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On this page you will find interviews with, and articles by: Rick Rozoff, John Robles, Živadin Jovanović, David Shayler, Professor Francis Boyle, Bruce Gagnon, Viselav Simic, Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle, Joseph Zrnchik, Professor Kevin Barret, Anonymous, Professor Edward Herman, Medea Benjamin, Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

2 March, 00:17

Ukraine: Nazi-like Victory of US/NATO Lawlessness

Rick Rozoff

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The US/NATO takeover of Ukraine, thought out and planned by the Neo-Conservative geopolitical architects and Zbignew Brezhinsky acolytes in the United States who have been driving the US policy of aggressive war and the destruction of countries since the events of 9-11, is not exactly going according to their plan for attaining complete global domination, uni-polarity and American hegemony.

Their ignorance of the peoples of the countries they are invading and attempting to subvert, their use of everything from Islamic extremists to militarized neo-nazis groups and their threats of sanctions and "prices to pay" are guaranteeing their own failure, and it is about time.

Voice of Russia regular Rick Rozoff spoke to us about the revocation of a 2012 Ukrainian Federal Law that permitted language rights to linguistic groups which means in areas where Russian is spoken by a majority of people it cannot be used. Mr. Rozoff says that the cultural pogrom we have seen in Ukraine is on a level that is almost unimaginable and compares it to the ascension to power of Hitler's National Socialists in Germany after 1933. Rozoff call the events in Ukraine: "...the worst thing that has occurred in our lifetime for what it signals: the utter triumph of lawlessness internationally, the utter triumph of international gangsterism and I mean the big gangsters in the West who are behind this ultimately and their gutter-snipes and their punks on the streets who are delivering the goods for them." As for financial aid Rozoff says the usurpers in Kiev are simply asking for their pay-off money.


This is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Rick Rozoff – the owner and manager of the stop NATO website and international mailing list.

Robles: Hello Rick, how are you?

Rozoff: Good John, despite the circumstances.

Robles: Yeah, I have no words right now myself. But I would like to hear your take on what is going on right now in Ukraine, and especially with the outlawing of the Russian language?

Rozoff: Ukraine is divided right now. It is not only divided between people who are Russian speaking primarily, or Russian and Ukrainian bilingual, and those fanatics and extremists in Western Ukraine who insist on speaking Ukraine only, Ukrainian rather only. I mean there is linguistic and general cultural geographical divide that exists in the country, but really what we are talking about is ideological and I would argue ultimately moral ofdivisions within the country.

What occurred on Saturday, let’s call it by its proper name, it was the most overt coup that has occurred in Europe since before World War II, there’s no question about that. The only comparison, and we’ve discussed it before, would be something on the order of Benito Mussolini’s march on Rome in 1922.

If the previous colour revolutions, including the so-called "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine in 2004 and 2005 was essentially an illegal seizure of power, and it’s my contention it was, it was at least done under the auspices or under the pretence of it being a parliamentary electoral transition, that is a special election was held and there was a change of regime based on the result of the election, whether or not that was a legitimate election or not.

What happened this past Saturday however is of a totally calibre. What we have seen is a group of violent mob activists, essentially chasing the government out of power, in collusion with certain forces within the Parliament, within the RADA. But for the most part the mob – mob rule – has taken over in Ukraine, and what we are going to see, that given the flavor or the nature of the real core of the opposition on the streets in Kiev, in Lviv and elsewhere in the country, which is: extreme nationalist, fanatically and intolerantly nationalist to the point of fascist, is what we can expect to see is a series of punitive measures, vendettas, pogroms, and these will be directed against first of all political adversaries, there is a statement I believe on Interfax today where a leader of the Party of Regions, formally the governing party only a few days ago after all, only four days ago, stated that we are now operating at gun-point. And he’s a Deputy in the Parliament, in the VerkhovnaRada, and it's something we've all suspected.

That not only have members of the now opposition parties, formally governing parties, operating under duress but that announcements there have been threats to their lives and the lives of their families and that is what I suspect is occurring, and that’s why you see some of the defections if not most that we’ve seen.

We also have to realize that there is a movement afoot, as you indicate, to revoke a 2012 Federal law that permitted language rights to linguistic group that represented ten or more percent of the population and that any given political entity and province, that has now been revoked. That means in areas where Russian is spoken by a majority of people technically, it cannot be used as a state language, one of two state languages.

Similarly with other ethnic minorities, Hungarian and others in the west of the countryor Romanian perhaps. We have already heard about an attack on the synagogue in Kiev. We heard anti-Semitic language, clearly anti-Russian. We’ve seen that monument erected to the victory of the Soviet Union in World War II over Nazi Germany desecrated. We’ve seen a statue to General Kutuzov, who led the Russian Army in the war against Napoleon in 1812, destroyed.

We have seen a cultural pogrom on a level that is almost unimaginable - the only comparison I could possibly think of is shortly after the ascension to power of Hitler’s National Socialists in Germany after 1933, you know the book burnings and the other cultural assaults against ethnic and other minorities in the country, this is what we are seeing right now.

Look, I have right in front of me right now, a photograph of the City Hall in Kiev from 2 or 3 days ago, and there are pillars, columns, in the centre of it. The Svoboda banners or pennants are hanging from both sides – you know the 3 fingers and the fist – a roughly a variation of the art for, you know punch fist salute of all the coloured revolutions. In the middle is a giant representation of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist and accused Nazi collaborationist in World War II. This is what’s taken over in Kiev, this is what’s taken over in much of Ukraine

Robles: What would you say about Secretary of State John Kerry. Two statements I would like you to comment on, one by John Kerry, he says: “Ukraine is going through an extraordinary transition and developments there shouldn’t be viewed as a west against east scenario”.

And also, this is the so-called opposition, or I don’t know if you can call people who have used force to occupy the houses of government as new leaders, but that’s what the western media is calling them.

“The new leaders in Ukraine have promised to fight separatism”, as the European Union and Russia called on them to ensure the country’s integrity’. Can you comment on those two statements?

Rozoff: John Kerry’s comment? I would first of all just counterpoise his comment. There’s a useful duplicity amongst American politicians when they are actually part of the governing administration they speak at least in the public with a degree of restraint that belies their true intention, which came to the fore or was revealed a couple of weeks ago when the Victoria Nuland tape was aired – this is how they talk privately, right, telling the European Union to get aft and dictating terms for the next regime in the Ukraine after the coup that occurred on Saturday.

But while they are speaking at least to the public, to the media, they use restrained language like Mr Kerry, however, within the last 24 hours, John McCain, one of the ranking Senators in the US Senate, and a former presidential candidate not too long ago, was on television stating that it’s a question… (this is a distinction between East and West) there is a conflict between East and West.

The Ukrainian people, he states as though he’s empowered to speak on their behalf, or can divine what their true intentions are, he says the Ukrainian people want to be a part of the West and not the East and then the “East” carries a negative connotation (the reference is clearly to Russia) that there is something inherently bad about the East and about Russia, and of course no sane Ukrainian in Mr McCain’s view would possibly want to affiliate with his kith and kin across the border in Russia, who are seen as inherently inferior or inherently savage and barbarian and so forth.

He also said, and I think this worth … your listeners ought to know about this, that the events and the takeover, the bloody and violent coup in Ukraine last Saturday (he said this twice) should make Russian President Vladimir Putin “a little nervous”.

This is the same McCain who said, right after Muammar Gaddafi was killed in October 2011 that Vladimir Putin ought to pay attention, in so many words that “he is the next”. This is again he is a senior member of the US Senate, a presidential candidate. He is speaking the truth of what the American political establishment means. Kerry is simply sugar-coating his words.

Robles: So they are threatening Vladimir Putin, this a provocation in your opinion?

Rozoff: Again. Well I don’t know what else to say, but McCain twice in the television interview said to Vladimir Putin, given the events, recent events in Ukraine "ought to be a little nervous," that's a quote.

Robles: I see, I see. What about the new “leaders”, these “peaceful protesters” that they are going to fight separatism? Can you comment on that?

Rozoff: Well let’s keep in mind separatism is a two-edged sword and these people have played both bloody ends of it. On the one hand had they not succeeded in bringing down the government, the legally elected and universally, internationally recognized government of Ukraine last Saturday, then they themselves would have played the suffragette’s card in north-west Ukraine, around the Lviv area, calling for independence or breaking away or at least some autonomy status.

Now having taken control of the capital in a putsch, in a coup, they are against separatism, and the US and NATO of course are right behind the extremists, the Molotov cocktails hurling and the sniper rifle wielding extremists who took power on Saturday are coming in (that is the US and NATO and the Europaen Union and saying: “… we will not tolerate separatism or the fragmentation of Ukraine.”

That is an unquestionable reference in the first place to Crimea. That should any efforts be made by these newly established authorities in Crimea to assert the rights, they have the Russian language and so forth, that can then be construed or exploited by the, whatever anarchic mob of gangsters that’s running the affair currently in Kiev that threaten the Crimea and then call on their western patrons to back them up.

Robles: But they actually have under international law and under normal international standards, they have the right to secede from Ukraine if their human rights and their right to self-determination and the right to speak the language that is native to them, if that’s infringed upon, they have the right to secede from Ukraine. SO what they are doing is the exact opposite, they are forcing the breakup of Ukraine themselves..

Rozoff:The may bringing events about that may lead to the fragmentation of Ukraine but I still believe and there is a parallel to theis and a precedent, when the first and the “real” colour revolution succeeded in 2003-2004, that is in Georgia, where Mikhail Saakashvili came to power with an irredentist and uncompromising hostile towards Russia.

His first manoeuvre was within a month or two of taking office was the threatening of an autonomous region within Georgia, just as Crimea is an autonomous region within Ukraine, and I’m talking about Adjara or Adjaria. And he threatened the country there was still slow handful Russian peace keepers there, he actually moved his military right up to the border.

Eventually it lead to the president of Adjara having to flee to Moscow and then they took over the area. This is what I believe the new extremists in Kiev are going to replicate if they can. They are going to have, just like Hitler distinguished himself by remilitarizing the Rhineland and then eventually bombing Spain or moving into the Sudetenland.

Everyone of this ilk needs some military campaign to consolidate power and I fear that threats against Crimea would be the most likely scenario for consolidating some sort of fascistic power in Kiev.

Robles: I see. Where do you see NATO in all of this, Rick, please? That is very important.

Rozoff:It is in a very thick of it. I mean despite the fact that NATO is going out of its way to keep a low profile because to do otherwise is to expose the real essence of what is occurring in Ukraine which is: that a country of vital geostrategic significance, one that is not only close to Russia, but is arguably almost inseparable to it, the way Syrians and Lebanese may have felt in the past is I think how Ukrainians and Russians do now. They see themselves as at one time being part of this one political entity. There are relatives on each side of the boarder and certainly particularly in the Crimea.

NATO has said a couple of things. Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen two days ago, on February, 23 made a statement in to the effect that Ukraine is a vital partner of NATO and NATO is a friend to the Ukrainian people.

Robles: A vital partner?

Rozoff:Yes. Impressing its stamp of NATO, in other words we’ve branded you, we’ve marked you off as our territory and there is an upcoming meeting of defense ministers in Brussels. I believe it is occurring tomorrow, for two days, 26 and 27 our time here.

And there is going to be a regular scheduled meeting – the NATO- Ukraine Commission- something set up to help integrate Ukraine fully into NATO.

As though the coup had never occurred, right. As though there had been no disruption. Everything else has gone by the way aside. I’m sure public transportation, I’m sure health service, I’m sure everything else has been impacted or impeded by the upheaval in Ukraine but not the meeting, the NATO- Ukraine Commission which is going according to their schedule tomorrow.

We had the cases in the past to mention, that even under Yanukovich, and you think how much worse it is going to be now under whatever juntais implanted in Kiev, that even under Yanukovich Ukraine became the first country to assign two naval vessels to permanent NATO maritime operations, one in the Mediterranean, one in the Indian Ocean, operation Active Endeavour and operation Ocean Shield respectively.

Ukraine became the first not-full member of NATO to supply military forces for NATO’s response force. So the process of integrating Ukraine into NATO has been going on for decades. It has been intensified in recent years rather than the opposite. And that opportunity now presents the US and its allies with the opportunity to further absorb and consolidatecontrol over Ukraine.

This is possibly the worst thing that occurred in our lifetime and I do not exaggerate, for what it signals: the utter triumph of lawlessness internationally, the utter triumph of international gangsterism and I mean the big gangsters in the West who are behind this ultimately and their gutter-snipes and their punks on the streets who are delivering the goods for them.

To the tune by the way, as the new even fluid and amorphous regime and Kiev is asking of the West $35 billion in bailout money.

Robles: That is the first thing they got in there, the first thing they did was saying: “Oh, Russian –it is illegal as a language, so therefore other Russians are also illegal. And we need several billion dollars”. That is a first thing they did.

Rozoff:Yeah, they are asking for their pay-off money.

You were listening to an interview with Rick Rozoff – the owner and manager of the stop NATO website and international mailing list.



2 March, 20:36

Obama: the 'Hypocrite-in-Chief' Threatens Russia

John Robles


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3 March, 21:35

Ukraine Part of US/NATO Expansion to Russia

Yugoslav FM Živadin Jovanović

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This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Živadin Jovanović. He is the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia and the Chairman of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals. This is part 3 of an interview in progress. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com.

PART 1     PART 2     Statement by FM Jovanović

PART 1    PART 2   Statement by FM Jovanović
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4 March, 23:55

Ukraine was Coup D'état by the CIA

David Shayler

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What has occurred in Ukraine was not a popular revolution, it was a carefully orchestrated coup d’état. The "demonstrators" with the metal barricades, bullet proof vest, army helmets, weapons, shield and masks were very well organized and trained. The whole affair was orchestrated by the West in an attempt to bring Ukraine into NATO and split Russia. Mr. David Shayler a former MI5 officer spoke to the Voice of Russia on the activities of the intelligence services and on what the forces behind the scenes are doing. He says President Putin is merely protecting his country and his people and is in a strong position.


5 March, 10:30

Ukraine: US/NATO/EU want Nuland's Neo-nazi Thugs in Power

Professor Francis Boyle

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Instead of the Obama Administration trying to sit down with President Putin and negotiate a way out of this in good faith, all the signs are that the Obama Administration is going to try to cement Victoria Nuland's neo-nazi gang of thugs in Kiev into power, according to US based Professor Francis Boyle. He says the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), NATO and the EU all support the US/CIA "project" as he called it. Professor Boyle says it is appalling that the EU stated that Nuland's neo-nazi thugs in Kiev "reflect European values" and that there is an enormous amount of war propaganda and disinformation being put out including by Zbignew Brzezinskiyand his "pet poodle" Madeleine Albright who continue to attempt to demonize irrationally Russia.

This is John Robles, you are listening to an interview with Professor Francis Boyle. He is a Professor in International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign in Illinois.

francis boyle

Robles: Hello, Professor Boyle, it is a pleasure to be speaking with you.

Boyle: Thank you very much for having me on again and my best to your listening audience.

Robles: Thank you, sir. I'd like to get your opinion on the human rights situation in Ukraine and your opinion overall on where that situation has headed and where you think it is headed, please?

Boyle: It doesn't look good at all, John. Instead of the Obama Administration trying to sit down with president Putin and negotiate a way out of this in good faith, all the signs are that the Obama Administration is going to try to quote “cement” unquote, as Nuland put it, their neo-nazi gang of thugs in Kiev into power.

Today already rumors has it that the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), they seem to be on board with this project. NATO just came out with a statement, they seem to be on board with this project, the EU under Barroso came out with an appalling statement supporting this saying, that Nuland's neoNazi thugs in Kiev 'reflect European values'.

It is simply astounding.

You saw Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday on Meeting the Press completely out of control, he does not sound to be rational at all.

He is flying over there to Kiev to cement these neo-nazi thugs in power. UK Foreign Secretary Hague was over there this weekend for the same purpose.

Obviously if people were serious about solving this problem, they would be flying over the Moscow and meeting with president Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov. Instead they are telling president Putin that he should be negotiating with their gang of neo-nazi thugs in Kiev.

So this notion you are seeing –they are trying to find an off-ramp for Putin, it is absurd that is propaganda.

Again, they are trying to consolidate into power this gang of neo-nazi thugs who launched a coup d'état against the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

Seems pretty clear what is going on and I'm sorry to say that: so far President Putin seems to be restrained, he is just sitting there, in Crimea so far he hasn't attacked any of the Ukrainian troops that are surrounded.

That is good, let them just sit there, they are not going anywhere. And let's try to keep this thing managed, short of armed conflict between Russian and Ukrainian troops...

Robles: I'd like just to clarify here. In Crimea all of the troops, you said they are surrounded. No, they are not surrounded. I mean, in Crimea all of these troops – they've switched sides, basically. They said they would not recognize or fight for the government that is currently in Kiev because they say it is illegitimate.

Boyle: I'm sorry, I hadn't seen that come off the wire service yet, and unfortunately so much of the western news media is propaganda like this ultimatum that Russia was supposed to have given to these troops.

Robles: There was no ultimatum.

Boyle: There was none, right. That was a Ukrainian source and despite all this time reporting it the BBC finally had to back up. So, you are correct. There are an enormous amount of war propaganda and disinformation being put out.

Meanwhile yesterday on CNN you had Brzezinskiyand his pet poodle Madeleine Albright in Munichcomparing President Putin to hitler evoking Sudetenland and everything like that.

Robles: How can they do that when they are supporting neo-nazis who are openly calling for the killing of Jews, and the killing of blacks, and the killing of Russians in the streets? How can they compare Putin to hitler? He had to deploy troops to protect the approximately 80% Russian speaking population in Crimea, who these guys were threatening to annihilate and kill?

Boyle: This is all part of the game plan here, John. These spokes people, these experts, we discussed this before, Brzezinskiy is in ex-patriot Pole who hates the Russians with a passion and wants to break up the Russian Federation. But unfortunately he is the top guru in the Democratic Party on Foreign Affairs, he is Obama's mentor, ran his campaign and everyone in this administration is acceptable to him.

So immediately after Brzezinskiy and Albright invoked Munich and Hitler and Sudetenland all the rest of US news media lock-step just jumped right on.

Robles: Just a reminder,you are listening to an interview with Professor Francis Boyle.

Boyle: So what we are seeing here is an orchestrated, I would say war campaign propaganda, against Russia that I think looks somewhat ominous that they have further steps in mind.

We very well might see these neo-nazi thugs in Kiev invite NATO troops to enter Western Ukraine to allegedly defend them in Kiev and at that point Ukraine at least Western Ukraine will become a de facto member of NATO which has been their objective all along.

So it is an extremely dangerous situation, I think this is being orchestrated, they already have two US warships in the Black Sea, that they pre-positioned before the Olympics and a third one is on its way.

So, it is clear, their attitude is “we stole Kiev and Western Ukraine and we are going to keep it no matter what”.

Robles: I see. So, the Russian population, the Jewish population, all the other nationalities in Ukraine – they no longer have any human rights as long as NATO has an objective.

Boyle: That is correct. Now they are going to impose these IMF conditionalities on them, that even their puppet Yatsenyuk thinks this would be a political kamikaze, he knows it would be suicidal – reduce Ukraine far below what we are seeing going now on in Greece.

Robles: Where do you see this is going?

Boyle: The main objective here is to bring Ukraine into NATO, either de facto or de jure, that has been their long standing objectives certainly and I'm afraid we very will might see NATO troops entering Ukraine, so..or EU troops. Remember, EU has a 5,000 man strike force that they can deploy too.

Robles: NATO are actually calling for a meeting, Poland is invoking Article 4. But Ukraine is not a NATO member.

Boyle: It was called by Lithuania invoking Article 4, but after the meeting the Secretary General Rasmussen came out and lied twice, he said :'We weren't meeting under Article 4 and no one asked for an Article 4 meeting'.

So the question is why is he lying and what is he hiding and what decisions were made at this NATO meeting? I don't know, but there are reports that Poland has assembled troops at its border.

So as I said I regret the same we could be seeing either NATO or EU troops entering Western Ukraine and going to Kiev in order to cement power of Nuland's gang of neo-nazi thugs.

Robles: Very serious question here is the US and NATO – are they ready to provoke a war with Russia in order to station their NATO troops in Ukraine?

Boyle: I don't know if they are willing to provoke a war with Russia. I don't think they would go that far. But I do think they would like to take over the Western half of the Ukraine and basically treat it as a de facto member of NATO, integrate into the EU subject it to the IMF. Which are just pretty much all parts of the same package. And then you know let President Putin sit there in Crimea.

We have to see how this develops. But all the sings as I said to add insult to injury Kerry and Nuland and Hague have all told president Putin that he should be negotiating with the neo-nazi thugs in Kiev which is just outrageous. Why should the democratically elected president be negotiating with their gang of thugs?

He should be negotiating directly with Kerry, Hague, EU Foreign Ministers, NATO, whatever.

He should get an airplane to Moscow now to meet with president Putin and to meet forward with Mr. Lavrov, and they are not doing it. They are all going to Ukraine, to Kiev to meet with their thugs.

I'm going to have to go to class here, John.

Robles: Ok, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it, Professor Boyle.

Boyle: Well again, thanks a lot.

You were listening to an interview with Professor Francis Boyle. He is a Professor in International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law in Champaign in Illinois. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you all the best wherever you may be.

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In the US Maidan Style Insurrectionists Would Be Killed

Bruce Gagnon

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bruce gagnon

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5 March, 07:08

Obama Issues Ukraine Statement from an Alternative Universe

John Robles


6 March, 11:30

US/NATO/CIA/EU Supporting nazis in Ukraine

John Robles



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7 March, 06:39

Ukraine: Eschewing of Truth and Obfuscation by the Western Mass Media

John Robles



8 March, 17:36

Ukraine: Obama's Invasions, 9-11 and US Mass Media Control

John Robles 

Ukraine: Obama's invasions, 9-11 and mass media control

© Photo: Facebook/ George Galloway MP



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The US, NATO and the West Use Economics to Enslave Countries

Yugoslav FM Živadin Jovanović

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PART 1PART 2PART 3Statement by Mr. Jovanović

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11 March, 08:08

US/NATO Lawlessness, Post-USSR Dehumanization and the 1%

John Robles


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Ukraine: Western Lies as Truth, Russian Truth Called "Propaganda"

Viselav Simic

Ukraine: Western lies as truth, Russian truth as propaganda – Viselav Simic

© Photo: blacksea-crimea.com

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"Americans" are Delusional

Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

Americans are delusional – Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

© Flickr.com/Grand Canyon NPS/cc-by

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13 March, 23:38

Ukraine Shows Depth of US Desperation

Joseph Zrnchik

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14 March, 19:34

Ukraine: Obama, CIA, and NATO demonize Putin to hide their crimes

John Robles


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14 March, 18:00

US Ukraine coverage: an Orwellian theater of hate

Professor Kevin Barret

US Ukraine coverage: an Orwellian theater of hate – Prof Kevin Barret

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14 March, 11:34

Operation Independence Continues - Anonymous Exposes US Invasion Plans in Ukraine

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Operation Independence Continues - Anonymous exposes US invasion plans in Ukraine

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15 March, 21:20

Crimea and Russia Charging Yarosh and Company, War Criminal Obama Calls Them Legitimate

John Robles



17 March, 15:29

Congratulation to Crimea, Condolences to Americans on Mass Murderer Obama

John Robles

Congratulation to Crimea, condolences to Americans on Obama

With the highest voter turnout in Crimean history (83.1%) the referendum on the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation (which as of writing with 100% of the votes counted has seen 96.77% voters saying yes to the accession) is a watershed moment of historic proportions for the peoples of Crimea, Russia, and the world on many levels. 

For the brave people of Crimea it has shown that they will not be swayed, manipulated, pressured or terrorized by the West and its agents and all of their nefarious methods, violence and bellicose rhetoric. Internationally and from a geopolitical viewpoint the referendum is another heralding moment to the return of a healthy state of multi-polarity in the world and for the people who inhabit it and an end to the unipolar dictatorship of the lawless American hegemon, a failing state whose double standards, theft of wealth and resources and endless illegal wars has wreaked havoc on the peaceful citizens of the world for much too long.

As an employee, commentator and writer for the Voice of Russia I would personally, albeit humbly, like to congratulate the Crimean people for exercising their democratic right to vote and for bravely making their voices heard despite the relentless machinations amassed against them by the West which has attempted to make Ukraine and Crimea just another outpost of their godless empire.

I am sure that my feelings at this moment are echoed by my colleagues at the Voice of Russia who have been directly involved on the front lines of an information war launched on the world by a subservient western corporate mass media ready to lock step with Obama and egregiously unquestioningly substitute truth for self-serving lies and war propaganda.

We must also give thanks to President Putin who, when given the full constitutional power and the right to use force in accordance with all national and international laws and conventions, refrained and continued his policies of respect for sovereignty, diplomatic resolution of conflicts, non-interference and above all the rule of law, something that Washington has long forgotten.

The efforts of everyone in the Russian Government must also be lauded, from Foreign Minister Lavrov’s untiring work to every member of the Russian Government, including those in the Federation Council, the State Duma and all of the heads of all of the Russian State organs and bodies of power for these are all people humbly and selflessly defending their homeland.

The Honorary Blacklist

As Ramzan Kadirov the head of the Chechen Republic said to ITAR-TASS, “I would be offended if I do not top a blacklist drawn up by the European Union,” referring to a blacklist compiled in connection with Russia’s position on Ukraine according to ITAR-TASS. Mr. Kadyrov said he would be glad to be included on a list which includes people “… who protect the interests of their country. I am glad to be on that list because I speak out against those who violate the rights of millions of people, including Muslims.” and “We have a strong state. They will not achieve what they did in other countries… We are guarding our homeland.” Wonderfully put, I would be honored to be on that list as well quite frankly.

The people of Crimea were an oppressed people, first by Ukraine, now by the Western colonizers and their Banderavites and those actively attempting to annex Ukraine to rape it for its resources and place their NATO war elements on its territory. Russia has once again helped an oppressed people achieve self-determination, maintain peace, uphold international law and do so without a single shot being fired or a single person’s life being lost. Responsibility for allviolence and death in Ukraine lies in the bloody hands of Washington and their agents in Ukraine.

Formal Request by Crimea

On the Morning of March 17, the Supreme Council of Crimea will meet to draw up a formal request for membership of the republic in the Russian Federation. "We need to start the political process of reunification with Russia, which will require decisions by the Russian State Duma and the Federation Council and the Russian President," said the First Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea Rustam Temirgaliev.

According to Crimean Prime Minister Sergei Aksenov during the afternoon of March 17th, a delegation from the Crimean Parliament will fly to Russia to officially start the process.

Some Russian Reactions

According to Itar-Tass the Speaker of the State Duma, Sergei Naryshkin said: “The referendum in Crimea is a historic event for Russia. The State Duma is ready to quickly adopt all the laws necessary for Crimea’s entry into the Russian Federation.” He also stated colleagues from the State Duma who were in Crimea to observe the referendum said that many people cast their ballots with tears in their eyes and that since in the 23 years since Ukraine was declared a sovereign state, this was the day they had long been waiting for. And why not? Why shouldn’t Russians be happy to be part of Russia as opposed to a repressed minority under Banderovites and Ukrainian nationalists.

The leader of the parliamentary faction of the “A Just Russia” party, Sergey Mironov

The leader of the parliamentary faction " Fair Russia" Sergei Mironov said that the State Duma will quickly enact all laws necessary for the accession of Crimea into the body of the Russian Federation. He added: “Let our Crimean brothers have no doubts."

The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky announced that the State Duma it may take as little as 3 days to as much as 3 month to enact all legislation to formally enter Crimea into the Russia Federation. According to Itar-Tass he also proposed declaring March 16th a new national holiday. "And let all the people be happy and smiling."

President Putin

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has had to deal with countless phone calls from US President Barrack Obama. President Putin and the Kremlin have been quiet as to the contents of those calls by Obama, but we can be sure that Obama has been pressuring President Putin to allow his CIA organized coup of Ukraine stand. Once again Obama appears to be weak, fumbling, arrogant and domineering although he does not have a foot to stand on, and in fact is guilty of violating international in his organizing and backing of a coup in Ukraine.

In his last conversation President Putin once again graciously discussed issues regarding Ukraine with Obama (imagine if President Putin organized a coup in Canada and then called Obama to tell him to not do anything) and drew attention to the inability and unwillingness of the current Kiev authorities to curb rampant ultra-nationalist and radical groups who are destabilizing the country and terrorizing civilians, including the Russian-speaking population and our compatriots.

In this context considerations are being taken to sending an OSCE monitoring mission to Ukraine. According to the President of Russia the activity of such a mission should be extended to all Ukrainian regions .

With regard to the referendum in Crimea President Putin stressed that it was held in a manner fully consistent with international law and the UN Charter and took into account, in particular, the famous Kosovo precedent . At the same time the inhabitants of the peninsula were guaranteed the possibility of free will and self-determination. President Putin sated the same to UN head Ban Ki-Moon on the eve of the referendum.

As far as repeated threats by the West and its agents designed to pressure Russia and interfere with sovereign issues, in particular to exclude Russia from the G-8, President Putin told Obama that despite differences in weighing the situation they should work together to seek ways to help stabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov response to a question as to whether President Putin had taken into account and whether he expressed any “note of regret” that the G8 might end up without Russia by saying that this had not slipped the President mind and he had no regrets. In addition, he said that Russia will not make any changes in its foreign policy amid speculation about possible sanctions.

"Let's wait for concrete decisions. Because right now we are discussing media reports and talking about the media reports and generalized statements. When there are specific steps taken, then we will have to assess the possible consequences, not only for us but also for our partners," said Peskov.

Mr. Peskov also said that there had been no change of plans regarding President Putin's foreign visits or to scheduled meeting of distinguished guests in the Kremlin.

Foreign Minister Lavrov

The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov also discussed the referendum in the Crimea with US Secretary of State John Kerry, also initiated by the US side during which he reiterated that the referendum in Crimea: “… fully complies with international law and the UN Charter, and the results should be the starting point in determining the future of the peninsula."

Foreign Minister Lavrov also urged those currently acting as the proper authorities in Kiev to curb the activities of the ultranationalist and radical groups that are running rampant throughout Ukraine and terrorizing the Russian-speaking population. The sides agreed to continue to maintain working contacts on Ukrainian issues.

Dmitry Kiselyov

Well known Russian TV presenter Dmitry Kiselyov and the head of the new Russian news agency Rossiya Segodnya, on Sunday during his weekly Vesti Nedeli “News of the Week” program did not mince words when discussing the outcome of the referendum in Crimea and stated that the Russian Federation is the only country that can turn the US into "radioactive ash"and that Americans, knowing this, recognize President Vladimir Putin as strong leader.

Mr. Kiselyov revealed some of the capabilities of Russia’s nuclear defense forces and its nuclear deterrent outlining how Russia’s strategic nuclear missiles would be launched at the United States, even if after a first srike nuclear attack kills all members of the military. He said the Russian weapons management systems are invulnerable as strategic nuclear weapons .

The Indian Nations: a Victory for the Oppressed an end to Colonization

Support for the people of Crimea and for the referendum has come from far and wide and from unexpected sources. There has been wide support from countries such as Serbia and from oppressed peoples worldwide including Indigenous Indian Groups and Nations. An elder of the Mohawk Nation, Kahentinetha Horn had the following to say about the referendum:“Crimea exercising its right under international law to secede from the Ukraine is good news for colonized peoples everywhere. We can do the same as Scotland, Venice, etc. Quebecois have voted and lost twice to secede from the Corporation of Canada. they have no legal assets such as our un-surrendered land and resources. They can separate from Canada by dissolving their branch corporation.”

“Colonialism is illegal. Future affiliations between freed people and legitimate nations such as Russia must be on an equal basis, no matter the size of the nation, such as Luxembourg, Monaco, etc. In 1923 Chief Deskahe was sent by the Iroquois Confederacy to the Hague to exercise our right to apply for membership in the League of Nations. Canada, US and Britain pressured to have all Indigenous illegally declared as "an internal matter" of the colonists who invaded us.”

“President Vladimir Putin protected the right of Crimeans to decide one way or the other. Crimeans, with help from Russia and Ukraine, finally killed colonialism. They can take credit for being in the forefront of the greatest movement for freedom and equality for Indigenous people worldwide.”

Obama Lies and Lies and Lies

As expected US officials continue to state that they refuse to recognize the referendum in Crimea as legitimate. Surprisingly, knowing that the coup in Ukraine was organized by the US/CIA/NATO in order to (among other reasons) transfer ownership of the gas pipeline from Russia into Europe to Exxon Oil and station NATO missiles on Ukrainian territory, they say they support the “independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” The hypocrisy of their bald-faced lies is historic in its depth and transparency.

According to Daniel McAdams at infowars dot com at least 56% of the American population are against any US intervention or meddling in Ukraine. But just as a majority of the population in Crimea and Ukraine mean nothing to Obama, he continues to desperately bumble around smashing everything in his path and push his illegal takeover of Ukraine and the support of his unelected US installed puppet leaders. This is understandable as I have said many times before because as Victoria Nuland stated in December, the US has spent $5 billion in overthrowing Ukraine.

Thanks to thousands of leaks, including those by Anonymous Ukraine, Western meddling in Ukraine has been revealed on multiple levels, including the hiring of snipers to kill police AND demonstrators on Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square, the determining of the makeup of the government before the coup (conversation between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt), thepresence of Blackwater mercenaries, request by Yarosh for weapons support from a Crimean Muslim extremist underground and even a false flag military attack on an air base in Ukraine, yet the subservient western corporate media refuses to publish or allow debate on these issues and continues to blindly, obtusely and egregiously publish lies as truth. Just like the supposed Russian invasion which never existed they continue to demonize Russia and President Putin to no end.

Obama Protects His Crimes, Will Seize Your Property

Obama the dictator has declared a national security emergency when it comes to Ukraine which will allow him to seize the property of anyone who questions his position on Ukraine. We know that in the US “national security” only means protecting criminals in power and keeping Obama and his cabal out of prison where they belong. According to above top secret dot com he has also declared war on China.

Infowars writes: “Be careful what you say. Be careful what you write. President Obama has just given himself the authority to seize your assets.

According to the president’s recent Executive Order, “Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine” (first reported by WND’s Aaron Klein), the provisions for seizure of property extend to “any United States person.” That means “any United States citizen, permanent resident alien, entity organized under the laws of the United States or any jurisdiction within the United States (including foreign branches), or any person in the United States.”

Declaring a “national emergency” over the planned referendum in Crimea to determine whether or not to join Russia, the US president asserts that asset seizure is possible for any US person “determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State”:

(i) to be responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly, any of the following:

(A) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine;

(B) actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine; or

(C) misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine or of an economically significant entity in Ukraine;

The Executive Order is, as usual, so broadly written that it leaves nearly everything open to interpretation.”

Larouchpub dot com goes even further with regard to the executive order calling Obama’s move a “Dictatorship for War”“… the President has moved one giant step closer to declaring an outright dictatorship over the United States. Obama has put himself in a state of "pre-impeachment," declared Lyndon LaRouche on March 6.His actions also moved the world precariously closer to a military confrontation between the United States and Russia that couldlead to thermonuclear World War III. The biggest obstacle to war prevention, LaRouche further warned in discussion with colleagues on March 8, is the cowardice and Wall Street-induced corruption of the U.S. Congress, which is the main obstacle to Obama's immediate removal from office via impeachment or by invoking the 25th Amendment. By invoking a National Emergency via Executive Order Obama violated the law by failing to present any findings of fact backing his declaration of emergency.”

“According to senior U.S. intelligence sources, the Joint Chiefs of Staff had delivered their own recommendations and findings to the President and the National Security Council earlier last week, concluding that the U.S. did not have any direct strategic interests in the Crimean region of Ukraine, but that the Russians certainly did. The Chiefs noted that the United States had treaty obligations to NATO allies, but that Ukraine is not a NATO member. Russia has vital strategic interests in the Crimea, centered on its Black Sea Fleet base at Sevastopol, which is leased to Russia for the next 30 years, under a 1990s treaty with Ukraine. Sevastopol and the Black Sea are Russia's only access to the Mediterranean.”

“JCS Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey reiterated the Pentagon's view in a lengthy interview March 7 with PBS NewsHour. Dempsey emphasized that the Ukraine dispute must be resolved diplomatically, candidly warning, in response to a question from Judy Woodruff, that the crisis could lead to war. Sources have emphasized that, for the Pentagon, cooperation with Russia is vital to the planned U.S. and NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan this year. Forty percent of the troop and equipment withdrawal is conducted along the "northern route" through Central Asia and Russia. There are other vital areas of cooperation, including the ongoing P5+1 negotiations with Iran, the war on drugs and terrorism, and the Syrian and North Korean situations, which require Russian-American cooperation.”


According to Obama’s own executive order he must seize all of his own assets and those of Victoria Nuland, her boss John Kerry, CIA Director John Brennan, NATO head Anders Rasmussen, the heads of Blackwater, Vitaly Klitschko, Dmitry Yarosh, Arseny Yatsenyuk, Oleh Tyahnybok, the heads of USAID, the Endowment for Democracy, all NGOs previously operating in Ukraine, the heads of Exxon Oil and German companies that were to obtain mines and other Ukrainian property and all members and owners of media that continue to make their illegal activities possible. Why? Read the wording of Obama's directive: according to Obama anyone determined to: “be responsible for or complicit in, or to have engaged in, directly or indirectly, any of the following: (A) actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine; (B) actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, sovereignty, or territorial integrity of Ukraine; or (C) misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine or of an economically significant entity in Ukraine.” This describes perfectly what Obama and company were doing.

If organizing an armed coup and then the following division of the assets of the country do not fall into these categories as well then I do not know what would. But then again the West has gone completely off the reservation judging by their irrational behavior and their hypocrisy in Ukraine and has lost all sight of reason and elementary determination between wrong and right. One thing can be said, Obama and his cabal have taken transparency in government to a new level, because it is crystal clear, they have completely lost it.

The real national security emergency in the US is the fact that their leader is ready to start WWIII and has destroyed the credibility and the reputation of the US on almost every level. But then again Obama obviously has other things on his mind, more important than the American people and the matter at hand. Maybe that is why he was laughing it up at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and why he is supporting nazis in Ukraine? No Martin Luther King this one. Perhaps we should politely ask him to place his Nobel Peace Prize at the grave of 21 year old Maxim Tretiak, one of the many unarmed police and Berkut members who were killed by his snipers, or at the grave of any of the thousands of children he killed with his weekly drone strikes? Never mind. Just as he laughed at Nelson Mandela and the Nobel Committee, I am sure he would laugh at us for asking such a thing.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_17/Congratulation-to-Crimea-condolences-to-Americans-on-Obama-3218/


18 March, 23:34

Crimea Reunifies With Russia After US/CIA/nazi/EU Coup in Ukraine: Honorary Sanctions

John Robles

Crimea re-joins Russia after US/nazi coup in Ukraine: honorary sanctions

In a historic moment the people of Crimea have been waiting over 20 years for the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a treaty with the Republic of Crimea officially allowing for the accession of Crimea and Sevastopol into the Russian Federation. 

As of the moment of signing the Republic of Crimea and the federal city of Sevastopol are now a part of the Russian Federation. The agreement is in full force but must go through the formal process of ratification. The agreement stipulates that Russian, the language of the majority of Crimeans and one that was outlawed by the junta in Kiev, Ukrainian and Crimean Tartar will be the official languages. It is a moment of joy for the now free people of Crimea and for all Russians alike.

The Russian Federation, forced to protect the rights of Russians and ethnic minorities in Crimea from the marauding neo-nazi junta which seized power in Kiev and was actively calling for terrorist attacks and the liquidation of all Russians and minorities, did so brilliantly without a single shot being fired, being welcomed with flowers and tears. Russia then helped the Crimean people finally make their voices heard in a historic referendum which saw the people almost unanimously vote to rejoin their country with the Russian Federation. The people have spoken and the agreement has been signed, the Republic of Crimea is now part of Russia.

In some of his harshest comments to date about the hypocrisy of the West the President of Russia Vladimir Putin moved away from the phrase double standards saying the West has shown primitive cynicism. During his speech to the Russian Government President Putin quoted the Kosovo decision and spoke of threats by the West to destabilize and make worse the lives of the people of Russia.

Honorary Sanctions by Knuckle Dragging West

Despite the fact that the accession and reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation took place strictly in line with all international and national laws and standards including the UN Charter the US and its subservient European Union surrogates and other “allies” have launched sanctions against scores of Russian and Crimean citizens and officials and have even gone so far as suspending Russia’s participation in the G-8.

Russian lawmakers and the Kremlin have been extremely vocal as to the ridiculousness of US designed sanctions with all Russian MPs passing a statement saying they volunteered to be subject to the US/EU sanctions and the Kremlin saying they view them with irony and sarcasm.

Many Russian lawmakers, officials and others see the sanctions list as a point of honor and even as an “Oscar” from Washington, in recognition that they have defended Mother Russia. They echoed earlier words by Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the Chechen Republic, who said he would be honored to be on that list with people who proudly defend their homeland and he added that he would be offended if he did not top it. Personally I would love to be on that list as well, perhaps someone in Washington will take me up on it?

Reasons to sanction the US

The bald-faced lies and myopic self-righteousness with which the US is demonizing Russia and President Putin are so egregious and blatant that they are historic in proportion. Washington has clearly gone insane with threats of destabilizing the internal situation in the country and gems such as Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country. I beg to differ, and respond to McCain’s characterization by saying the US/NATO is a genocidal death machine run by megalomaniacs and mass murdering war criminals founded on genocide built by slaves and needs to disbanded and unarmed before it kills anymore innocent people or invades another country.

Way back when I drew up a list of reasons why the US should be itself sanctioned by the world community. I mean the real world community, not the US/NATO/EU/Colonies “world community”. It looks like the time has come to publish it.

The following is a list of reasons that the United States of America should be facing international sanctions. These sanctions must be carried over to include client states, allies, NATO and all bodies, states and organizations that have aided and abetted the US in its plans and nefarious meddling in all of the countries of the world.


For the carrying out of the murder of 2,999 innocent civilians and the related terror and destruction of property in a joint US/Israeli/Saudi black operation to serve as the catalyst for world military domination as planned by Dick Cheney and the Project for a New American Century and the subsequent cover up and failure to properly investigate and provide all citizens of the world with a true and plausible explanation as to the controlled demolitions, the absence of planes etc..

Security State/Constitution

The implementation of an illegal authoritarian security state in the US which stripped people of their freedoms, liberties and human rights and the destruction of the country’s Constitution all done in a subversive nature and against the will of the American people.

Fixed Elections

Failing to implement an election system that reflects the voice of the people, failing to allow international elections observers and the usage of electronic voting machines with pre-set results.

Freedom of the Press

Threatening, silencing, controlling and censoring the press and all media thus stripping away the right of the people of the United States to be informed and be able to make educated and solid decisions that directly affect their lives and well being and allow them more importantly to hold their leaders and their government to account in a normal legal and democratic fashion.


The persecution and imprisonment of whistleblowers and anyone who exposes, attempts to expose, document or speaks out against US Government illegality.

Julian Assange/Wikileaks

The demonization and extra-judicial extraordinary persecution of Julian Assange and the WikiLeaks organization and all of their sources, affiliates and even visitors.


For the death of Aaron Shultz and the imprisonment of hacktivists such as Jeremy Hammond and the war the US has fought against groups such as Anonymous. Their persecution and the egregiously long prison sentences they have received violates their rights to justice, freedom from tyranny and other human rights. Their attempt to control the Internet and to use it as a global surveillance/manipulation tool violate all humans’ right to be free from unnecessary surveillance, subliminal influence and basic human privacy.


Despite rhetoric and having a black president the United States in run by a rich white minority which does not represent the makeup of the country. The institutionalized endemic racism, promoted, supported and advanced by the state through financial, educational, medical, political, police and other means makes the US non-white population the most oppressed on the planet. The programming to accept this status-quo in the educational system and the inability of the minorities to find justice or even secure their basic human rights is not something that must be allowed to stand in the modern world.

Indigenous People

The continued plight and genocide against the true owners of the land being occupied by those who call themselves Americans and the refusal of the government to make any move to allow for a redress of grievances, restitution or any of the basic human rights which must be granted to all people. The continued teaching of a false history to the populace amounts to brainwashing and thus makes the populace a party to a monstrous cover up.


The inordinately high prison population in the United States, the practice of torture, solitary confinement and execution. The unjust legal system, the ridiculously long sentences for minor crimes and the inordinate number of non-whites in the privatized prison system are also reasons to call for sanctions.

Human Rights

The US continues to violate human rights on all levels, including the rights of women, children and the right to be free from having to accept lifestyles that do not coincide with accepted norms.

Aggressive Wars

For launching aggressive wars against Yugoslavia, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the attempt on Syria. Aggressive war is the most serious of crimes against humanity and is classified as a Crime Against Peace. These wars were launched with no threat present, no declaration of war and all based on false evidence.


Ignoring international law and the Geneva Conventions and implementing a state sponsored program of torture.


Maintaining an illegal extra-territorial indefinite detention and torture facility on the territory of another sovereign nation and all of the crimes committed there including the ongoing detention of hundreds of innocent men without trial or redress.


The practice of extra-judicial execution robbing those killed of a right to trial or to face their accusers as well as the extra-territorial nature of the drones strikes and the huge numbers of innocent people slaughtered.


Using over 40% of the world’s total resources while making up less than 8% of the world’s population as well as the destruction of lands, forests, seas and the atmosphere while using the practice of exporting dirty industries and stealing the resources of the rest of the world.


Continuing to maintain colonial control of Puerto Rico while committing genocide on the native people and not allowing the people to the right of self-determination.

NSA Spying

Spying on all citizens of the world and all governments and officials and using the data for blackmail, manipulation and the advancement of empire.

Sponsoring Terrorism

Creating Al-Qaeda and working in collusion with terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and other locations. Promoting terrorism as a false threat to justify mass surveillance and the stripping away of human rights and freedoms.


The creation and expansion of a global aggressive military force designed to commit aggressive attacks and force countries into subservient compliance.


Funding, training, arming and supporting neo-nazi elements and then using them to carry out the illegal overthrow of a democratically elected government. Using USAID and other organizations to subvert and manipulate the population of sovereign country. Spending $5 billion of taxpayer money without the knowledge or permission of the people to subvert Ukraine. Attempt to and then organizing a puppet government that does not represent the people. Killing police and protestors. Causing unrest, terrorizing the population and stripping groups of their human right to their language or their very lives. Covering up or ignoring evidence of murder and high crimes. Ordering the overthrow of said government. Placing paid mercenaries on the sovereign territory of a country. Planning false flags attacks. Supporting nazi elements and ignoring Nuremberg Trial denial. Attempting to organize through surrogates terrorist attack against civilians in Crimea, etc., etc.


Having a president who orders weekly extra-judicial executions by drone, laughed at the funeral of Nelson Mandela and continues to make a mockery of peace and international law by holding a Nobel Peace Prize.

War Crimes

The refusal to bring know war criminals such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others before the ICC and the enactment of legislation known as the “Hague Invasion Act” which allows the US to invade the Hague if any US war criminal is brought before it.

Financial Manipulation

The use of financial markets, instruments and institutions to enslave countries, manipulate states and governments and fund illegal activities such as terrorist acts, support for the narcotics trade, illegal weapons deliveries, illegal resource attainment, etc., etc..


The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders.

Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Colorado, Congo, Cuba, Detroit, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Dakota, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo).

What they have done and are doing to Native Americans might also be added to the list and as the genocide of the indigenous peoples is the foundation of endemic “American” racism and “exceptionalism” must also be mentioned.


Internationally there are more reasons why the world community should initiate sanctions against the United States. So as you see the hypocrisy of the US with regard to Russia assisting Russians to live free and in peace, while denying the legitimacy of an illegal junta nazi “government” is not only historic in proportion, it has crossed into the realm of insanity. I honestly believe, in desperation to prevent their own impending collapse, they have gone insane. And please, add me to the list.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_18/Crimea-re-joins-Russia-after-US-nazi-coup-in-Ukraine-honorary-sanctions-7313/


Ukraine: a Counter-Revolutionary Coup

Professor Edward Herman


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Sanctions Against Russia: Mission Impossible – Foreign Minister Zivadin Jovanovic

Download audio file 20 March, 2014 00:49

Historically Crimea has always been a part of Russia and the referendum and the vote of the people for reunification with the motherland in fact corrects a 20 year old error when Crimea was given to Ukraine like a sack of potatoes. The reaction by the West and its double standards proves that it is unprincipled and only concerned with its own interests. According to Živadin Jovanović the former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia the US/NATO and the West are behaving like they are representatives of God Almighty and that the only right is that proclaimed and certified in Washington or Brussels. US/NATO and the West have no problem dangerously allying themselves with mujahidins, Al-Qaeda, UÇK (KLA) terrorists or neo-nazis, as long as they can be exploited.


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21 March, 21:16

US Wars Continuation of Indian Genocide

Professor Kevin Barrett

US wars continuation of Indian genocide – Prof Kevin Barrett

© Photo: Henry Morgenthau, ru.wikipedia.org

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21 March, 15:25

Neocons Hastened Demise of US Empire – Prof Kevin Barrett

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22 March, 22:20

Malaysian MH370 may have been remotely hijacked – Prof Kevin Barrett

Malaysian MH370 may have been remotely hijacked – Prof Kevin Barrett

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You were listening to an interview with Dr Kevin Barrett. That was part 4 of a longer interview, you can find the previous parts of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com. Thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_22/Malaysian-MH370-may-have-been-remotely-hijacked-Prof-Kevin-Barrett-3666/


US Criminally Invades Countries Without Pretext

Bruce Gagnon

US criminally invades countries without pretext - Bruce Gagnon

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'Americans' Owe Native Indian People Over $700 Trillion

Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

'Americans' owe native Indian People over $700 trillion - Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

© Photo: Flcikr.com/RobinJP/cc-by-nc-sa 3.0

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Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_24/Americans-owe-native-Indian-People-over-700-trillion-3780/


25 March, 17:37

Neocon Slave McFaul Op-Ed Shows Ignorance and Rabid Russophobia

John Robles

McFaul op-ed shows ignorance and rabid Russophobia

Immediately after his arrival in Moscow and before even unpacking his bags, the former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul, met with members of the George Soros/USAID funded "opposition" and gave his agents their marching orders. Of course sugar coating the relationship between the US and the Russian opposition with words like "democracy" and "human rights" played well to the audience in the US and the West, however it did not go over as well as McFaul had hoped for here in Russia. Despite not being a diplomat neocon Michael McFaul was chosen as the US Ambassador to Russia because he was a specialist on color revolutions and was sent to organize just such a revolution here in Moscow, unfortunately Russians were to wise to fall for it, and immediately upon leaving he made his true colors known.

Color revolution architect as ambassador

Perhaps it is thanks to the fact that McFaul was not a diplomat and lacked real formal training for the job of ambassador that all of his actions in attempting to organize a color revolution in Russia were so easy to spot and so easy to expose and stop. It can also be said that like the color revolution and coup organizers in Ukraine and the geo-political architects in Washington, McFaul knew nothing about the people of Russia or what makes them tick. This is a repeated error in US regime change planning but like most errors made by the US they are repeated again and again.

Even while Obama hailed him as a Russia "expert" and he was okay by Zbignew Brezhinsky it was clear from day one that McFaul was clearly way out of his element in Moscow and while he thought his "oh gee see what a nice normal smiling guy I am" meme was an effective masquerade, his little act did little to convince anyone that he had come to Moscow to improve Russia-US relations, his actions made it clear he had come to very actively meddle. From the outset he stated he had come to educate Russians on America. Unfortunately Russians are very well aware who and what America is.

From payouts to the opposition, involvement in Bolotnaya, stories of a $460 million reward for bringing about an armed insurrection, spy scandals and attempts to manipulate and sway civil society, McFaul’s time in Moscow was marked by continuous attempts to subvert or manipulate the Russian Government and the Russian people, and endless attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of Russia’s media and its citizens.

Perhaps his only diplomatic success was convincing certain officials that the US Brezhinsky formed foreign policy establishment did in fact wish to carry out some sort of "reset" in relations. This "reset" was a ruse to convince Russia to allow for NATO to place more military elements along Russian borders, to gain Russian assistance on the illegal US war in Afghanistan and distract Russia from continued attempts to weaken and divide the country and undermine its leaders.

Like the opposition he paid and instructed he had one main job: to get rid of President Vladimir Putin and to do everything to weaken Russia and prevent it from challenging the US. Removing President Putin from power was the only goal of the Bolotnaya "Pussy Riot" opposition and this was clear to all Russians, because the opposition did not offer an alternative, they did not have a platform of their own, all of them had one agenda: get rid of Putin. Thankfully they failed.

For the most part thanks must be given to the robust and effective Russian intelligence and security services, in particular the efforts of the Federal Security Service (FSB), since all of McFaul’s plans were cut off at the pass. Through the expelling of USAID and the law on foreign agents, all of his instruments of subversion were taken away.

While he was in Russia he failed win the hearts and minds of Russians and failed to find common ground and a diplomatic position on issues such as Syria, Jackson Vannick, the Magnitsky list and even Edward Snowden. Under his watch the CIA continuously attempted to recruit members of the security services and police but even that was for the most part a complete failure, and like his academic work before his "diplomatic" work, his legacy was lackluster, one completely devoid of any accomplishments and overall a complete failure. Obviously he failed to fulfill his mission in Russia.

When McFaul arrived in Moscow he said he came to educate the Russian people on America, when he left he was sorry he could not convince anyone he had not come to organize a revolution. Such statements make it clear that Russia "expert" McFaul had little respect for the intelligence of Russians and a complete lack of understanding about Russia in general.

Yet he continues to be presented in the western media as a Russia expert when it is clear he knows almost nothing about Russia, how to deal with the Russian people and how to work with the Russian Government.

How someone who: does not speak the language, never really interfaced with the Russian people and spent his entire time in Moscow hiding in the embassy or going places where the people only spoke English, can pretend to be a Russia expert is beyond me, but just as he was so transparently trying to organize a color revolution in Russia he is now just as transparently continuing to demonize Russia and repeating lie after lie in what can only be described as propaganda for idiots.

His calls for more NATO troops on Russian borders, isolating Russia and ridding Europe of any influence or dependence on Russia are not calls from an expert on Russia or a diplomat but from any neoconservative right wing chicken hawk whack job in the US.

While the western media continues to say McFaul left Moscow of his own volition it is clear that there were many times that he was on the verge of being declared persona non grata for his abrasiveness and lack of diplomacy in dealing with the Russian Government and for his outrageous statements and behavior and there are those who say he was asked to leave at a Kremlin meeting in December. Therefore it was no surprise to see him now demonizing Russia every chance he gets in the western media no sooner had he left.

McFaul came to Russia to organize a color revolution and to destroy Russia and President Putin from within and when he was found out struck out at everyone who criticized him and his subversive tactics and polices, including attempting to discredit and have arrested members of the Russia press, media and bloggers who he demonized to no end when they did not print or report favorable stories about him and his deeds. He accused media outlets of being KGB operatives and following him around endlessly and criticized and threatened any media or its representatives that did not publish exactly what he wanted them to publish. I personally faced the wrath of McFaul for outing his color revolution plans the day after he arrived a fact I will not forget and one which you can find out about by Googleing.

Out of touch op-ed

In an op-ed for the New York Times McFaul obfuscates, lies and pretends to know the Russian soul but this could be no farther from the truth. He starts his op-ed by saying "The decision by President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to annex Crimea ended the post-Cold War era in Europe." This statement is wrong on so many levels that it boggles the mind how anyone who knows anything about Russia or what happened in Crimea could possibly be expected to believe it. But then again it is designed for the American public who know nothing about what really happened.

McFaul wants you to believe it was first a decision by President Putin and then that it was in some way an annexation. First to annex means to take territory by force, this in no way happened in Crimea. Second the decision was not one made by President Putin but was one forced on the Crimean people by the destabilizations efforts of the US, the US support for neo-nazis and the US backed coup in Kiev.

While Yulia Tymoshenko and others in Ukraine are calling for what can be described as genocide against the Russian population of Ukraine and with open calls by the Right Sector and nazis to kill Russians, Crimeans held democratic referendum and voted to become part of the Russian Federation. As for Russian forces in Crimea. I will repeat again, what I have been saying for months, they have been there for decades under legal agreements.

For McFaul to say: "We did not seek this confrontation." Shows the complete and utter disregard he has for the truth and the obvious stupidity he thinks his audience possesses. We know by scores of revelations, none more damning than the conversation that was released between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, that the entire coup in Ukraine was organized and funded by the US. Nuland was even kind enough to give us the price tag, $5 billion, yet McFaul wants to play innocent and demonize President Putin and distract the world’s public to the truth. Perhaps McFaul did not seek this confrontation. Perhaps the planners in Washington actually thought they could just subvert the government in Ukraine and no one would notice or protest and they would be allowed to subjugate the population and get their hands on all the resources. Perhaps they thought their neo-nazi proxies would take all of the heat and after helping to install a puppet government which just go away. Wrong.

McFaul then says: "This new era crept up on us, because we did not fully win the Cold War" and goes on to say what that means which of course we already know. Russia was supposed to open up its markets and become another client state for the West and the US while implementing neo-liberal western policies.

He then says Russians resented the terms of the Cold War’s end, as if this is something bad. Of course Russians resented becoming just another US source for wealth and this was not allowed to stand. Which is why the West so dislikes President Putin. Unlike previous leaders who were willing to give away Russia or sell it off cheap President Putin said Nyet and for this he is demonized.

McFaul again is delusional when he tries to separate Russia and President Putin as if he knows what the people want and can somehow say they do not want President Putin who enjoys an over 86% approval rating. He also again fails to blame his own emperor in chief Obama for pushing for the coup in Ukraine and the predecessor for invading South Ossetia.

Once again McFaul proves what we all know, with his cleverly constructed argument attempting to separate beloved President Putin from the will of the Russians, he shows he has no idea or understanding whatsoever of the Russian people. In his op-ed he attempts to demonize President Putin while saying the Russian people have nothing to do with the current state of affairs.

McFaul: "A revisionist autocratic leader instigated this new confrontation. We did not. Nor did "Russia" start this new era. Mr. Putin did. It is no coincidence that he vastly weakened Russia’s democratic institutions over the last two years before invading Crimea, and has subsequently moved to close down independent media outlets during his Ukrainian land grab."

Given that the entire situation in Ukraine was a US/NATO/EU organized coup and territory/resource/military grab orchestrated by a dictatorial imperial president (Obama) blaming President Putin is ridiculous. Calling Russia’s democratic institutions weakened, McFaul is clearly referring to those that the US could no longer manipulate, for we know that for the West "democracy" means exploitable. It was these "democratic institutions that USAID, McFaul and the US’ NGO brigade attempted to subvert control and exploit.

To characterize anything that has occurred in Crimea as an invasion is clearly beyond the pale. The real act of aggression with regard to the situation in Ukraine lies with the US pulling off a violent coup in Kiev.

Again we must recall that Russia had the right, for almost 2 decades to station up to 25,000 troops in Crimea. You can not invade a country where you are already located, yet McFaul and the western media ignore this fact. As for the media outlets, it has only been the US and the Ukrainian Bandera Nazis that have closed down media outlets, forbidden foreign journalists from entering Ukraine and who have censored and published false reports regarding the real situation in Crimea. Recent coverage of Svoboda operatives beating the director of Ukrainian channel one and forcing him to resign under duress are further proof of US media manipulation.

McFaul: "Ukraine must succeed as a democracy, a market economy and a state. High on its reform list must be energy efficiency and diversification, as well as military and corruption reforms."

Again the hypocrisy of McFaul is mind numbing. They brought neo-nazis to power and speak of democracy? The CIA/NATO/US/EU have done everything possible to make Ukraine fail as a state. As for a "market economy" this obviously means easily exploitable by the West because Ukraine’s real economy depended on trade with Russia and that is what the West wants to stop. If the US and the West wanted Ukraine to prosper and grow they would have encouraged Ukraine to join the Russian led Customs Union which would have seen the country gaining $100 billion in 7 years, as opposed to a measly $1 billion from the US with IMF sovereignty ridding and enslaving conditions attached. But we know the US does no want other countries to prosper, on the contrary the US is in the business of destroying and subverting nations and this fact is documented.

With regard to energy, we know that part of the EU agreement entails giving the entire Russian gas pipeline to Exxon oil, yes %100. Diversification means not counting on Russia for gas but allowing for the import of extremely expensive American gas, hence one condition of EU association is raising gas prices to European levels, very profitable for Exxon oil but coupled with other austerity measures devastating for the Ukrainian people. Just another example of how the West intends to enslave Ukraine and its people.

As for the military reforms McFaul spoke about in his op-ed, he means allowing NATO into the country and then going through the expensive and massive "NATO" interoperability upgrades. Again requiring huge amounts of the countries GDP to be directed to the military for the obtainment of US sold hardware, training and equipment. Again profitable only for huge American corporations and devasting for the Ukrainian population. As for corruption this is laughable and anyone reading McFaul’s words should be rolling on the floor with laughter. Klitschko, Tugyabok and Yatsenyuk, are all bought and paid for and the current western installed puppet regime in Kiev is probably one of the most corrupt to have ever existed in Europe in modern times.Ukrainians were already upset about corruption and the Bandera nazis have only move corruption up to the level of outright lawlessness.

McFaul: "Also, as during the 20th century, those states firmly on our side must be assured and protected. NATO has moved quickly already, but these efforts must be sustained through greater placement of military hardware in the front-line states, more training and integration of forces, and new efforts to reduce NATO countries’ dependence on Russian energy."

While some in Russia believed the West wanted a reset rhetoric like this proves that the US/NATO has done nothing but continue expanding and viewing Russia as an enemy. Another fact lacking in McFaul’s rant is the fact the Ukraine is NOT a NATO member.

We already know that US/NATO want to surround Russia and install missile "defense" elements that are part of a first nuclear strike capability that will allow for any of Russia’s retaliatory missiles to be liquidated, but Russia has advanced past their technology and this will never work. McFaul calling for more NATO forces and troops on Russia’s borders is nothing but military brinkmanship and saber rattling from a chicken hawk too foolish to understand the subtleties of diplomacy.

In this single statement McFaul admits once and for all that Russia is still viewed as enemy number one in the US and that it is NATO that has been tasked with taking over and surrounding Russia at the expense of NATO member countries. Do NATO countries know they are merely vassals and slaves carrying out Washington’s geopolitical ambitions? Obviously if they did they might protest.

McFaul: "And, as before, the current regime must be isolated. The strategy of seeking to change Kremlin behavior through engagement, integration and rhetoric is over for now. No more membership in the Group of 8, accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or missile defense talks. Instead there must be sanctions, including against those people and entities — propagandists, state-owned enterprises, Kremlin-tied bankers — that act as instruments of Mr. Putin’s coercive power. Conversely, individuals and companies not connected to the government must be supported, including those seeking to take assets out of Russia or emigrate."

Oh how they love to use the word regime to demonize. If we want to talk about regimes that must be isolated let’s talk about the Obama regime, a regime guilty for more death and destruction than any other in modern history including the current destabilization in Ukraine.

Why must Russia be isolated? Because the US says so? Because it is not a client state? Because it is amassing wealth and geopolitical clout while calling for the rule of law, respect for sovereignty and an end to lawlessness? Because it is providing Europe with goods and services decreasing the US hold on Europe?

Changing Kremlin behavior? Coming from a regime guilty of more international crimes than any since Hitler the hypocrisy is stunning.

As for sanctions against "propagandists" (that means me and I ask once again include me on your sanctions list) and the like and exclusion from the G-8, etc.. This is truly laughable. Europe needs Russia, the G-8 countries need Russia. It was the only country in the group with a positive overall economic dynamic. And as we have seen Russian officials openly laugh at the US sanctions list and call it an attempt at political blackmail. When enough Russian officials feel the need to visit Disneyland or the like, I am sure Russia will build its own.

Calling everything an instrument of President Putin’s power is also ludicrous and finally calling for those who want to take the wealth out of the country to be supported is so ridiculously self-serving as to also be laughable. Has Russia ever called for those wishing to steal from the US and bring the money overseas to be supported? No. Unbelieveable.

McFaul: "One obvious difference is that the Internet did not exist during the last standoff. Recent Kremlin moves to cut off citizens from independent information are disturbing, but the communications revolution ensures that Russians today will not be as isolated as their grandparents."

Against the hypocrisy is breathtaking. Russia has more independent media than any other country in the world and has not attempted to censor it. Nor has it attempted to control or censor the internet unlike the US and the West. One thing McFaul forgot is that the Internet has also allowed for common Russians to understand the truly nefarious and black nature of US foreign policy and NATO expansion.

McFaul: "Greater exposure to the world gives Russians a comparative analysis to judge their situation at home."

It is a shame Americans do not have the same exposure.

McFaul: "But there are two important differences that weaken our hand. First, the United States does not have the same moral authority as it did in the last century. As ambassador, I found it difficult to defend our commitment to sovereignty and international law when asked by Russians, "What about Iraq?" Some current practices of American democracy also do not inspire observers abroad. To win this new conflict, we must restore the United States as a model."

Commitment to sovereignty and international law? Did he really say that? Yes he did. Sovereignty like in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Cuba, Serbia, Afghanistan and Ukraine.

As for some current practices, there is the overthrowing of governments and the destabilizing of countries such as Ukraine, Venezuela, Syria, Egypt and others. The continuing operation of an illegal extra-territorial torture prison and the almost daily extra-judicial executions by the imperial killer in chief in Obama, the only leader in the world who kills anyone anywhere in the world at will. There is also the massive global spying, the police surveillance security state, the ongoing practice of aggressive war, institutionalized racism, police brutality, the war on journalists and whistleblowers and the list goes on.

The United States will never be a model again. The support of neo-nazis in Ukraine and the overthrowing of a democratically elected European Government guarantee that. Finally the insane US drive to force the world to accept two men committing sodomy as a marriage, serves as the final nail on the coffin of US moral superiority. Americans need to understand one fact. They are exceptional and "chosen" only in their own minds.

The US’ Ukrainian puppets call for genocide

Further underlining the nature of, and who in fact are, the criminals that the US and McFaul support another conversation was leaked on the internet. As with Nuland/Pyatt and the choosing of puppets and Ashton/Paet regarding the Madian snipers being hired by the western backed nazis, a new conversation between former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the former Deputy Secretary of National Security and Defense Nestor Shufrych during which it was said that Ukrainians must take up arms against Russians so that not even scorched earth will be left where Russia stands and that the 8 million Russians in Ukraine must be killed, has caused quite a stir.

Of course calls for genocide against Russians is not being squawked about in the West. Like the indigenous peoples of the Americas, Russians are views as (according to Yulia Tymoshenko) superfluous and a pest that has to be eradicated. Dear world, please wake up. It will only take one little trade agreement, or one non-US-sanctioned choice by your leaders, and your country may be next. As for McFaul, he should keep his day job and stay out of geopolitics and regime change operations, we can see where that has gotten the US so far. Zilch. And several tens of billions of dollars just thrown away.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be droned, sanctioned or threatened at jar2@list.ru. Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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25 March, 01:32

'Americans': Two Faces, Two Tongues

Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

'Americans': two faces, two tongues – Mohawk Elder Mark Maracle

© Flickr.com/Grand Canyon NPS/cc-by

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NATO bombing of Yugoslavia: Peace vs. Interventionism and Imperialism

Former Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia Živadin Jovanović

NATO bombing of Yugoslavia: Peace vs. Interventionism and Imperialism

Photo: EPA

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Israel Closing off Gaza While Egypt Executing 529 Muslims

Medea Benjamin

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Distracted by attempting to demonize Russia, continuing the support of a neo-nazi coup government in Ukraine which is to sign over 100% of Russia’s gas pipeline to Exxon oil under a clause in the European Union agreement, Washington seems to have forgotten to maintain even a pretense of pretending to care for human rights. Another client country Egypt is about to execute 529 innocent demonstrators for the death of one policeman. Where are the sanctions and the screams about human rights from Washington? Nowhere. Egypt provides oil and buys weapons, therefore Egypt can do as it may. US hypocrisy has approached epic levels, even allowing Egypt to beat and deport one of America’s most outspoken defenders of human rights. Medea Benjamin was recently deported from Egypt for attempting to enter Gaza and fight for the rights of the Palestinians and had her arm pulled out of its socket by police. Obama was silent. Of course, he has gas and weapons to sell and selfies to take.


Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Medea Benjamin – the co-founder and manager of CODEPINK. This is part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

Robles: Hello Medea! How are you this evening?

Benjamin:Very good, thank you. Thanks for having me on.

Robles: It is a pleasure to be speaking with you again. Can you tell us about what happened with you in Egypt right before Women’s Day? And then, what else is going on down there?

Benjamin:I was on my way to Cairo to participate in an international Women’s Day delegation with 100 women that planned to go to Gaza, crossing into Gaza through the Egyptian border. I was one of the first ones to arrive.

I was stopped at the airport, taken into a separate area, held for about 12 hours in a detention center. And then, in the morning I was told that I was being deported.

When I asked if I could wait for my embassy representative to come and tell me what had happened, instead I was thrown to the ground, I was violently attacked, my arms were pulled so strongly that my shoulder popped out of its sockets.

Robles: Oh my God!

Benjamin:And when I was screaming in pain, they took my scarf and stuffed it in my mouth and then dragged me like that through the airport to a waiting Turkish Airlines flight. And it was only when I got to Turkey that I was able to go to the hospital and get treatment.

Meanwhile, the other women were either not allowed into Egypt either and were deported, or they slipped through and got into Cairo but then weren’t allowed to proceed to Gaza.

So, it was very sad that the Egyptian Government kept us from a trip that we have been planning with the Egyptian officials for several months.

And it looks like, perhaps, these Israeli Government got to them and they are participating in trying to keep people away from Gaza. But it is also indicative of the brutality of the Egyptian regime right now.

Robles: Can you comment on the fact that no matter how bad Morsi was, I mean, he was a democratically elected President and was one of the first in Egypt. Basically, it was a military coup. Can you comment on that?

Benjamin:Yes, it was definitely a military coup that happened in July. Morsi was elected in the elections that were considered free and fair. And the Muslim Brotherhood was more organized than the other factions that had participated in the overthrow of the Mubarak regime or the remnants of the Mubarak regime.

Many people had valid complaints about the way that Morsi Government was operating. There were ways to deal with that and that was through the next elections.

Instead, there was a military coup and this military government has been extremely brutal, certainly, to its own people, but also to the Palestinians who are living in Egypt.

The Hamas Government that had offices in Cairo were closed down, the Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist organization, Hamas was considered unwelcome in Egypt and Palestinians who have been living in Egypt, lost their citizenship. And the border at Rafah, that is the gate between Egypt and Gaza, has been closed most of the time.

And in addition to that, the tunnels that used to be the lifelines for people in Gaza to get access to goods that the Israelis would not allow in (and I'm not talking here about rockets, I'm talking about medicines, food supplies, gasoline, things to repair their houses). All of those kinds of things have been stopped by this government that has blown up all of those tunnels.

Robles: What can you make of this cooperation between the Egyptian military junta and Israel? Can you comment on that?

Benjamin:Well, first, it should be recalled that since the time of the Camp David Accords the Egyptian Government has agreed to work with Israel to control the Palestinians. And they have not allowed for their border with Gaza to be one in which people and goods could go back and forth freely.

So, this isn’t new. But the cooperation with Israel has been strengthened since this Egyptian military government has gained power. I think there is certainly the hand of the US that has in the past used its money to Egypt as a way to push the Egyptian Government to be favorable towards its policies.

But now, it is also the fact that this Egyptian Government, since it came to power in opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood, the ruling party in Gaza is favorable to the Egyptian Brotherhood and so is seen as an enemy of the Egyptian state right now. So, that’s why things have tightened up along the border and for the Palestinians living in Egypt, in general.

Robles: I see. I recall that Mohamed Morsi, some people said he was educated in the US, he got his PhD there. He was actually accused of treason, he was in prison, the CIA helped to get his out, they funded him, he was apparently going to be their puppet and then, all of a sudden, he fell out of grace with them. The military was accusing him of treason. So, it seems kind of bizarre for me that now the military is just following the same Western line.

Benjamin:I certainly think that this government is doing what the US is happy about, but there are also things that it is not happy about. The Morsi Government was a moderate Islamist Government and to call them now a terrorist organization, the Egyptian Government is accusing them of the attacks that have been taking place particularly in the Sinai against the Egyptian police and the Egyptian military.

These attacks, the group that has been taking credit for them is not the Muslim Brotherhood, but an Al Qaeda inspired group. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood has been denouncing them and insisting that they have no connection to these military attacks. But the military Government in Egypt finds it convenient to blame this all on the MB, to blame it all on Hamas and to use it for its political purposes.

The US has been back and forth about its support for this coup. It says that it’s cut off military aid to Egypt and allowed the economic aid to continue. But, on the other hand, it continues to have close relations with the Egyptian military.

Perhaps, if we talk now about the latest issue of the courts that have just condemned 529 Egyptians to death, the US Government through the State Department released information saying that it was shocked by this and did not seem very happy with the way the Egyptian courts are now doing the bidding of the military government instead of administering justice.

Robles: What is going on with that? Can you tell us about that? That is something that you guys have activated yourselves over. These 529 people, what happened with that? Can you give us some details?

Benjamin:Yes, it is quite outrageous that the Egyptian court that has been hearing the case of hundreds of Egyptians who have been accused of killing one policeman, that all of these people were condemned to death. It seems that this is the tactics that the Egyptian court is using to do such an outrageous verdict, and then there will be an appeal process, and hopefully things will be changed on appeal, but this is sending a terrible message to the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the millions in Egypt to tell them that they are considered to be terrorists, and they will be treated in the most harsh fashion.

The trial itself was a sham. There were only two sessions. The prisoners, hundreds of them were brought in a cage. The lawyers for the defendants were never able to even read over a thousand pages of indictment. So, they hardly knew what they were trying to defend their clients about. And the second day they were not even able to speak. The lawyers were not even allowed into the court. The judge called on the security guards to keep them out.

So, it was a total kangaroo trial and the international community, particularly the human rights community has been outraged by this, condemning it, calling for an immediate reversal of this verdict.

Now, this isn’t the end because there are hundreds more pro-Morsi supporters who are going to be on trial this week. And unfortunately, I think we can predict more ridiculous verdicts coming from this court.

Robles: Are you serious that 529 have been sentenced to death over the death of one policeman?

Benjamin:Yes, Amnesty International has called it the largest group death sentence that they know about in recent years and in Egypt’s entire history. It really has been seen by lawyers and human rights groups as being absolutely outrageous, preposterous, ridiculous.

And I think in the coming days there is going to be a lot of pressure on the Egyptian military to do something, because this is obviously a court that is doing the bidding of the Government and trying to adjudicate not on the basis of anything legal, but on the basis of people’s political affiliation.

In addition to this there have been over a thousand people who have been killed since the July coup by this military Government. And the courts have done virtually nothing to deal with this excessive use of force to bring anybody to task for that. In fact, the only trial we know is of one policeman who was accused of killing people in detention.

There are also many-many credible reports of torture in prisons and there are about 16,000 people who have been put in prison since the coup. These are mostly MB supporters, but there are also people who were supporters of the original revolution against Mubarak – secular people, as well as some of the well-known cases, like the journalists who are on trial.

So, in addition to this horrible verdict, the death sentence for the 529 people, there are also the cases of these over 16,000 people languishing in terrible conditions in the prisons.

Robles: What are they trying to do? Are they going to start killing all MB supporters? You said that there are more trials coming up. Do you think this is designed just to scare people? Do you think they’ll really carry out such a sentence?

Benjamin:Many people who have been analyzing this situation say they doubt that they will carry out such a massive execution, that there will be appeals and changes, but some people will be executed.

And they are also saying that perhaps this is a way of increasing the level of violence, because the outrage of the MB might lead some of them to decide to go into some kind of military action or violent action against the Egyptian Government representatives, which would justify this crackdown.

And so, there certainly are people speculating of different reasons why the court might have done it. But one of the most insidious kind of analysis is that this is meant to push some MB members into a violent position and the military will be justified then in even greater crackdown.

All this is taking place as the military Government is positioning itself for elections in which the Chief of the military Sisi is putting himself forward as a candidate. So, it looks like there will be a crackdown, perhaps, a state of siege that will happen just as the elections are supposed to be taking place. And I think it is important for the world community to condemn this verdict, to condemn and Egyptian coup and to condemn the idea that a democratic elections of president could take place under these conditions.

You were listening to an interview with Medea Benjamin – the co-founder and manager of CODEPINK. That was part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at voiceofrussia.com

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After Ukrainian Coup War-Profiteer Obama Wants to Sell US Gas to Europe

John Robles

US President Barack Hussein Obama today made it crystal clear to anyone left in the world who has not been paying attention as to what his corporate controlled government's interests are in Ukraine and Europe. In a televised address Obama eloquently (if not falteringly as if his forked tongue was having problems spewing the lies he was stating) laid out the facts for the world to see and for the world to blindly obey. 

The world, as the ruler of the world sees it, will isolate Russia and cease to do business or have normal relations with it. Europe will no longer accept cheap Russian gas. And finally Europe will buy American gas at astronomical rates and shut up about it. Because as Obama said, the stolen lands where he resides have made him, Exxon and his oil company Halliburton friends, "… blessed by some incredible resources". The European Commission head Manuel Jose Barroso followed lock step with Obama’s meme and even went one step further in calling gas achieved from fracking: "… a blessing to the world."

Dear citizens of the world, those residing in the US, the peoples of Europe and anyone who is under the influence of the US controlled corporate media, you are being manipulated and lied to and you will be had like a banana republic. The level of propaganda and lies in your media and that you are being fed by your leaders has reached a level of criminality heretofore rarely seen in modern times.

I don’t usually get personal but it is with a sick heart and with a certain level of hopelessness that I write these words, having already been threatened and knowing that these words will have little effect in countering the corporate government controlled US and western mass media. I have been fighting to get the truth to you for decades, to try to make a difference but fighting a corporate/government media propaganda machine with limitless resources and the support of a conglomeration of intelligence agencies and corporate internet giants subservient to the criminals in power in the West is all but impossible, but I will fight to the end, to try to get the truth to you.

For my regular readers you know I have always fought for the little guy and those being unjustly subjugated, demonized, marginalized, exploited, enslaved, having their rights violated or even being completely obliterated.

Like Russia’s leaders and the Russian Government I have always called out and taken issue with those in the US, the West and elsewhere who are violating the rule of international law, disrespecting the rights of peoples to self-determination, ignoring sovereignty and committing crimes against humanity.

Sometimes I have been too "harsh" in my attempts at getting the truth out about Russia, Serbs, Libyans, Russian Orthodox Christians, Syrians, American Indians, ethnic and racial "minorities", hacktivists, Anonymous, journalists, WikiLeaks, Venezuelans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Muslims, whistleblowers, Ukrainians, the poor, Muslims and all of the people(s), countries and issues I have written about and conducted interviews about over the years. But now it is different, the full frontal assault has been launched directly at me, at my home, my colleagues and the country that has taken me in, the Russian Federation. If you are reading this, then it is clear that my bosses have let me take the gloves off because to be honest I have had it.

It is truly physically sickening to watch how the western media has completely twisted the situation in Ukraine to one so far from reality that even the people of Orwell’s Oceania would have been shocked had they been subjugated to what we are seeing today. Albeit their state of endless war almost mirrors what is happening today.

Long ago (and I am ashamed to admit it) I like many others worldwide had hope in Obama, that he would bring about rule of law and finally bring peace to the world, but like the second coming of Satan in scripture he has proven to be worse than the soulless corporate beast of lies and death that the late Hugo Chavez called the devil and who had left the smell of sulfur behind him at the United Nations. Obama is worse because he plays on his race and stifles dissent by using it and unlike his imbecile predecessor, he is highly educated and knows exactly what he is doing. He has sold his soul, his people and all of humanity for the interests of corporate greed and the few billion dollars they have paid him.

The lies

The lies being spread by the western media and now the religious overtones to gas sales as "blessings" are far too orchestrated and far too many to counter and even list. However here are some of the big lies being presented as fact in the western media. They include: that Russia is somehow engaged in attempting to move further into Ukraine and Europe, that Russia somehow "annexed" Crimea (apparently the media believe people are too stupid to know what the word annex means and too lazy to look for real evidence of such an annexation), that the neo-nazi thugs the US unleashed in Ukraine represent the people, that the junta government which committed an armed coup in Kiev are legitimate, that there are no Russians being killed in Ukraine, that the referendum held by the people of Crimea to rejoin Russia was somehow not legitimate, that there was a military invasion of Crimea and/or Ukraine, that snipers on Maidan were acting on orders of President Yanukovich, that Ukrainians want an EU integration agreement, that somehow the conflict in Ukraine is Russia’s fault, that Russia is somehow attempting to expand a nonexistent empire, the Ukrainians do not want or need Russia, that US sanctions will somehow adversely affect Russia, that President Yanukovich was somehow legally removed from office, that there is no significant Russian population in Ukraine and finally that somehow the West wants to "help" Ukraine.

The omissions

The omissions are even worse than the outright lies above. Nowhere is the corporate controlled US propaganda machine debating the fact that Victoria Nuland was actively involved in the subversion of the Ukrainian Government at the behest of oil companies and admitted that the US had spent $5 billion on subverting Ukraine to her oil company controllers last December.

$5 billion when Americans have no jobs, no healthcare, schools are being privatized and they have no future in a country whose infrastructure is falling apart and where entire cities are going bankrupt. Neither is attention being paid to Nuland’s F-the EU conversation with her subordinate during which she gave instructions whom to place in government. Of course these are crimes under international law, but that is also ignored.

No one is much concerned that the entire situation in Ukraine was brought about by direct US meddling and of course the blood of innocents is once again on the US’ already blood dripping hands. This includes the snipers on Maidan who killed over 88 police officers. Of course no one wants to hear that the US Government funded and provided weapons for cop killing mercenaries in order to complete a destabilization operation. How would American cops feel if they knew their president was killing their colleagues at will?

The fact that the US ordered a false flag attack on a Ukrainian air force base that was supposed to be blamed on Russia before the 15th of March should have caused an uproar, but alas that is also not printed or debated. Just as the fact that US-backed-Al-Qaeda-lunatics in Syria murdered 426 children in Latakia to bring about the invasion of Syria, that is too much of an uncomfortable truth.

Nowhere will you find in the western press reports that Russians and Crimeans are being attacked and killed by the neo-nazis running rampant in Ukraine. Nor that they are stealing cars and homes and raping and pillaging at will, and calling for the killing of Jews, Russians and minorities.

Did the western press report that Obama’s neo-nazis went in front of the United Nations and denied the legitimacy of the Nuremberg Trials? Of course not. Do they report that the Bandera Nazis were more blood thirsty than the real nazi SS and killed approximately half a million Jews in Ukraine during WWII? Of course not. And of course nowhere will you see reports of a conversation during which Yulia Timoshenko called for killing the 8 million "superfluous" Russians in Ukraine.

Russia is the target of NATO and Crimea and Ukraine were NATO’s prize. This and continued aggressive NATO/US military expansion to the East and surrounding Russia and China with missiles and military elements is never debated. Nor is the ridiculous fictitious nature of the "War on Terror" and the illegal invasion and occupation of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan where 150,000 US troops were stationed for 13 years to fight 19 Al-Qaeda fighters and where each soldier is costing the American taxpayer over a million dollars a day.

The truth

Regarding some imagined "Crimean Invasion": the only way into Crimea by land forces would be through Ukraine, therefore an "invasion" of Crimea would have entailed invading Ukraine first. Please look at a map dear reader. There is not a single road, bridge or tunnel from mainland Russian territory into the Republic of Crimea. All of the few Russian forces that are in Crimea have been there for decades and were part of the Black Sea Fleet and also Russia had a legally binding agreement to station as many as 25,000 troops in Crimea. There was no invasion or movement of Russian troops into Ukraine or Crimea. As I said it was physically impossible. Just like three steel framed skyscrapers collapsing into their own footprints because of office fires. Getting the picture dear reader?

Crimea has been historically part of Russia for centuries. Unlike Americans who have squatted on Indian lands for 200 years, Russia’s ties to Crimea go back to ancient days and Crimea had always been part of Russia until it was given to Ukraine like a sack of potatoes during Soviet times by a Ukrainian Chairman of the Central Committee who I shall not name. Therefore it was a joyous reunification.

The real reason the US is interested in Ukraine is because of Russian influence (which they want to diminish worldwide), natural resources, the eviction of the Black Sea Fleet, the establishment of yet another NATO subjugated client state and the Russian pipeline pumping Russian gas to Europe. The 100% transfer of ownership of the pipeline was to pass to Exxon Oil, something cleverly included in the EU Association agreement. An agreement which the Ukrainian people do not want and have not even been allowed to read or debate.

The gas war

The only reason that the EU agreement which President Yanukovich refused to sign included a clause to raise Ukrainian gas prices to European levels was that the idiots in Washington thought they could grab the pipeline, continue to get cheap Russian gas, at even cheaper discounted rates, and make a killing by selling it to Ukrainians and Europe at a higher price.

Europe receives more than 35% of its gas from Russia. And Russia can turn it off without suffering as much as crisis hit Europe will. Russia is not in the midst of an economic crisis. The US and Europe are, and now we know the US wants to save itself by selling Europeans down river. Not to mention completely destroying and poisoning their own environment by getting the gas they want to sell by fracking.

You dear European consumer are being conned by criminals in Washington and the drone murderer in chief as well as your own bought and paid for European leaders. Think about this for a moment: Russia has provided you with cheap dependable gas for years, with no conditions attached. Russia did not tell you to arrest the war criminals in Washington, or stop trade relations with same. Russia did not tell you to allow it to station its military bases or missiles on your lands. Russia has not made you swallow its culture or learn its language as you have been forced to swallow, accept and count as normal American knuckle dragging "culture", perverted lifestyles and their language which is not your own. Russia has not forced your countries to expand your militaries or spend billions on American military hardware while you are living in an economic crisis being manipulated by the West. Russia has not asked your men to die in illegal wars of aggression or pretend there is a fantasy threat from some evil power that you have to pay Russia to protect you from.

And now the monsters in Washington have unleashed the forces of fascism in the largest country in Europe other than Russia. They have financed trained and armed nazis to overthrow a democratically elected European Government and you are silent? You support Obama? You dear European know that it was Russia and the USSR who rid the world of the nazi scourge yet you allow nazis in Ukraine to desecrate monuments to that victory? To beat and kill civilians who refuse to defile the memories of those killed by the nazis. You dear Europeans know what the nazis did. You had relatives, or friends or close ones or know of someone who died fighting or were brutally murdered by the nazi scourge. Yet you support nazis in Ukraine and support the devil in Washington who thinks he rules the world and has unleashed these nazis once again in Europe, all of this so he can sell you his overpriced gas?

There is nothing more I can say Europe. You can stay blind and pretend Washington really cares about you while it rapes your lands and economies and unleashes nazis and Al-Qaeda terrorists wherever it pleases (and believe me you will be next the minute you step out of line) or finally (and this is directly addressed at your leaders) maybe someone other than President Putin or Foreign Minister Lavrov will have the courage to tell the devil in Washington "enough is enough". You have been pawned Europe. There is no Russian threat. Cut off your cheap Russian gas and buy expensive fracked gas from blood spattered Uncle Sam as you continue to give up a large part of your GDP to NATO and the Uncle’s war machine. And mark my words, the "ruler of the world" will sell you and your country down river the minute you are no longer exploitable. Ask the Serbs, the Libyans, the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Ukrainians and keep your eye on the ball. Scotland next? Nothing but death comes from across the pond, they are a people cursed by the blood of the genocide they carried to get their lands.

Want to talk about sanctions Europe? Talk about sanctions for unleashing nazis in Ukraine and for overthrowing a democratically elected government in a European country. That is what your uncle across the pond is guilty of (as well as spying on your leaders and manipulating your economies but we won’t go there yet will we?). Have some spine and for the love of God almighty stop demonizing Russia at the behest of the devil in Washington. Russia was just trying to do business with you and was selling you cheap gas. As for Ukraine you know the kind of neo-nazi forces that are present in some European countries, shall we let Anders Brevik out and let him run for president of Ukraine next. I am sure Obama would agree if Brevik helped him achieve his Brezhinsky mentored geopolitical goals and he proved useful against Russia, for that is all this is about. The empire is afraid it may be challenged.

Uncle says: "Psst! Europe… Pleased to meet you! Hope you guessed my name! Wanna buy some gas? We got cheap stolen gas off American Indian lands! If you buy it we will sell you more guns and our cultural icon Lady something or other will come by and visit. Forget that Russian stuff. Ours be better! Theirs be bad, c’mon we got what you need…Gas and guns. If you don’t buy you be next. Gawanteed."

The above are completely my own views and opinions. E-mails to me can be NSA intercepted by sending them to jar2@list.ru.

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Ukraine: US Hypocritical Transference

Professor Edward Herman

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30 March, 22:15

American Indians Also Have the Right to Self-Determination

John Robles

American Indians also have the right to self-determination


While the world is focused on Crimea and the right of the Crimean people to self-determination there is a group of people that has more of a right to self-determination than any other in the world. 

These people have had their entire country taken away and all of their lands stolen through invasion, trickery and a twisting of laws that they never agreed to live under and never understood. These people, like the peoples of many colonized nations have been and continue to be the victims of the worst organized genocide in the history of mankind.

The genocide of these people makes the Holocaust, where approximately 40 million Jews were brutally exterminated, pale in comparison, these people (by maximum accounts) lost up to 800 million individuals. All orders for their annihilation and the laws and documents giving the invaders the self-given right to steal their lands have never been rescinded, and the genocide continues.

These people live in zones determined by the invaders who stole their lands and continue to exist almost voicelessly cut off from modern society purposefully marginalized and treated worse than slaves.

What is left of these proud people are the real owners of their lands and continue to fight the invaders in any way they can but the brutal criminal American state, that has stolen everything they had, continues to oppress them and deny them the rights that any human being is entitled to, especially the right to self-determination.

These people are the Indigenous people of North and South America and the most egregious oppressor is the United States of America. The American Indians, as the natives of their lands, as peoples with their own languages, customs and beliefs have the right to self-determination like any other human beings.

That right, however, continues to be denied to them. There is no super-power which will help them, there is no movement or group which is effectively fighting for them on the international level. They are a quiet and peaceful people so they do not take up arms, kill the occupiers or organize terrorist acts against the invaders and murderers of their people. Therefore they are easy to marginalize and to ignore.

While the world considers and debates the right of the Crimean People, including the Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tartars, and is faced with the bald-faced hypocrisy of the United States of America and their leader Barrack Hussein Obama who are supporting neo-nazi fascists in Ukraine and getting away with overthrowing yet another government in a grab for more territory and resources and the continuation of their insane campaign to surround, conquer and divide the Russia, one might pause and consider why it is that the US is so obviously irrational. And,moreover, why the US does not sign or support declarations on human rights or key human rights organizations and those supporting the rule of law internationally and why they continue to slaughter millions all over the world spreading like a cancer devouring everything in their path.

The one simple reason why the United States can not recognize the rights of the people of Crimea or Ukraine, why they continue to run a "secret" system of apartheid and imprison millions of their "minorities" who they execute at will, why they continue to aggressively invade country after country under false pretexts and overthrow governments in violation of international laws and standards is because the United States is an illegal country founded on genocide by drunken outcasts of European society blinded by greed and with an insane blood lust for murder.

If the United States begins to follow the framework of law, respect sovereignty and recognize the rights of people to self-determination (not to mention all of the other laws and rights they are violating) then they will have to respect the right of the American Indian Nations to self-determination. They will have to rescind the orders to exterminate the Indian people and they will have seek the annulment of the Doctrine of Discovery and give the stolen lands back to the Indians. The greedy resource billionaires who control the US Government will never do that.

So the hypocrisy and double standards will continue for it is not possible to for a country and a government to function normally and respect the peoples of the world, when they are themselves living with a psychosis and keeping entire peoples locked in their basement.

For the innocent, oppressed, exploited and subjugated masses yearning to breathe free are not citizens from all over the world who yearn for some false American dream and struggle to reach US shores, but the native people who are kept on reservations and treated as less than human by squatting invaders who committed genocide so that they could never be challenged for all that they have stolen.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own I can be reached at jar2@list.ru.

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30 March, 01:14

US Support/Training of Yarosh and Right Sector: Another Victory for US Terror

John Robles

Dmitry Yarosh

Dmitry Yarosh

The US Government, through the use of paramilitary neo-nazi extremist elements carried out the overthrowing of the government of Ukraine. Admissions, statements and the actions of US Government officials and hundreds of taped conversations, private e-mails, and uncontested facts that have been reported and released prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the US was behind the coup in Ukraine, yet the “world community” is quiet and the disgrace and affront to humanity that the West calls “Euro-Maidan” continues to blight and sully the concepts of democracy, rule of law, sovereignty and civilization in front of the eyes of the world. ​

The geopolitical architects of Maidan

Brezhinsky acolytes, neo-conservative PNAC planners, CIA, NATO, the Pentagon, the US corporate/military industrial complex that controls the entire US Government including the President of the United States Barrack Hussein Obama (who has become nothing more than a gas salesman of late) and the entire US foreign policy establishment decided they wanted regime change in Ukraine.

The goal of the western cabal is many fold in Ukraine but includes: cementing US hegemony in former Soviet Republics, installing NATO war elements to continue to surround Russia, ending Russian influence in Ukraine, dividing the Slavic world, weakening the Russian Orthodox Church, controlling and profiting off the flow of Russian gas into Europe, evicting the Black Sea Fleet and ending all trade between Ukraine and Russia.

The planners needed a fifth column in Ukraine, one that would hate Russia enough to do anything to bring about the change of government that was needed in order for Washington to continue with its nefarious plans of world domination and control of resources. They spent at least $5 billion and 10 years training neo-nazis including the Right Sector and organizing a coup d’état timed to begin with the start of the Olympic Games in Sochi so as to lessen the impact of the success that was had by Russia in organizing and hosting the games.

All of those facts and more are known to the world as is the plain and simple fact that the regime in Kiev is nothing more than an installed puppet show organized by the West and in no way representing the Ukrainian people. The names and actors behind the coup are also no secret, as is the fact that the Right Sector is nothing but a gang of ruthless, lawless, nazi thugs yet there is no outcry, there is no backing off by western politicians who continue to support the lawless nazi killers and the western media continue marching in lock step aiding and abetting in what has become truly one of the single greatest disgraces for Washington and the western world.

There can now be absolutely no doubt (if there ever was one) that the US/NATO/EU are co-conspirators in an illegal, aggressive, amoral and dangerous project to control the world, its wealth and its resources and will stop at nothing to meet their goal.

Obama (as the signatory) and his Washington planners unleashed what might be called the worst scum of the Earth in Ukraine and they will soon learn how ignorant they have been in their global regime change campaign strategy. A strategy that has seen Washington supporting terrorists, creating Al-Qaeda, recruiting training and financing people like Osama Bin Laden, supporting right wing paramilitaries and employing an army of non-state mercenaries and private contractors to complete their “missions” around the world. Only this time it will not stand.

Washington will soon see how their ignorance of the peoples of the world and their attempts to shape the world in their own image and to control it will finally cause the end of what is currently known as the United States of America. This end is sure to come because they have gone too far and the people of the world will no longer be able to look the other way, and when that option is gone, those in Washington will finally have to face an accounting for everything they have done, from 9-11 to the 426 children slaughtered in Latakia Syria.

Supporting terrorists and using terror

The “catastrophic and catalyzing event” that the neo-con planners behind the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) needed as a catalyst for global military domination was 9-11. Since that day the “War on Terror” paradigm has seen the United States literally use terror to conquer the world.

First there were the illegal and aggressive invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, then the surrounding of Russia and China with NATO war elements and the global expansion of NATO which became a global expeditionary force to terrorize the world and bring it into submission for Washington. WE have also seen the collusion and cooperation with Al-Qaeda and radical Islamic terrorists and now the funding, training and backing of neo-nazis in Ukraine.

The Right Sector is the latest US regime change force and like the US using the ultimate terror of nuclear attack when need be, the Right Sector has used terror to overthrow a democratically elected government in a European country and continues to attempt to control and bring the people of Ukraine into submission through a western backed reign of terror.

Terrorism is broadly defined as the use of terror to bring about political aims, and that is exactly what the Right Sector have done.The believe they have done so for their fascist neo-nazi ideology and for the “purity” of Ukraine, but in reality they have just been used and manipulated by Washington into bringing about regime change which will lead to the complete destruction and enslavement of what is left of Ukraine once the West divides up the spoils.

The Right Sector

The blight and the disgrace against humanity that is the Right Sector and all of their associated groups continue to occupyMaidan Nezalezhnosti, the central square of Kiev, and hold the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Government hostage as their reign of terror continues unabated and for the most part unchallenged.

The Right Sector is a neo-nazi group led by terrorist DmitryYarosh. They follow the ideology of Stepan Bandera a nazi collaborator during World War II who led Ukrainian fascists and whose brutality and inhumanity was even considered extreme by the German nazi SS.

During their orgy of slaughter and bloodshed the Ukrainian “Bandervites” killed at least 4 million Jews and other ethnic minorities in Ukraine. They were well known for slaughtering children, especially small girls and hanging their victims from street lamps and other public fixtures as a warning.

The current Right Sector has repeatedly threatened to hang their opponents and have placed nooses all over the country as a warning to anyone who opposes them. They have openly called for hanging blacks, Jews and Russians (something also called for by their brethren the ku-klux-klan and other neo-nazi groups) and have threatened to hang public officials and anyone else who does not follow their wishes.

Dmitry Yarosh

Their leader, Dmitry Yarosh, is a known terrorist who fought alongside Chechen terrorists (the same Chechen terrorists that the US and the UK have given asylum to on multiple occasions) against Russian Forces. He is a blood thirsty animal who has no problem screaming Glory to Allah or Heil Hitler as long as he is playing to the bloodlust of whoever he happens to be killing with.

Yarosh recently called for Chechens to rise up and launch terrorist attacks on Russians in Ukraine, for open warfare with the Russian Federation and for Crimean Tartars to join his Right Sector in fighting in Crimea.

Yarosh is on an international wanted list and has been sanctioned by several countries and governments for his past activities. He is wanted for forming illegal armed groups, openly calling for terrorist acts and murder. He should also be wanted for organizing and taking part in an armed coup which overthrew a democratically elected government but so far no charges as to the coup have filed or called for. A rabid-dog-frothing-at-the-mouth-with-hate-for-Russia he is the perfect servant for Washington in Ukraine, although he supposedly hates the West as well and will bite their hand when the time comes.

Yarosh has announced he is running for president in the upcoming Ukrainian elections.

Alexander Muzychko

Other wise known as Sasha Bilyi, Muzychko was also another rapid dog like Yarosh, but with less brains and nothing but a ruthless brute. Also a wanted terrorist and a leader of the Right Sector, Muzychkoalso fought with Chechen terrorists and is wanted for torturing and murdering Russian soldiers who had been captured.

Muzychko received a lot of media attention shortly before his death for his storming of the government offices and his assault on a local prosecutor, events which were filmed and placed on the internet.

He is ridiculed for one segment which appeared on the internet where he challenged a gathering of frightened officials (which he had invaded) to take away his automatic rifle, his knife and other weapons. He epitomized the image of a brainless bandit whose only means of attaining power was through violence and fear.

Muzychko’s life ended the way he led it. He was shot, or shot himself, and died like a rapid dog with his face in the dirt. After his death the Right Sector’s “peaceful demonstrators” attempted to storm the Parliament of Ukraine demanding the resignation of the junta appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

Many of the Right Sectors "peacefully demonstrators" called for his hanging for the death of their “brother”. The Right Sector claims Muzychko was killed on Avakov’s orders.

It is an interesting note that the junta which the West wants in power, is ready to arrest and perhaps even kill Right Sector members who helped them rise to power. Along with a recent video released by several news agencies which shows Maidan participants confronting their paymasters and unhappy because they did not receive their money, this is something which further underlines the fact that the Right Sector and other groups were simply used and are to be disposed of. 

Crimes and atrocities committed by the Right Sector

The overthrowing of the democratically elected government of Ukraine and the occupation of Maidan Nezalezhnosti continue to be a disgrace for Ukraine in the eyes of the world and a clear and resounding victory for western lawlessness and mafia/terrorist tactics, and their reign of terror has included too many crimes to list here but I will attempt to list a few.

Arresting, deporting, and shutting down the press

The Right Sector has arrested, interrogated and deported scores of Russian and foreign journalists. They have beaten, intimidated, terrorized and even killed members of the Ukrainian media, bloggers and anyone else they could get their hands on who spoke out against them, in favor of Russia or for attempting to report on their illegal activities.

Ukraine and the Right Sector have shut down all Russian television broadcasts into Ukraine and have even attacked Russian television infrastructure and various websites.

Many bloggers who have been beaten have been filmed bloodied and on their knees by the Right Sector and forced to apologize to the Ukrainian people. The Right Sector has no problem beating and even killing people in front of cameras as they killed several police on Maidan Square in December by beating them to death.

Terrorizing and even killing the public

Before the media blackout hit Ukraine there were increasing reports of Right Sector paramilitaries killing civilians and people fleeing Kiev and Western Ukraine. One report had a bus full of Crimeans killed after having gasoline poured on them and many being beaten, forced to their knees and forced to sing the Ukrainian National Anthem.

There have been multiple reports and it is known that it is standard procedure for the Right Sector to threaten the families of officials and anyone else they target, to steal cars and even force landowners to sign over their deeds, and to even burn down the homes of and kill anyone who is too loud in their opposition.

Recent reports from Ukraine show Right Sector members running rampant in the streets and attacking and beating anyone who is wearing a St. George’s Ribbon or who appears to be pro-Russian.

Recently a motorcade of pro-Russian activists was attacked and hammers and other heavy objects were thrown through the windows and the occupants were forced out of their cars and beaten.

Ukrainians have been terrorized into silence and Russians and other minorities including Germans continue to flee the country.

Holocaust Denial

The first act of the junta was to outlaw the Russian language, which is ridiculous because even the junta's presidential candidates are now broadcasting commercials in Russian and videos have been leaked of internal Right Sector meeting that are being conducted using the Russian language.

The second act, and one which the western media conveniently ignored, was a statement to the United Nations by the junta appointed representative saying the Nuremburg Trials were illegitimate and that Bandera did nothing wrong.

Obama’s support

Despite all that Muslim-“African”-American US President Barrack Obama continues to support the junta and has even had junta leader Yatsenyuk in the White House.

To see what appeared to some to be a serious country and serious politicians engaged in supporting the illegal junta in Ukraine is stunning, even mind-boggling until we realize that the EU association agreement which the junta was installed to pass into law includes a clause to transfer %100 of the Russian gas pipeline to Exxon Oil, after raising gas prices to "European levels" of course.

Want to buy some gas Europe? The US is selling.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at jar2@list.ru

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31 March, 02:44

We Will Never Get Justice in US Courts

Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

We will never get justice in US courts – Mohawk Elder Tekarontake

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