, something unheard of.

The fact that a US Ambassador would criticize the freedom of the press of a host country, as far as I know is unheard of, and goes to show how far the US has gone down the road of believing that they can manipulate and control the institutions of civil society, the governments and the media of every country around the world.

Of course McFaul is “angry” his plans were stopped thanks to the media and the Russian people need to be grateful to their media for remaining independent and not under the influence of America. This is a fact that many Americans know who come to the Voice of Russia and other Russian media outlets to seek the truth.

As a Russian journalist, and one who has been attacked personally by McFaul, I feel his comments to be personally offensive and an attack on myself and all of my colleagues who strive to publish the truth and be free from censorship and from outside influence. I also find it particularly offensive that McFaul, while openly admitting that he is here only to serve the interests of the US, something he said at a public gathering last night, would then at the same time criticize and attempt to control and influence the media by saying he is “angry”. Surely a veiled warning or threat to the media that they had better not speak out or dare to publish anything negative about him.

McFaul also brought to the forefront once again the concept of “American Exceptionalism” and the way that the US has been ignoring international law by saying: “It is a long standing American position when the vital international interests are at stake we would be prepared to act without Security Council blessing and the President said that exactly right.”

For a diplomat to admit that their country is prepared to act without the approval of the United Nations Security Council would be a cause for international scandal if it was said by any other country in the world other than the United States, but then again the United States continues to see itself above the law and continues to see itself as the sole dictator of what is right and what is wrong and even what the press in foreign countries can and can not print.

McFaul also said Obama did not want to bomb Syria during his light banter session, which is also an affront to me personally and to all of my colleagues in the media (in Russia and around the world) and every expert and government official in Russia (including President Putin) and internationally who tried to and finally convinced Obama, the international community and even the American people not to invade Syria. Even for those with very short memories it is still very clear the weeks the world was living in suspense whether the US would unilaterally invade yet another sovereign nation. Obama stated he was prepared to go to war again unilaterally without the UN Security Council but it was the lack of support for his calls for war, not his own lack of desire that stopped him from invading Syria.

Those are the facts and that is the historical record and no one should be allowed to engage in historical revisionism without be called out on it.

US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul attempted to have me thrown in prison

for my views - Michael McFaul: Seditionist? Originally on the VOR but they pulled it


May 26, 2012,

The latest escapade of US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, the “Ambassador Provocateur”, as some are calling him, seem to be that of an individual desperately trying to stay relevant and still seemingly unable to believe that there are in fact many countries, people and forces all over the world that do not love the United States of America and that can form opinions, choose governments and alliances without first getting the go-ahead from Washington.

On Friday, May 25th, in his arrogant, in-your-face, provocative style of “diplomacy” something that any true diplomat would say his arsenal is in reality lacking, McFaul addressed students at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and said, " I will not be diplomatic. Your country bribed Kyrgyzstan so they would throw the Americans out of Manas."

During his speech he also made a statement that, had it been made by any other diplomatic official from any other country, would have him or her packing their bags and heading home on the next flight out. McFaul admitted, openly and in a public forum that the U.S. Government had attempted to bribe the leadership of Kyrgyzstan but did not offer the specific names of the officials who the U.S. attempted to bribe. Apparently it is okay for a U.S. official to admit that the U.S. Government corrupts officials of other countries and uses bribery as one of its instruments overseas. Even if this was a well known fact, perhaps someone should tell McFaul it is not acceptable nor is it legal. Even for the U.S.

During the speech he also did not offer any proof or evidence to back up his claim against the Russian Federation or the Russian Government but his statements have once again made headlines and he has the media attention he so desperately seems to be craving. As with his meetings with the opposition and many of his previous statements, it seems the “ambassador” is desperately trying to tarnish the image of the credibility of the government of the Russian Federation; one of the precepts and key actions needed to bring about a “color” revolution. Color Revolutions are something the “ambassador” is an expert in and one reason he was chosen to be posted in Russia, this is also a very important fact no one should forget.

According to the U.S. ambassador, the negotiations were going on with the former president of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev and he was the official that the U.S. had attempted to bribe. Due to the fact that he refused American advances a color revolution was arranged and Bakiev was ousted in April 2010. Sadly for McFaul, as he seems to be so concerned with the issue, the problem of Kyrgyzstan hosting a U.S. military base was still not solved and the military base at Manas Airport was changed into a Transit Center.

In February of this year, unfortunately for the U.S., President Atambaeva of Kyrgyzstan was also not able to be swayed and has officially stated that from June 2014 no U.S. soldiers would be stationed at Manas Airport.

Capitalizing on the international sympathy and openness that existed after the events of September 11, 2001 in New York, the U.S. Air Force Transfer Center at Bishkek’s Manas International Airport was established in December 2001as part of Operation "Enduring Freedom” in Afghanistan. According to official figures more than 1,500 American military and civilian personnel are deployed at Manas.

The current agreement will be in effect until the fall of 2014 at which time, as Kyrgyz President Atambaev has repeatedly underlined, the base will be closed.

In a related story, in March, the U.S. ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Pamela Spratlen was forced to promise that the transit center would also not be involved in any possible U.S. military operation against Iran.

In case the ambassador does not know, Kyrgyzstan has long been a strategic partner to Russia and Russia also uses a number of military bases in Kyrgyzstan. It is more realistic to believe that it is in the interests of mutual security and diplomacy that the base at Manas is being closed, and not because of a bribe. Maybe the American should finally realize that not everyone can be bought or intimidated. The Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan even have an agreement on the presence of military aircraft in Kyrgyzstan for 49 years.

While the Ambassador is so openly admitting to the attempted bribing by the U.S. Government of the president of a sovereign nation, perhaps he can fill us in on the exact nature and amounts of the payments that the Russian “Opposition” received from the U.S. Embassy during their “secret, closed-door-meetings” before Russia’s last presidential elections in which he met with such people as deputies from the Just Russia Party Oksana Dmitrieva and Ilya Ponomarev, Vladimir Ryzhkov and Boris Nemtsov from the unregistered party PARNAS, and the Chairman of the Yabloko Party Sergei Mitrokhin.

If McFaul is really so worried about bribes and influence peddling perhaps he can give a talk on the U.S. buying of regimes worldwide and the arranging of color revolutions when they are not buyable and on the million other ways the U.S. influences and destroys the sovereignty of the world’s nations and peoples.

Maybe while he is being so open and honest he can tell us about how the US deals with people and organizations that it deems are working against the interests of the US, such as reporters, activists and protestors?

A key precept and condition for laying the foundation for a color revolution in any country, and McFaul knows this better than any of us, is placing ideas of doubt and/or the questionability of the legitimacy of the ruling government into the minds of the population. Once those seeds are planted they need to be nurtured and spread.

In my opinion, looking at his track record and everything that he has done so far, that is exactly what McFaul has been doing since he has been in Russia; planting seeds of doubt and attempting to sow instability, in other words “sedition”.

Have a nice day, wherever you may be.

Information from ITAR-TASS, RIA-Novosti, VOR, Regnum, and RBC used in this piece

The Opposition



For the VOR http://english.ruvr.ru/2012_05_14/74677707/  

May 14, 2012,

Many countries all over the world have serious social and political problems that lead to popular unrest, demonstrations, instability, and in the extreme, to revolutions and the over-throwing of governments.

One of those countries, and in fact one of the worst transgressors when it comes to social justice, human rights and personal freedoms is the United States of America, with its dozens of simmering internal conflicts, reasons for massive discontent and massive underlying culture of oppression.

The list is long and it is a daunting task to choose where to begin, but almost any of the issues I would like to mention are enough and would be enough to cause massive strife, if not for the fact that the United States of America is a police state.

Let us start with that then if you will, for it is this fear of the government that will in the end lead to its downfall. The US has for too long tried and for the most part succeeded in ruling with an iron fist, this can be testified to by the percentage of the US population in the prison system or incarcerated at the local level. Imprisonment and the taking away of freedom is one of the favored tools of the American government. This has almost reached a level that can be called out of control since September 11, 2001.

Another fact that must be looked at when making such an assessment is something that no one is allowed to speak about, neither within the format of an internal political or social debate nor when making international assessments, it is taboo, and for the most part fear of point one, and the state control of the media keeps the debate in check. What I am talking about is the institutionalized racism that exists in the US. As members of the white race group love to say, and you better agree because it is a white man’s world, racism does not exist. If a black or other non-white member of society makes such an accusation or dares to speak out, it is usually white judges or white members of the system that come to the finding that racism does not in fact exist, and thus the system keeps the white members of society in power, in all of the top level jobs and in control of the government.

This is a subject that deserves much more debate and careful analysis than I can give it here, but when cases like Trayvon Martin bring the debate to the forefront and comparisons are made where the state of racism in America is said to be at 1950 levels, it is clear this is a still a disease that Americans have yet to deal with openly honestly and with a mind to end it. Of course those who benefit will do anything to make sure this never happens, even the Ku Klux Klan is satisfied with current level of affairs anhd maintains their official stance that when the status quo is under threat they will begin their hangings again.

Other societal problems include Indian rights, immigrant rights, religious persecution, an educational system that is inaccessible to most of the population, the lack of decent well paying jobs, unfair housing practices, unfair lending and banking rules, police brutality, lack of privacy, lack of real freedom of movement, an unforgiving legal system, no real retirement or social net for the elderly, a nationwide housing problem, homelessness, lack of accessible and affordable medical care, incredibly high taxes and no redress, endless wars against abstract enemies and the list goes on and on, including indefinite detention without trial and even death at the hands of the state if you are deemed an enemy.

All of the aforementioned are real and existing problems that have affected American society for decades but only now that they are beginning to affect large sections of the white population are they being talked about, thanks to the Occupy Movement. So why am I talking about all of this in a piece about the Russian opposition? Well, because all of these are real reasons for protests and rallies and demonstrations and because Russia has almost none of these problems.

So what is the Russian opposition about? Depending on who you talk to there are many reasons. However no one agrees on anything except that Putin is bad. Why? Just because. They can not offer anything concrete or factual but the accusations are as many as their fantasies allow.

What could they be protesting? Artificially high real estate prices would be at the top of my list, but the opposition will not talk about that because most of the “opposition” are people with their own flats who are able to rent out their flats at incredibly unrealistically high prices and get good credit to buy their expensive cars due to artificially high real estate values. This also keeps young people at home and prevents them from buying a flat and even renting one. That is something else that people could protest. By the way President Putin is already looking at these issues. They could be protesting healthcare which is attempting to follow the US model and become super expensive, without the same level of service, something else Mr. Putin has looked at.

What else? Jobs? Corruption? Pensions? President Putin has done more to create jobs, fight corruption, and increase pensions than any other figure in Russian politics. So then what?

Maybe there are a few people sucked into opposition rallies who have real beefs, but there are legal ways and means in place in Russia for people who really want to make a difference and the organizers and funders of these events are not interested in such lowly people and their causes. You don’t see exploited workers at these rallies, or people from other cities, or non-Russians, or pensioners, or any of the others who might really have something to complain about. Why because they trust and voted for Putin and they love Putin.

Who do we see at these rallies? Mainly dissatisfied Muscovites, with their own flat(s) who they rent out and don’t pay taxes on, who drive expensive foreign cars, and were empowered by President Putin’s as well as President Medvedev’s policies on business, property ownership, taxation and freedom of speech. Most of these people are followers of Yavlinsky and his Yabloko Party, long funded by the West, and other Western leaning or Western funded “democratic” groups.

What do they want? Exactly what those at the US Embassy want who are funding their activities (according to Russian media) just get rid of the democratically elected and very popular president Vladimir Putin and make Russia look as bad as possible.

What has the opposition done to get what they want? Do they challenge the leadership to debates, or introduce alternative plans, or candidates that are trusted and believed and loved by the people? No! Do they engage in constructive debate or fund and promote peaceful change? Do they formulate workable plans to improve the situation in an area that might be improved? Do they advocate even one position that the people agree on? No? If they do please tell me because I have missed it.

So in reality, please, what have they done? Tied up traffic? Throw rocks at and spit on the police? Exaggerate and promote anything that can cause unrest, civil disorder and problems for the authorities. Nothing positive. Yet we are almost not allowed to speak about them, or it must be done with a disclaimer, lest we be accused by the ever present West of being undemocratic or stifling dissent, by the West, what a joke, the very masters at stifling dissent and shutting up the opposition.

In reality people are afraid to talk back at the opposition, lest they not be given their Shengen or American visas or appear on some US Embassy black list as I have. So I renounced the US. Maybe they are right to be scared. I mean isn’t that what the US is expert at in controlling the masses? First their own American masses and now the world’s masses? Yes sirree Bob, if you bad mouth the US you may be the target of a drone strike. And lo and behold if you dare to go up against the US interference into the affairs of a sovereign nations, you will end up in the worst of places my friend. They will get you. Doesn’t matter if you are not even a US citizen like Victor Bout, they will come and get you wherever you are.

I think it is time for the “opposition” to wake up but can they? They are so tied into believing a dream propagated by the West, a dream that is not and never will be for them. They have been manipulated by Western mass media into believing the lies and the propaganda of the West to a degree that they are blind to the very facts right in front of them. Or they have been threatened and made afraid to speak their minds or stand up to the West in fear of facing economic, business or other retribution or being denied some privilege like a multi-entry visa.

So, please opposition, you have been given so much attention and media coverage and have failed to put a message across. Be constructive and organize and work within the democratic legal framework of the Russian constitution if you really have something to say other than parroting the orders of your western masters.

Have a nice day!

Expose25A JANUARY 2012 Post


January, 2012,

John has not been attacked by a certain ambassador lately which is cool. But that certain ambassador, who we are not allowed to name as he will call the police and say we are physically threatening him, continues to fund and promote provocations against the Russian Government. Since this is John's page we can say what we want about the opposition and frankly they are nothing but sell outs. Most of the Russian "opposition" go to rallies in their expensive cars, have no real idea what they are protesting other than Putin, have no alternative to offer and will do whatever the West tells them to. Frankly they should all be grateful and cheering President Putin, for he made it possible for them to live well, and be able to protest. The Russian "opposition" is not poor people, foreigners, minorities, workers, the elderly, students, or people who might be truly oppressed, the Russian "opposition" is rich people, people with their own homes and flats , people with too much time on their hands, people being paid by the ambassador whose name we can't say, and people whose political leaders or parties have failed, and they are disgruntled. Their only goal is to cause problems for President Putin, the general public, and the authorities. .... ADMIN

Expose25A McFaul Attacked Me So I Wrote Him an E-Mail


January 28, 2012, John Robles sent McFaul this e-mail message:

The "feud" between US "Color Revolution Specialist" Michael McFaul (CIA official cover) and myself began with the e-mail below, and one has to understand the context. This was after his arrival and his meeting and payouts to Russian "opposition" figures who were engaged in an attempt to railroad the Russian Presidential Elections. There were hundreds of media reports and witness statements of McFaul arriving and, before even unpacking his suitcases, meeting with opposition figures and giving instructions and payouts. This was direct and open interference into the internal affairs of the Russian Federation and thankfully he was stopped. I am a journalist with the Voice of Russia and the first American to have been granted political asylum in Russia after the United States revoked my passport, told me to close this site and I was told by Nancy Pelosi "You do not deserve US citizenship because you chose to become a part of Russian society."

Нэнси Пелоси: «Вы не заслуживаете гражданства США, потому что решили стать частью российского общества».

Нэнси Пелоси: «Если вы откажетесь от своих детей в качестве залога, мы, возможно, подумаем о помощи вам».

Dear McFaul, Maybe you, unlike your right wing predecessor, will compensate me and my family for what the government has put us through, then perhaps you will have the moral right to talk about human rights and arrogantly prance around meeting the opposition proclaiming you are here to make Russians understand Americans. Then again of course that will never happen so all I can say is like my days are numbered so are yours here in Moscow. John Anthony Robles II 528-08-7283 PS No response expected. 01-28-2012

Afterwards McFaul filed a complaint saying I threatened him and attempted to have me either deported to America or thrown in a Russian prison. When that did not work he filed a formal diplomatic complaint, throwing the entire force of the US Government against me saying I had "physically threatened him". This accusation of a physical threat and other threats were not backed up by any evidence and although it is no doubt a serious crime in America to "physically threaten a US Ambassador" there was no proof as there was in fact no threat. The "physical threat" charge is stunning as one would have to have physical contact to engage in such which of course I have never had.

Expose25A Report for JAR2: Michael Anthony McFaul is a Danger to the Russian Federation

January 2012,

Michael Anthony McFaul born 1963 in Glasgow, Montana is a Stanford University professor the former director of the university's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, he worked for the U.S. National Security Council as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Russian and Eurasian Affairs and is a Hoover Institution Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow with friendly ties to neoconservatives. McFaul is called the architect of Obama's reset policy but is not a career diplomat.

In 1994, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a member of the Russian State Duma denounced McFaul for good reason. Mcfaul was attempting to shape Russia policy ala Brezhinsky during the 1990s and was actively seeking to interfere in the inner workings of the governmental and democratic institutions of the Russian Federation.

If one is to look carefully at the holes in his biography and his modi operandi for the trained analyst a picture begins to appear of someone hiding behind the trees and propping up a legend not his own, it is clear that this person has an agenda, a history, and credentials that are not in keeping with his position as a diplomat.

I am not saying it is wrong for the ambassador to have connection to the secret services. That is a given and perfectly normal. The problem with McFaul is that he is a SPOOK. Having a spook posing as the ambassador to a country is a great move for the intelligence service behind him but can not be accepted by the host country.

McFaul must be declared persona non grata and expelled at once.

If he is not he will continue to attempt to subvert the Russian Federation and in particular the upcoming presidential elections and the campaign of Prime Minister Putin.

In 1994 a gunman fired a shot into McFaul's Stanford University office window, if he doesn’t pack his bags history may repeat itself.

McFaul has shown openly he is organizing and promoting an opposition that did not exist until recently in Russia. By that alone he is a danger to the internal political processes of the Russian Federation, is not here to perform the duties of an ambassador, and has proven time and again he is an enemy to the Russian State and the Russian people.

He came here arrogantly swaggering, telling the press he was here to educate Russian on Americans. Yes, he said he was here to help Russians understand Americans. Russians are stupid according to McFaul, especially if they think they see America’s missiles all along its borders as a threat.

McFaul, please do the Russian Federation and the human race a favor and pack up your bags, say bye bye to your American financed, America created and American loving opposition

Expose25A My First Article on McFaul Was Deleted and I Was Asked by Security Not to Publish

January 18 2012,

I wrote and published an article detailing McFaul's meetings with the opposition, a $600 million offer to anyone who could organize an armed military coup in Russia and his plans to organize a color revolution in Moscow. I aslo exposed him as a CIA Officer and not a diplomat. After this he tried to have me arrested twice, he claimed that I had threatened him in the article in which I stated that his days would be numbered in Moscow if he continued his behaviour.

Expose25A McFaul Arrived in Russia on January 17, 2012

Like All McFaul/Moscow Related Intel WikiLeaks Obfuscated or Simply Did Not Publish



McFaul's Perfect CIA Resume - CFR, Stanford, NDI, NED, etc

McFaul CFR, NED, ETC a CIA color revolution specialist



Report for FSB on McFaul



May 23, 2012,

Директору ФСБ Бортникову А.В.
Очень срочно. Лично в руки.

Вчера вечером я и еще несколько человек из незарегистрированной Минюстом так называемой Молодежной Общественной Палаты (МОП), членом которой тайно являюсь, были приглашены на неформальную беседу с Майклом Макфолом, новым послом США в России. Время и место встречи несколько раз по инициативе американской стороны переносились, пока не была выбрана нейтральная территория – ресторан Noviy, Новый Арбат 36, дробь 3.

В ходе нашей конфиденциальной встречи с послом США мне удалось сделать скрытно несколько фотографий и видеозаписей, которые, несомненно, будут вам интересны и прольют свет на подрывной характер деятельности господина Макфола в нашей стране.

Беседа началась с того, что американский посол попросил каждого из нас представиться и коротко рассказать о себе, а затем сам много и откровенно говорил о своей персоне, о том, почему и с какой целью Барам Обама, президент США, направил его в нашу страну:

Кстати, с американской стороны главным куратором нашей встречи был помощник посла Рубен Арутюнян. И надо заметить, что он выбрал очень удачное место для нее, так как в заведение, где мы собрались, посторонних не было.

Отсутствие еды на столах, несмотря на то, что это как бы “ужин с послом США”, явственно говорило о том, что мы собрались не поесть, а поговорить о серьезных делах.

Встреча должна была начаться в 19.10. Но Макфол опоздал на час. Возможная причина, слишком долго уходил от хвоста.

В ходе как бы застолья американский посол пил только черный чай.

Остальные для вида заказывали в ресторане минеральную воду, кофе, морс. Согласитесь, это очень странно.

Главный у них в МОПе заводила – Дмитрий Гудков, депутат Госдумы от “Справедливой России”. Ранее он неоднократно был замечен “шакалющим” у стен посольства США.

Этот ренегат задавал самые острые вопросы, пытался получить у посла Майкла Макфола четкие ответы на то, как американская администрация воспринимает возвращение в Кремль Владимира Путина и какие шаги поддержки будет предпринимать в адрес российской оппозиции. То есть хотел услышать четкие инструкции от своего заокеанского хозяина

Среди членов Молодежной общественной Палаты был представлен практически весь политический спектр системной оппозиции: на встрече присутствовали члены КПРФ, «Справедливой России», «Яблока», партии Бабурина, экологи и т.д. Единственные честные люди, кто в последний момент отказался прийти – представили ЛДПР. Прошу это учесть при вынесении приговора!

Алексей Карпенко, главный организатор встречи с российской стороны, сидел по правую руки от Майкла Макфола, чем лишний раз подчеркивал свой особый статус координатора, куратора проекта.

Одна из присутствующих на встречи девушек спросила посла США, как следует реагировать на критику, звучащую в прокремлевских СМИ по поводу финансирования американцами радикальной оппозиции в России. Вопрос хороший, но судя по реакции посла, она его сильно взбесила:

Ответ был таков:

В ходе встречи у меня сложилось впечатление, что американцы сейчас не питают иллюзий по поводу слабости позиций Владимира Владимировича Путина в России и степени его поддержки населением.

Они, и в первую очередь, посол Майкл Макфол понимают, что начавшиеся после инаугурации в Москве как бы стихийные протесты оппозиции не способны в кратко и среднесрочной перспективе изменить баланс политических сил в России.

На вопрос, как он оценивает шансы Барака Обамы на переизбрание на посту президента США в ноябре 2012-го года, посол выразил убеждение, что такая вероятность очень велика, и он даже не сомневается в победе своего босса.

Чтобы не запалиться и показать присутствующим, что я тоже глубоко в теме, задал послу пару коротких вопросов, заранее подготовленных для меня моими соратниками из твиттера Ярославом Кочергиным и Анной Ковалевской:

1. Будет ли облегчен в ближайшее время процесс получения визы США?
2. Его предшественник, господин А.Вершбоу привозил книги в Россию для провинциальных библиотек на английском языке. Будет ли продолжена программа?

В конце встречи я предложил всем ее участникам сделать один общий снимок на память, заверив, что это – безопасно. Майкл Макфол и члены Молодежной общественной палаты легко клюнули на мою разводку. Ниже сфотографированы все тайные пособники вашингтонского Обкома. Идентифицировать их по лицам вам не составит особого труда.

p.s. … следующая наша неформальная встреча в том же составе пройдет летом. Майкл Макфол сказал, что пригласит всех непосредственно в свою резиденцию – Спасохаус. Уважаемый Александр Васильевич, надеюсь, что изложенная мной информация поможет вам вскрыть и предотвратить злые замыслы недругов и врагов России, как внутренних так и внешних.

С уважением, Самсон Шоладеми, русский патриот.


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